More Princeton Meets Ralph Lauren Madness!

Apparently, this past week’s photoshoot isn’t the first time that Princeton University has been used for Ralph Lauren’s Rugby collection. As if to cement ourselves as the face of preppy wear, Princeton has been Ralph Lauren’s advertising backdrop since 2008.

Check it out:

All of your favorite places up-campus are featured: Holder courtyard, East Pyne, McCosh courtyard, Blair Arch, the Junior slums… with complementary WASP-y gentlemen and ethnically ambiguous lady friends!

But, actually, what ARE you?

But, actually, what ARE you?

Okay, real disclaimer to any prefrosh who are so excited to see polos and topsiders around campus: we don’t all dress like this. Seriously. Ignore what you see at Lawnparties– that’s like Preppy Halloween. The number of striped sweaters I own is exactly zero. And let’s be honest, if I showed up to precept looking like this:

Bowtie and everything, damnit

Ralph Lauren Rugby Fall 2012 Collection

I’d probably get looks like this:

The Ralph Lauren photoshoot seems to continue for the next few days… at least until the fickle weather clears up. We’ll keep you updated as the prepidemic continues.