Princeton on (and in) Haiti

The Haitian National Palace in Port-Au-Prince, which collapsed in the quake. [source: UNDP Global]

The Haitian National Palace in Port-Au-Prince, which collapsed in the quake (source: UNDP Global)

As we slog on through reading period, it’s important for us to take some time and acknowledge the sheer terror that has overcome Haiti following its 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday morning.  The Princeton University Chapel is holding a vigil tonight at 5 to honor those affected by the earthquake, and Princetonians have already created a Facebook site to brainstorm about what we can do to help as a school.

For a fascinating take on the events, check out the Twitter feed of Rick Morse ’79.  Morse owns Hotel Oloffson, an inn in Port-au-Prince, and has been tweeting about the state of affairs there for the past couple of days.  The hotel (which, incidentally, has a Woodrow Wilson connection) was damaged in the quake, but is still continuing to operate amidst the chaos.  Morse’s words are powerful and terrifying:

“Bodies.Bodies.Bodies Bodies.Bodies.Bodies.I don’t know how else to say it.They’re being brought out on the street…won’t understand the ramifications of all this for days to come.I’m still hearing of people trapped under buildings.3:44PM.Night is coming.”

Certainly gives us some much-needed perspective on how lucky we are in our little Orange Bubble. Our thoughts here at Press Club go out to everyone who has family or friends who have been affected.

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