We bring real campus stories to national attention.

The Princeton University Press Club is a highly selective group of undergraduate students who write professionally for regional and national publications. Members undergo a three-month application process, learning the skills to report breaking news, features, and commentaries. In recent years, members have expanded to producing photo, audio, and video journalism.

Founded in 1900, the Press Club is one of the oldest student organizations at Princeton. The Press Club has documented Princeton’s most newsworthy moments through the entire 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Generations of Press Club members have gained experience reporting for local and national publications, accumulating knowledge that lives on through our alumni network.

Press Club’s unofficial motto is “Write Well. Get Paid,”  because we expect professional quality from our members. Our position as Princeton students grants us unique access, allowing us to cover important events quickly, thoroughly, and responsibly. As members, we are proud to represent over a century of quality reporting on issues that matter.

Annual Rukeyser Lecture

Every year, Press Club brings prominent journalists to speak on campus. Past speakers have included David Remnick ’81, Evan Thomas, Jim Kelly ’76, and Jill Abramson. Our past two speakers have been Marc Fisher and Jelani Cobb.