21 Questions with…Dimitris Papaconstantinou ’13

Over the next few weeks, and in no particular order, The Ink will be taking you on a journey down Prospect Ave., colloquially known as The Street . Check back for 21Qs with all eleven eating club presidents.


Name: Dimitris Papaconstantinou
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Major: Philosophy
Club and Residential College Affiliation:  Terrace F. Club; Rockefeller

What did you do this past summer? Worked at a law-firm in Singapore, visited Greece and helped renovate TFC.

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional? At tie between Jeff Nunokawa and Kwame Appiah (and Stanley Jordan).

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton? Every meal at Terrace is like a blissful melody to my stomach. (Thanks Olin. Thanks Ben. Thanks 4th Course)

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day? Everything every other college student does, always grateful for the amazing people I get to interact with, sharing in Food and Love and appreciation for our shared mother.

Favorite spot in Terrace. The newly remade pool-room (also known as the Willard Room).

What club did you think you’d be in as a freshman and why? Terrace, because it was the only place on campus that felt like home.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure? P. Adams Sitney.

If you could change one thing about Princeton, what would it be? More people with green, pink, blue and orange hair. (Yes, I just read Joshua Katz’s article and I love it).

What’s hanging above your desk and/or bed? Curtains.

What is your biggest fear? Any and all fundamentalists.

Favorite class you’ve taken? I’d have to say my junior seminar on Freedom and Responsibility.

What’s your drink? Masticha. Good Greek drink.

What’s your personal anthem? Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi. Quality stuff right there.

Who is your mortal enemy? Showers.

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How much energy do you use?

If you have wandered through the basement hallways of Bogle Hall in the past week, you might have noticed a new display screen. This screen may not be able to tell you how much energy you use individually, but it can tell you how much energy Butler College is using. And some funny patterns show up if you look at Friday.

[caption id="attachment_11351" align="aligncenter" width="515" caption="Butler College energy use in kilowatt-hours on Friday Oct 7, 2011"]Butler College energy use in kilowatt-hours on Friday Oct 7, 2011[/caption]

Notice any gaps? Perhaps between midnight and 4:00 a.m.? And then again between 4:00 and 8:00 a.m.? Apparently everyone in Butler went to sleep at midnight Thursday night …. or went to the Street. And came back around 4:00 a.m.

The main purpose of the display, however, is not to tell us what we already know: that students head to the Street Thursday nights. It is to give us real-time electric, heating and cooling data, and long-term electricity patterns for Butler. A similar display screen is in Frick. And there are some funny energy conversions:

On Friday, Butler used 3,161 kilowatt hours of energy. That equals:

  • 2,254 pounds of carbon
  • 90,312 laptop hours
  • 5,537 hamburgers


21 Questions with … Joey Barnett ’12

So as we pass summer’s halfway point, most Princetonians are busy saving African villages, traipsing around Russia, exploring Zen Buddhism in Japan, selling their souls to JP Morgan, etc. The usual. But for those who are starting to feel homesick for good Ol’ Nassau, fret not! Over the next few weeks, The Ink will be taking you on a trip down your favorite Street. Check back for 21Qs with all ten eating club presidents.


Name: Joey Barnett
Hometown: Tulare, CA
Major: Anthropology w/ South Asian Studies Certificate
Club and Residential College Affiliation: Tower/Rocky

What are you doing this summer?
I’m living in Bombay, doing thesis research on Hindi cinema hall viewership styles, production, and marketing tailored to different generations and backgrounds. In other words, I’m watching movies and attempting to hobknob with film producers.

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional?
PJ Das!

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton?
Every meal I’ve ever had at Frist at around 2am.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day?
I make lists of the things I should do that day and then eventually cross out the current day to write in the next.

Favorite spot in Tower?
Green Room–it’s where I take my best naps, and tend to inexplicably find myself waking up after a night out.

What club did you think you’d be in as a freshman and why?
Whichever one they showed in the brochures with people wearing pastel colors and having champagne brunches outside. Oh, wait.

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Eating Club Exposé

Go to the Princeton University homepage, and check out the video feature.  Pinch yourself, and look again. No, that’s not a midterms week sleep deprivation-induced hallucination – the eating clubs really are front and center on Princeton’s homepage.

The story accompanying the video says it’s meant to improve communication about the clubs and give prospective students a “virtual introduction,” one of the eating club task force’s goals. Based on College Confidential’s perpetual eating club fascination, they couldn’t have chosen a better way to attract the eager eyes of 27,115 high school seniors waiting for the counting down the days until their decision arrives.

So what does the University have to say about eating clubs? Well, if you were hoping for a hard-hitting exposé or scathing denunciation, you’ll be disappointed. They sound, well, a lot like the residential colleges, but with better food.

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