8:00 pm – The End, really


Here we go round the 14 inch Apple
Sleek Apple sleek Apple
Here we go round the 14 inch Apple
At five o’clock in the afternoon
Between the idea
And the reality
Between the sleep-deprivation
And the caffeination
Falls Dean’s Date
For Princeton is the Kingdom
Between the conception
And the bull-shitting
Between the 4 a.m. epiphanies
And the frantic typing
Falls Dean’s Date
Reading Period is very long
Between the 5-Hour Energy
And the spasm
Between the Frist crepe booth
And Midnight Breakfast
Between the sunrise
And the 4:59 submission
Falls Dean’s Date
For Princeton is the Kingdom
For Princeton is
Life is
For Princeton is the

This is the way Reading Period ends
This is the way Reading Period ends
This is the way Reading Period ends
Not with a bang but a five-hour long nap.


5:50 pm – Holder

A little Dean’s Date wrap up.

To reflect on the day, and get ready for some music tonight.

- SP

5:14 PM – Still working, not dead yet

HAPPYYYYYYY DEAN’S DATEEEEEEEEE EVERYBODY!!!!!! [insert celebratory GIF here, I was never good at finding those]

Sooo I haven’t been contributing much to this liveblog. But if you recall, I helped start out this post with a log exactly 24 hours ago, and I figured I’d help close it out.

Y’guys remember how, 24 hours ago, I discovered this POL paper is due at midnight tonight? And how I thought I’d just finish by 5 anyway? Yeahhhhhh about that…7 hour writing marathon here I goooooooooo!!!


4:40 PM: Nearing the finish line!

Download this Chrome extension that automatically cites the websites you’re on.


gogogogo you’re almost there!!


4:40 PM – Little-Known Area of the East Asian Library

When work absolutely must get done (as in, t-20 minutes), the frigid AC, personal bathroom, and desolation of this strange floor in Frist/the East Asian Library does the trick.


2:41 PM – at wit’s end

Me right now:

h/t Quadchat


2:12 PM – 48 University Place

Apparently this video is being taken down today. It’s pretty cool and sufficiently odd enough for those who are losing it as the 5 P.M. Dean’s Date deadline looms.


12:12 PM – Awake

Going *over* the page limit is not usually a problem on Dean’s Date, but say you got carried away a little and don’t know what to do? Have no fear, PHD Comics is here! (h/t our #1 fanboy ZOL)

- VC

10:56 AM - Princeton Theological Seminary Library

If you’re tired of fighting turf wars in Firestone, take the extra 15 minutes to walk to the Princeton Theological Seminary Library. This library is gorgeous, with a four story open atrium that reminds me more of the MoMA than a library. And best of all, since Seminary students finished their exams yesterday, the building’s practically empty. I definitely recommend this hidden gem if all the second-hand stress on campus starts getting to you. The only downside is it’s a bit farther away from food sources (though there are vending machines in the café), and some construction is going on in the lower level (it’s inaudible if you move into the eastern portion of the building).


Read more about the building’s layout and access to wifi and printing.


1o:02 – Firestone 2nd Floor

How lucky are we to now have access to a library with three entirely above-ground floors? Natural light is streaming in this morning and all the early risers here are feelin’ fine. Not sure I can say the same about the all-nighters (Am I the only one getting Heidegger joke Snapchats?). No matter where you spent the last six hours and no matter how dark they really got, you’re going to need some medical advice to get you through the next seven. Lucky for you, Press Club’s done the research  for you, and with a little help from WebMD, we’ve got some great news to share.

“Pushing through the night to study, work, or respond to an emergency can feel downright heroic. You did what you had to do, against the odds.” 

That’s right. You’ve responded to the emergency, and that’s downright heroic.

“‘You would think you would be the most impaired the longer you’re awake, but that is not the case,’ says sleep expert David Dinges, PhD, chief of the division of sleep and chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania and editor of the journal SLEEP. Because of the natural flow of your body clock, or circadian rhythm, ‘you’re actually at the worst 24 hours after your habitual wake-up time,” Dinges says. “You’ll have an unbelievably difficult time staying awake and alert.’”

Your body clock also will give you a periodic boost, as it triggers a wake signal in your brain. You may feel a second wind in the mid-morning (around 10 a.m.) and again in the early evening (at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.).

So, bad news for tomorrow morning. But great news for today! This means you won’t even hit your worst until after the 5PM deadline, and straight through the Dean’s Date celebrations tonight.

The article also leaves several helpful medical tips for surviving the day after. Things like napping, drinking coffee, sitting in sunlight, and exercising will all help you survive the rest of the day.

And WebMD drops some serious knowledge by the end: “The antidote to sleeplessness is sleep,“ according to NASA fatigue management expert Mark Rosekind.  I guess there’s no getting around it. But in the meantime, we have some more pressing issues to deal with.

Now let’s take advantage of that second wind!
- LC


8:41 AM – My room

Good morning! Here are some soothing sounds from Tycho’s new album (aptly named “Awake”) to ease you into another eight hours of writing…

3:35 AM – Rocky

It’s getting late, and you probably need a little inspiration. Check out some thoughts from these Rocky RGSs – and keep working.



2:24 AM – Finally finished a draft!

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, here’s a late night tune courtesy of Princeton student and Detroit Lion Caraun Reid.
(From All Nighter with David Drew, Princeton’s very own late night talk show)

After watching this one more time, I’m not sure how great of a pick-me-up this is. I mean, he’s a professional NFL player and he can sing like this?! I can barely (hopefully) even make it through Dean’s Date…


1: 55 AM – Under East Pyne

Firestone finally just got locked up for the night and all of the wonderfully energetic students excited to keep writing relocated to new locations.

On a brighter not, here’s a list of 101 totally not-fun study breaks. I have no idea what the person who made this was thinking.

For example:

11. Do a crossword — Isn’t this studying?

53. Read a chapter of a book — Also tons of fun.

54. Make paper snowflakes — arts and crafts time!

63. Play hangman or tic-tac-toe with someone — are we 5?


1:22 AM – Butler basement

If only struggling looked this cute.

Thanks XW ’15 for the tip.


1:00 AM – Pyne (Holder Courtyard) 

We got some footage of the biannual Holder Howl – a midnight release for students pulling all-nighters. Do we feel bad for those Holder residents who finished all their papers early and are already sleeping soundly in their beds? No, no we don’t.

(Apologies for the dark video, but it’s the sound that counts!)

- LC

12:51 AM-somewhere in the CJL basement

Breaking News: Loki, The ODUS Hedgehog, Has Disappeared

As you may recall from the last LiveBlog, the Press Club got into some serious trouble after writing about the ODUS (The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Student Life) hedgehog Loki and referring to his “hamster wheel.” Loki, who operated his own twitter account, angrily responded with:

Looking to make peace and hoping for some material for my prolonged procrastination, I returned today to the live LokiCam only to be greeted by this mysterious message:

Indeed, Twitter, that is weird.

A quick investigation led me back to Loki’s twitter account where his last tweet, dated January 15, 2014, read:

What this mysterious message means, no one can tell for certain. However, on behalf of the Press Club, I want to express that Loki and his hedgehog wheel are sorely missed on this Dean’s Date.


12:32 AM – studying for comps

Comps (senior comprehensive exams) are the worst. Anyone who has met a senior English major (or other discipline that likes misery instead of a thesis defense) in the past week has probably heard, and the following conversation has likely taken place:

“You have comprehensive exams? On what?”

Exacerbated Senior:


So, in reviewing my notes from freshman year English 200 for the two-day, 4-hour per session exam I stumbled upon some of my freshman wit:

How to ID Piers Plowman: If it’s old, spelled weird, and does NOT sounds like Chaucer, it’s probably this.

Thomas Wyatt’s “They Flee From Me” – about courting sexy ladies

Shakespeare Sonnet 1: procreate

Sonnet 3: procreate OR DIE LIKE THE LAND

Sonnet 12: procreate or DIE LIKE A STUPID FLOWER

Gonna ace this gaiz. Dis ull b gud.


12:12 AM – 1901 Hall

A text I’ve received: I will murder the next person who whispers up in here I swear to God. There is a bitch SNAPPING HER GUM.

Let’s keep the gum-chewing in the library to a minimum, people.

Completely unrelated: Dean’s Date makes me question some of my friendships.



It’s Dean’s Date! Enjoy this other single-function website, TD4WButton. Who knows what it does?


11:57 PM – Firestone Reading Room

To add to AJS’s wonderful How To Do list, here is a tutorial on how to make a coke slushi for that original 4 AM study break you’ve been trying to think of all night. It’s like a 7/11 in your dorm! I’d advise only doing this outside.


11:50 PM – Greendale Community College

Still reeling from the unjust cancellation of my favorite show (that my closest friends think I’m weird for loving) Community, I realized there’s no better place for all your DEAN’s Date-related puns than the flamboyant Dean of Greendale community college.

Perhaps the finest freestylin’ peanut bar ever:

Dean Dunne, why aren’t you dressed up in costumes delivering candy and pertinent announcements? GET ON THAT ODUS.


11:45 PM – Firestone Library

Firestone is open for two more hours, and your papers aren’t due for another 17, so you’ve got plenty of time to spare; you might as well procrastinate! But what better way to procrastinate than by learning?! Press Club has compiled the best and most ridiculous WikiHow tutorials out there. Hopefully, some of these can prepare you for tomorrow night. ;)


11:30 PM – Frist

“Happy Deeeeaaaan’s Date” – The Dean’s Date Fairies

- SP

11:16 PM – Whitman

Whitman Midnight Breakfast isn’t exclusively for Whitmanians this year! The line moves fast, and there’s a wide variety of food (unless you’re vegan). Protip: forget the crepes in Frist and head to Whitman.

Photocred EW ’15.


11:00 PM – Murray-Dodge (or should we say, Murray Doge?)

Murray Dodge Café is serving cookies all night long, so check them out for a study break as the night gets darker.


10:50 PM – Firestone

The Band just left Firestone, but they’re still terrorizing the rest of campus. Here’s an article about it.


10:38 PM – Frist 

The line for crêpes from Jammin’ Crêpes at Frist right now is longer than the paper you have yet to finish writing.

All the power to those people who are stress-gymming and not stress-eating. Can’t say I’m one of those.

I can just say this:


9:50 PM – Wa run

Caved in and bought Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s to indulge my Dean’s Date woes. I’ve been running to WaWa more recently, both because I’m a #GDI (Goddamn Independent) who is far too lazy to do groceries with only one week left of finals and because I’m working on a video for Princeton Alumni Weekly on WaWa.

Thus, a favorite for the Ink, Throwback (almost) Tuesday at “the Wa”:



9:40 PM – Friend

If you’re looking for some fresh energy and creativity, try some of these Shiatsu self-massage techniques. This seems only as useful as Luminate, but these are desperate times.


9:20 PM – Outside Feinberg

“She doesn’t even go here.”


9:04 PM – Trustee Reading Room

Show your mom so love on this belated Mother’s Day.

Check out: http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/


7:35 PM – Trustee Reading Room

Summer’s almost here, so get excited! Hopefully this video will give you a little bit of inspiration…

Plus, Olaf’s great and it has 25 million views!

PS. Shout out to Amanda for finding this!



7:20 PM – RoMa

And for dinner tonight? Waffles! Looks like the dining halls have gotten a heads up on the sort of comfort food we’re in need of this evening.

The first of many caloric indulgences Princeton will so generously facilitate over the next 22 hours. We’ll keep you updated on what’s where and when so you never go hungry…

- LC


7:13 PM – in a metaphorical construction zone

Now if this doesn’t inspire you to get working, I don’t know what will. I mean this video has everything: the music, the patriotism, the obvious parallels between building/renovating the Washington Monument and writing papers for Dean’s Date…

Also, on a related note, the Washington Monument has reopened after three years of renovations.

On another related note, apparently the Washington Monument was closed for three years for renovations. Who knew?


6:47 PM – the struggle bus

The internet tells me the “Struggle bus” (a term I’ve only heard in popular speech as of two years ago) dates back to 2009:

The wheels on the struggle bus go, “ughgughgh”

Struggle bus (n.) Used to metaphorically describe a difficult situation, as in hard schoolwork.

Now you can get on your own Dean’s Date struggle bus, thanks to folks at UPenn!


6:30 PM — Whitman Library

No one told me #PTL would be like this, but my progress in doing Dean’s Date work has mostly been:


5:36 PM — Firestone Trustee Room

In Firestone for almost 7 hours so far today… I almost feel like I know the kid sitting across from me. We’re both wearing glasses — instant connection. Also, we’re both wearing gray-ish shirts. I can tell he’s having a great day because every 10 minutes he leans back and stretches or pretends to sleep. No clue what his name is though. He won’t even realize I’m talking about him if he reads this. Well, I guess that’s a little bit creepy.

Just found this song. Listen to it, Matt’s great.


5:23–on top of a bathroom sink somewhere 
Before everything goes terribly wrong and it’s suddenly 4:00 AM and you still haven’t started that paper, here’s some video inspiration to get you on the right track:

Remember, “I love my [papers]!”


5:14 - CJL Library

Just discovered my Politics paper is actually due at midnight tomorrow.

On one hand, YESSS!! On the other hand…great, now I’m just going to procrastinate for 7 more hours.


5:00 PM – My room

“Check your privilege,” the saying goes, and I have been reprimanded by it several times this year. The phrase, passed through the lips of those underlings at Rutgers, descends recklessly, like some university-sanctioned grading policy, and aims laser-like at my orange-and-black regalia…

Perhaps it’s the privilege of having 30 pages due a week after my JP and two days before a slew of finals, spending all night writing and writing, fueled only by a blend of caffeine and hysteria, while the marching band invades all my quiet study spaces and men in drag throw candy at my head. Yes, I go to a school with an $18.2 billion endowment, but the struggle is real. Join UPC’s Liveblog as we document pains that only a Princetonian can understand.


Princeton Defensive End Caraun Reid was selected by the Detroit Lions in the NFL Draft today. Reid, picked in the fifth round, is Princeton’s highest NFL draft selection since Bob Hews in 1970. Projected to go as high as the third round, he was a steal for the Lions who have looked to bolster their defense in the draft. Reid was a force on the field, he was Princeton’s first two-time All-American in twenty years, but was also active in music and religious life on campus. You can read more in a profile of Reid from Tuesday’s New York Times. Looks like a Tiger might be just what the Lions need.

Despite the shorter Previews and the meningitis scare, Princeton’s yield rate held steady for the Class of 2018.

67.4 percent of admitted students, or 1,306  in total, chose to attend the University, said University spokesman Martin Mbugua today. This is a negligible drop from the yield of 68.7 percent last year. While the University doesn’t release official statistics until September — because some applicants may be taken off the waitlist — these are the numbers as they stand now.

High school seniors had to make their decision by May 1.

Princeton’s Tal Fortgang ’17 continues to garner public attention for his controversial opinion piece on privilege published in The Tory this April. What do the rest of Princeton students think?

Read more by Press Club’s Gabe Fisher in the New York Times here.

Freshman Tal Fortgang was interviewed on Fox News Thursday night about the issue of privilege. Fortgang appeared on the show “On The Record With Greta Van Susternen” to discuss an article he wrote for the April edition of The Princeton Tory, Princeton’s conservative publication.

Fortgang has received significant publicity after his article, “Checking My Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege,” went viral two days ago. The article has been shared over one hundred thousand times on Facebook after being picked up by the website thecollegefix.com on Tuesday. Since then, the article has been republished on websites such as theblaze.com and youngcons.com. Fortgang has been interviewed on numerous radio stations before appearing Thursday night on Fox News.

In his interview on Fox News, Fortgang discussed why he takes issue with being told to “check his privilege.” Fortgang said that he takes offense to what he perceives as people who believe that just being white makes him privileged.

Fortgang ’17 on Fox News

“The idea that my white skin has gotten me everything that I have handed to me on a silver platter is laughable,” Fortgang said.  Fortgang cited his family’s difficult journey to the United States, noting that his own path to Princeton was never assured.

“I am two generations removed from Hitler trying to kill my grandparents,” Fortgang said.

Outside of the conservative blogosphere, his now viral article has received a cold reception from many of his peers. Only days after his article was published, freshman Mitchell Hammer wrote an op-ed in the Daily Princetonian titled “What ‘check your privilege’ really means,” criticizing Fortgang for misunderstanding what it means to be privileged.

Hammer wrote:

“What Fortgang does not realize is that privilege does not necessarily require being able to trace your lineage back to Rockefeller or Vanderbilt. Privilege can be independent of your family’s past, of your actual socioeconomic status, of real hardship you or your ancestors may have endured. What privilege means is being able to confidently enter any social sphere without fear of rejection. Privilege means never questioning the bias of the feedback and grading you receive from your professors or employers. Privilege means living your life free from consideration and hyper-awareness of your race, gender or sexuality.”

On Wednesday, two students from Columbia University also published an op-ed in the Columbia Spectator, Columbia’s daily newspaper, similarly criticizing Fortgang for misunderstanding the idea of white, male privilege, writing that “he clearly hasn’t checked his privilege—because he doesn’t even understand what it is.” 

The Instagram account of Total Frat Move, boasting 214,000+ followers, recently posted a picture of the University Cottage Club’s fourth and final “Sunday Funday” of the year. The caption to the photo read “Sunday Funday #TFM.” According to the top definition on Urban Dictionary, the phrase TFM is “used in response or to describe an action of a male who exudes all things fraternity.” Presumably #TFM was used to express approval of the pictured event’s “Country Funday” theme, where attendees dressed with a focus on displaying their love of America.

Sunday Fundays take place on every Sunday of April for Cottage Club members and approved guests. These “Fundays” are centered around sunbathing, day-drinking, and photography.

Total Frat Move is a college humor website. The picture (and the TFM Instagram account) is viewable online.

Last week, students from “VIS 439: Art as Interaction” installed “The Surface,” a series of wooden boards designed to encourage passerby to scribble whatever they wish. Since then, the project’s incited op-eds, news articles, and even censorship by the University. We here at the University Press Club wonder, what’s the big deal? Long before the idea for the Surface even existed, student angst and crudely drawn penises had another home: the Butler Library carrels. Take a look:

“Be happy knowing that nothing really matters.” “My problem set matters!”

“I’d love to awaken one day and see not that life is only a dream I’d been living but that dream is the life I am living.”

“Is there light at the end of the tunnel? B/c I don’t see it!”

“Nobody comes to Princeton to take easy classes. Work.”

“Hey fratboy. Suck my dick cuz I’m a frat boy too.”

“Leave your mark on a greater place. Graffiti Firestone.” Or the Surface?



Name: Liz Lian

Age: 21

Hometown: Chester, NJ

Major: Anthropology

Eating Club/Res College/Affiliation: Ivy/Mathey

What is WICK, and why did you found it?
WICK is the answer to the everyday problems the modern lady faces when she’s getting dressed to go out. Say she wants to wear a dress with a low back but doesn’t have or doesn’t want to wear a sticky bra. Or the skirt she’s wearing reveals VPL (visible panty line), or the party she’s about to attend is sure to be packed with red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere, and she knows a regular shirt will get spilled on our sweat through. That’s where WICK comes in.

We (I started the company with my friend from high school and current UPenn student, Sanibel Chai) started WICK to make clothes with the goal of making these dilemmas a thing of the past. Our dresses, skirts, and tops are made from performance activewear fabric that you would wear to work out or do yoga, so they dry off quickly when you sweat and won’t cling uncomfortably. Plus, we’ve designed them with function in mind. Our skirts and some dresses include pockets to hold your phone, cards, cash, keys, etc. We’ve built in bras and shorts in pieces that need them so our wearers can stay safely covered. Everything is professionally and originally designed and totally machine washable, so you’ll still look great but won’t have to worry about dry-cleaning.

Where did the name, “WICK,” come from?
I read somewhere that the lady who started Spanx read that the hard “k” sound was supposed to sound catchy and funny, so we took a page out of her book and went with something that also had a hard “k” sound. So thanks, Spanx lady.

Are you planning on making menswear as well?
Based on the conversations I’ve had with a lot of guys about WICK, WICK for men is in high demand! I would love to try it out in the future, because men definitely need an alternative to the sweat-unfriendly cotton button-down shirt, but until then, our focus is on womenswear.

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real of fictional?
Jack Donaghy. I wish he could mentor me.

What’s the best meal you ever had at Princeton?
Some friends and I have treated ourselves at Mistral a couple times, and the food and company are always excellent.

In one sentence, what is it you actually do all day?
Convince myself that I can have it all.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?
Dropping lavish sums on bath products at Marshalls.

What is your biggest fear?
Getting trampled, and monkeys. I never thought about it until now, but getting trampled by monkeys would be pretty awful too.

What is the most dangerous thing you’ve done in the past year?
As I was answering the 7th question in this questionnaire, I saw a spider on my desk, captured it with a plastic cup, then slipped and fell down as I was taking the spider cup outside. Luckily, the spider remained in the cup and I managed to safely return it to the great outdoors, but who knows what could have happened if it had gotten out. Seven questions later, I am still feeling the adrenaline rush.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
Laugh: My own jokes. Cry: Videos of soldiers coming home to their families and dogs. Also, tears of pride thinking about my friends going after their dreams and doing their own thing and watching them succeed.

What’s your favorite piece of unconventional clothing?
All my WICK clothes, of course!

When’s bedtime?
I usually aspire to 12:30ish, but end up actually going to bed much later. I’m trying to become a morning person, though. It’s rough.

Where do you do your best thinking?
In my bed or driving in my car.

When do you do your best thinking?
In the wee hours when I’m trying to fall asleep.

What is hanging over your bed/desk?
Over my bed: paper cutout letters strung together to spell out, “WICK: THE NO STRESS BLACK DRESS.” Over my desk: a Miley Cyrus bandana that I bought at her 2009 Wonder World tour.

What do you like most about Princeton?
Free laundry and printing, the accessibility of the facilities, how close it is to home, Frist, the supportive and ambitious people I’ve encountered.

What do you like least about Princeton?
When people (myself not excluded) complain about the problems in our social and organizational structures but don’t take the initiative to change them, when people are inconsiderate of shared spaces, raising your hand to participate in a class discussion, the overuse of the non-word “interesting.”

What are your plans for this summer?
I’m still figuring out the details, but I’ll definitely be working on WICK.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned at Princeton?
I learned recently that there’s never really going to be a “right” time to start doing something, whether it’s starting a business, starting a new routine, pursuing a music career, or putting on a play. No one is going to tell you, “Okay, the universe is ready for you, it’s your time!” You kind of just have prepare yourself as best you can, even if you don’t feel prepared at all, and go for it.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?
Tie between Frist and the back porch of Ivy on a warm, sunny day.

In 25 years you will be…
Reading this on a hologram in my hybrid house, chuckling about how little I knew back then.

Are you a post-thesis senior with little to do but scour the Internet for amusing Princeton-related tidbits during your last two months on campus? A recently-admitted pre-frosh who is already running out of online material to fuel your imagination as you dream about your arrival on campus?

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the work for you! UPC is proud to present an introduction to Princeton’s plethora of online sources to sustain your procrastination in the next four years.

Here are some of our go-to gems:


Platform for cross-campus complaints.

Tiger Admirers

Although the Facebook page seems to be (temporarily?) unavailable, this site gets a lot of action (and generates a lot of action) throughout the school year as students fawn over their classmates.

And to give you a taste of some college-level literary analysis, watch English Professor Jeff Nunokawa’s original interpretation of the text here.



Pi Phi in the library is you classic (spoof) sorority girl with a twist!

Princeton Horse – self-explanatory


An excellent source for non-Princeton-related procrastination, but when the two are combined, who can resist?


Your very own Class of 2018 Facebook Page! (increases in value as time goes on)



And, as always, your number 1 site for your years on campus, and beyond: The Ink!



Congratulations, Class of 2018, on your admittance to Princeton! You cured cancer/scaled Mount Everest/[enter impressive accomplishment here]. Many of you have already wisely chosen to matriculate, but for those of you still on the fence, here is a list of some great Princeton perks – beyond the outstanding academics and beautiful campus (and I won’t dare to say, meningitis).

  1. Discounted Broadway tickets. Each residential college regularly sponsors trips for students to go see Broadway shows for a mere $25. The $25 cost includes coach bus transportation to and from New York City and a snack on the bus on the way back (think: chocolate chip cookies and chips). Shows this year have included The Book of Mormon; The Lion King; Wicked; and Mamma Mia. The seats are typically very good, and it’s truly an amazing opportunity to take advantage of.
  2. Free movies in town every weekend. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m., the local Garden Theatre allows students to see a free movie upon presentation of their student ID (“prox”). Free soda and popcorn are included. This weekend, the theater is showing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but past showings have been Crazy, Stupid, Love; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; Mean Girls; The Heat; and The Silence of the Lambs, among others.
  3. Late meal. At some other colleges, if you miss lunch or dinner, that’s it. Make some Ramen, go buy some food, or go hungry. But at Princeton, if you’re an underclassman, and you miss a meal because of class or what have you, you can still enjoy campus food. The University offers late meal from 2-3:30 p.m. and 8:30-10 p.m. at the Frist Campus Center. The cash credit allowance is $5.95 for late meal lunch and $6.95 for late meal dinner. There’s sushi, sandwiches, a salad bar, and delicious quesadillas, among other options. If it’s any indication from our recent UPC post, late meal is possibly the greatest thing ever. Underappreciated by underclassmen and coveted by upperclassmen, late meal is definitely one of Princeton’s greatest perks.
  4. Free cookies every day at Murray-Dodge Café. From 3:30-6 p.m. and 10-12:30 a.m., you can stop by the café to savor some warm, freshly-baked cookies and drink tea. While eating your cookie, you will realize that the freshman 15 at Princeton is more like the freshman 30. 
  5. Cool apps that make Princeton life a little easier. One app, called ICE (Integrated Course Engine), allows you to browse courses, read reviews, and then add classes into a calendar to check for scheduling conflicts. You can also “friend” people to view your friends’ semester schedules and to determine if they’re in any classes with you. Another great one is LaundryView, which tells you how many (and which) laundry machines are available at any given time, so you don’t have to trek downstairs with your laundry only to discover that there are no free machines. If you’re so inclined, you can sign up to receive a text when your laundry cycle is done.
  6. The beautiful study spaces. Firestone Library and Chancellor Green are particularly gorgeous places to study. There’s nothing like studying with a huge stained glass window overhead.
  7. Famous people come to speak here – frequently. Actor Steve Martin. Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. NBC’s Tom Brokaw. TV Talk Show Host Dr. Oz. Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Novelist Elie Wiesel. The list goes on.
  8. Free tango and salsa classes/videography workshops/yoga and zumba classes/jewelry workshops. These classes and workshops are great stress-relievers.
  9. Froyo machines and ice cream carts in the dining halls. Don’t forget the sprinkles.
  10. Great study breaks. Another post about food, yes. The residential college councils and RCAs (residential college advisers) periodically organize study breaks with free food, ranging from s’mores get-togethers to make-your-own sundaes to Chipotle burritos.

Students at Princeton University have mentored inmates at New Jersey correctional facilities and worked to advocate prison reform throughout the state.

This weekend they are launching their first conference on prison reform.

“This is the biggest civil rights issue that I can think of at this time, and we want to give students the tools to advocate and to understand the different avenues for advocacy,” said Princeton senior Shaina Watrous.

Watrous is a founder of Students for Prison and Education Reform (SPEAR), which today and tomorrow is bringing students, academics, and activists together for a conference titled “Building A New Criminal Justice System: Mobilizing Students for Reform.”

Read the full story here at The Times of Trenton.

Photo courtesy of the Trenton Times

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