Squash Is No Joke


Trinity College’s men’s squash team defeated Princeton men’s squash yesterday in a close 5-4 squash game that gave the No. 1 ranked squash team its 11th perfect season of squash in a row, with a 16-0 record of squash wins. Trinity men’s squash team’s last loss was in a game of squash against Harvard in the College Squash Association National Team Championship in February 1998.

Squash squash squash.

Trinity’s men’s squash team has now had 199 victories in a row. No. 2-ranked Princeton ended the season with a 11-1 record. As No. 1 and No. 2, the two teams are favored to face off again next Saturday at Jadwin Squash Courts for this year’s National Team Championship game.

But does anyone remember that gem from the New York Times published about a year ago? We do. It’s another article about how “anxious parents are looking for some edge, any edge, to help their child gain entry through the back door of the nation’s most selective universities,” but it’s an article about squash. Because that’s how you get into Princeton. Squash.

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