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And in case you were unsure, this useful website confirms your suspicions. We’ll be offering occasional dispatches on the insanity, as per usual. In mere hours, thousands of accomplished alums will return to campus to regress into some kind of animalistic state. Among those accomplished alums is Brooke Shields ’87, who is said to be returning for her 25th Reunion. And while we’re on the subject of famous people, non-alum Bon Jovi will perform at the 25th tent, according to several anonymous tipsters.

Living on a prayer.

Coming to a beery, sweaty tent near you.

Leaving Firestone to walk back to my room just now I passed by Cannon Green only to hear the strumming of banjos, ukuleles, and guitars and the piercing tunes of an expect harmonica player.

I stopped by for a while to join Rise Up Singing, the folk-singing group that meets once a week in Murray Dodge on Wednesday nights. When the Weather Machine is on they meet outside. Tonight you’ll find them on Cannon Green (until it starts pouring, at which point they’ll relocate under the East Pyne arch) for the sixth annual All Night Rise Up. They’ve been there since 11:30pm, and will be there until the sun rises, so you’ve got time (this clip is just a teaser)…

From the email sent to the Rise Up listserv today:

“Originally inspired by the challenge to sing as many songs as possible, this is the sixth year for this event.

We’ll meet in cannon green, the lawn behind Nassau, with sleeping bags, headlamps, instruments and voices to sing the night away. If you can’t come for the whole time, just drop by when you can. Additionally napping out on the lawn is welcomed.” (TE ’13, CC ’13, LM ’13)

Apparently, this past week’s photoshoot isn’t the first time that Princeton University has been used for Ralph Lauren’s Rugby collection. As if to cement ourselves as the face of preppy wear, Princeton has been Ralph Lauren’s advertising backdrop since 2008.

Check it out:

All of your favorite places up-campus are featured: Holder courtyard, East Pyne, McCosh courtyard, Blair Arch, the Junior slums… with complementary WASP-y gentlemen and ethnically ambiguous lady friends!

But, actually, what ARE you?

But, actually, what ARE you?

Okay, real disclaimer to any prefrosh who are so excited to see polos and topsiders around campus: we don’t all dress like this. Seriously. Ignore what you see at Lawnparties– that’s like Preppy Halloween. The number of striped sweaters I own is exactly zero. And let’s be honest, if I showed up to precept looking like this:

Bowtie and everything, damnit

Ralph Lauren Rugby Fall 2012 Collection

I’d probably get looks like this:

The Ralph Lauren photoshoot seems to continue for the next few days… at least until the fickle weather clears up. We’ll keep you updated as the prepidemic continues.

For Steven Liss ’10, Reunions is an orange and black Christmas, and even harder to wait for than the original.

While checking his calendar last night, Liss got the inspiration for the Reunions Advent Calendar – similar to, but with a daily bonus – videos, cartoons, funny quotes, “anything exalting Princeton, really,” Liss said. It kicks off on May 1st, with the famous Doug Davis buzzer-beater.

Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 8.41.32

Apparently other Princetonians are just as enthusiastic . The site went live at 3:00am this morning, and got 500 Facebook likes in the first 12 hours.

Since graduating two years ago, Liss has been working for his state and US senators in Boston, researching and writing laws and speeches. He’s hoping to make a career writing in politics, eventually ending up in Washington, but says you’ll be able to find him back in the Orange Bubble every June: “I plan on being one of those guys carrying a ‘This is my 60th+ consecutive Reunion’ sign.”

Liss says he’s got some good stuff saved for later this month, so stay tuned. Just don’t try to sneak an early look:


Walking around campus today you might have spotted some particularly well-dressed young men and women standing around some particularly vintage vehicles. Though the models may have been noticeably more attractive than the average Princetonian, the clothes did not seem entirely out of place, something the directors must have reckoned when choosing our gorgeous campus as the backdrop for Ralph Lauren Rugby‘s 2012 fall collection.

Here’s a sneak peek at next fall’s fashions and some fangirls that found them:

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

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A few tidbits from the week: a Tuesday Newman’s Day, a whole lot of JP’s, and some pre-frosh.


tumblr_m2zv40B2fj1rspycpo1_250“When I try to play football on Newman’s Day”

tumblr_m33bqqd4HP1rspycpo1_500“What pre-frosh think Woody Woo majors do”

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The University hardly waited for the prefrosh to leave before they began setting up for Reunions, plural, with a capital R. Expect to start seeing full fences go up soon, making it impossible to take shortcuts (unless you’re particularly good at hopping the ten-foot-tall wooden blockades meant to keep strangers out and beer-wielding alum in).

Taking down the Prefrosh Tent even the electricity posts for Reunions fences go up

Taking down the Prefrosh Tent even as the electricity posts for Reunions fences go up

Preview weekend round 2 has now come and gone. Already forgotten how awesome it was? Here’s a video of the prefrosh exiting Richardson Auditorium at Alexander Beach (lesson number one, prefrosh: Alexander Beach is not an actual beach) Thursday afternoon. If you watch long enough, you can hear them blasting “Call Me Maybe” on the loudspeakers—nothing like a little Carly Rae Jepsen to welcome you to Princeton.

Wait, are prefrosh starting to realize that every weekend at Princeton isn’t like Preview? That probably explains why a bunch of them streamed into Firestone Library this afternoon, hoping to get a taste of real Princeton life–living in the library.

Haven't seen Firestone this festive since Dean's Date

But apparently, the librarians at Firestone were way ahead of them. They decorated the library with balloons and gave away free candy, doughnuts, and tours. (No advice on how to avoid asbestos or outlines of escape routes from the C-floor were offered, however.)

One prefrosh was overheard saying, “I have a thing for libraries.” Let’s just hope he’s got a thing for carrels too.

Another week, another round of Princeton-related internet commentary. Here’s what’s up this week:

Princeton FML

On Prefrosh and happiness:

Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 11.39.02 PM

Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 11.40.56 PM

On terrifying things:

Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 11.42.07 PM

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Hey Princeton! The prefrosh activities fair was hoppin’ on Friday afternoon. It was a sea of orange lanyards, Princeton drawstring backpacks (why didn’t we get those last year??), and, of course, the overwhelmed prefrosh. Oh, and a bunch of crazy people yelling at the prefrosh to join their club/activity/sports team/[insert group here].

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts, for both prefrosh from this past Preview weekend and those coming next weekend:

DO: Sign up for a lot of clubs you’re interested in.

DON’T: Sign up for every single club because you’ll regret the 5,000 emails later on (although you can always unsubscribe).

DO: Ask club members questions to find out more information about the club.

DON’T: Be overwhelmed when all the older students attack you so that you join their club. It’s Tiger love.

Activities Fair

DO: Keep an open mind. Always wanted to learn about hypnosis? Sign up for the Princeton Hypnosis Club (yes, this club really does exist).

DON’T: Belittle your abilities. If you like to sing but only your shower head recognizes your talent, please don’t be afraid to try out for an a cappella groups anyways.

DO: Stay on a club’s email listserv for a bit, even if you decide not to join that club. It’s always interesting to know what other clubs are up to, and you may change your mind about not joining.

DON’T: Be that kid who hits “Reply-All” saying, “Please remove me from the list.” Don’t do it.

DO: Sign up for the University Press Club.

DON’T: Not sign up for the University Press Club.

Add to the list of Princeton undergraduate start-ups:, an anonymous email server launched this year by sophomores Ash Egan and Jason Adleberg and junior Bobby Grogan.

After a brief hiatus during which the site was closed for reconstruction, FuLumail is once again up and running, allowing users to continue their slew of anonymous communication in the form of brief textual messages, now with the feature of adding photos and videos.

“What we envision … is a sort of news feed/message board where people can post whatever they’d like about whom or whatever they’d like, with a ratings system and a flagging system in place to moderate content,” said FuLu creator Ash Egan.

These young entrepreneurs have harnessed the whirlwind of emotions that thrives on a college campus and created a catalyst through which we can finally confess our most secret sentiments without fear of revelation.


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