College Confidential: One Prefrosh’s Burning Questions

Filed under the header “Social Questions” on the endless source of high school angst known as College Confidential, one prospective member of the class of 2016 is dying to understand the complex social fabric and intersectional identities at Princeton. Sorry, what I meant to say was this:

cc pton prefrosh1

Yes, I believe he identified himself as of the “polo and top siders” clan. (To his credit, he seems to have done his research on “feeder” groups.)

So what we’ve got here just to recap is: a preppy, “Ivy-oriented” prefrosh who wants to either sail or row crew. Oh, and he’s trying to decide between ECO and ORFE.

But perhaps the best part is this forum member’s response:

cc response ivy

What can we say? It takes a lot of mental faculties, J. Crew ensembles, and blue blood to get schwasted. F. Scotty would know (even though he was in Cottage).