In which ODUS posts a midterms hedgehog cam

Those who have “liked” the ODUS Facebook page–and who are procrastinating writing papers and studying for tests like I am–are probably already aware of this gem that the page just posted. But in case you haven’t seen it, for some reason Princeton University now has an “official hedgehog of midterms,” whatever that means. It’s awake between 12am and 6am…just like us?

If you don’t believe me, check out the hedgehog cam yourself.


[caption id="attachment_14803" align="aligncenter" width="413"] ODUS’s Facebook post announcing the hedgehog cam[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_14804" align="aligncenter" width="543"] Lo and behold, the hedgehog cam is real![/caption]


Heyy Princeton!  As we all descend into midterm mania, here are a few more snippets and sightings to remind you that you’re not alone.

2nd Floor Frist:

Wow, getting sassy.  We don’t blame you, whoever used the kleenex sticker to tape this up.  Being sick and slammed with work is a rough combination.  To those of you still looking for study rooms, good luck.  Even the East Asian Library was full this evening, but there’s probably room for you in a hallway or stairwell!


Downstairs, a quick conversation with the late night Frist employees showed that they were coming to their own conclusions about our mental state…

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To relieve you from (remind you of?) the misery/frenzied panic/chill times (you know who you are…) that is midterms week, we at the UPC have decided to do a daily round-up of midterms-themed sightings around campus. Consider this a friendly warning: don’t sleep in public places for the next few days.

On PrincetonFML:

Come on, mods…

On #whatshouldwecallprinceton

When I Thought I Studied Enough For My Midterm

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Where do you study?

Alas, it is that time of year again — midterms. If you’re not procrastinating at one of tonight’s great performances, you’re probably studying. And for that, Princeton has no shortage of spaces — libraries, residential college libraries, lounges… you name it. When I get stuck studying all day, I like to change it up a bit and find different study spaces every few hours. By at least breaking up the environmental monotomy, I give my brain the illusion that I’m not doing the same thing all day. And my latest favorite study space is the renovated Julian Street Library in Wilcox.

IMG_0118 IMG_0119

Renovated over the summer, I just discovered this library’s new look a couple weeks ago (as a senior from Rocky, who now lives in Spelman, I don’t go to Wilson much). Whether you want to work (or nap) on a couch or at a table, this place has you covered. And with the blueberry blue walls and couches, it’s hard to get too depressed about those midterms…

What’s your favorite study space? Let us know!

Thought you had a bad week?

Yeah, midterms have come and gone, and they hit some of us hard (I currently am watching a passed out underclassman drool on a table littered with sheets of math in Frist). Can you imagine what it’s like in the real world, though? More specifically, in the political world?

Take note all you Woody Woo majors: it gets worse!

...then CA was like, meh

...then CA was like, 'meh'

  • The cherry on top of Meg’s campaign? At least she’s kind of like, the female “Governator,” or at least according to this attack ad running now.

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Thoughts from the Mod, Vol. I: Modding in the Midst of Midterms

[caption id="attachment_5014" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Our Mod, fighting for our cause (procrastination)"]Our Mod, fighting for our cause (procrastination)[/caption]

Sure, you might’ve had a rough midterm week; maybe you had a lot riding on those exams and papers. But you were just carrying your own weight. Imagine carrying an even bigger burden on top of that: satisfying the (considerable) procrastination needs of an entire campus.

That week, our noble Princeton FML Moderator faced that daunting task — and didn’t skip a beat. Here’s what s/he had to say about balancing these duties:

Moderating during midterms was kind of hellish, but it was still better than moderating in the days leading up to Dean’s Date. On the Monday of midterms, the site received 1,200 more visitors than it did the day before. Similarly, there were 1,000 less visitors on Friday than there were on Thursday. I couldn’t moderate as often as I would’ve liked to, so a lot of times I ended up just logging in and clicking “Approve All” on the comments, leaving the FMLs for later, because I wanted to make sure they still received the usual amount of attention. You might think moderating during exams is therapeutic, but really, all it does is trick me into thinking I’ve accomplished something. Filing my taxes, updating my resume, and even folding my laundry all have similar effects.

Conscientious, devoted to his/her craft — this is the Mod we know and love. Think about what got you through that week, aside from your exotic cocktail of Red Bull, Wa coffee, and C(?)oke. You may have tried to control yourself, but in the end you were fueled by FMLs. I think I speak for all of us when I say this: Mod, we are eternally grateful for your sacrifice.

(image source:

“Self Control” (What a Silly Concept)

[caption id="attachment_4914" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="If you want to get on Facebook, Tigers, you're gonna have to get through this guy first. (source:"]If you want to get on Facebook, Tigers, you're gonna have to get through this guy first. (source:[/caption]

It’s common knowledge that midterm week is conspiring to kill our souls (while maiming cute puppies and taunting us with beautiful weather, of course).  But lo and behold, the internet can save us, Tigers!  Steve Lambert (picture at left) has created a program called “Self Control” that will block you from Facebook, Twitter, your email, or any other sites that provide procrastinating pleasure. It works for up to twelve hours, and here’s the catch: once you’ve pressed “Start,” there’s no way to stop the clock. You can quit out of the application, restart your computer, scream profanities at it at the top of your lungs… nothing doing. It’s iron-clad. And, as the week’s slogged on, I have become an increasingly devoted fan, despite the sadness of seeing this screen every five minutes:

Picture 1

So go ahead and try it. If you dare…

CONTEST: Midterm Mania, Spring ’10

We do a lot of work here at Princeton. Probably didn’t have to remind you.

And yes, folks, Monday is the beginning of midterms, that most bitter of weeks when we hunker down and churn out page after page, pull all-nighters and give ourselves caffeine-induced heart arrhythmia, and have those long awkward silences in precept because, seriously, who would do the reading.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="280" caption=""][/caption]

That’s why we here at The Ink want to help you out. We know what you’re going through, and we want to make you feel better, or at least less insane.

So we’re hosting a contest! You tell us how much work you have this upcoming week (in terms of numbers of pages, problem sets, and midterm exams), and the person with the crappiest week gets a shiny prize.

Oh, and you get massive bragging rights, of course. Because what do Princetonians love more than saying they have more work than one another?

The rules: Post everything you’ve got to do for midterm week in the comments below, or send an email to (Be sure to detail how many pages you have to write, problem sets to solve, and midterms to take! And if you win, you have to prove it to us, so no funny business.) We’ll post the winners at the end of midterm week.

(Also, don’t have a mental breakdown before it’s over.)

Paint [the Oscars] Black…and Orange…



The Oscars are upon us, Tigers! I know you all would like nothing better than to waste all your waking hours on the NYTimes Carpetbagger blog (for the uninitiated, it’s the Times’s Awards-Season blog, and is frankly the best thing since sliced bread. Despite the fact that sliced bread has never seemed particularly awesome, but there you go.). However, midterms are once again upon us…which is decidedly not conducive to wasting time. Obviously. Why on earth would we waste time when we have tremendous pressure to get approximately ten zillion things done before spring break hits? Silly question.

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