Our Alumni

Alumni are a tremendously important part of the UPC experience; they’re our best source of information on the current state of journalism and provide great advice on how to move forward after Princeton. UPC alumni have applied the skills learned in Press Club to distinguished careers in journalism, communications, and beyond, and the club is always thrilled to host alumni for on-campus dinners or informal visits.

Press Club’s Alumni Advisory Board meets with students to help define the Club’s strategic goals. Board members also take part in UPC’s mentorship program, which pairs each current student with one of our distinguished advisors.

Former Members Include

James Barron ‘77Reporter, The New York Times
Alan Blinder ‘67Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University; Fmr. Member, Council of Economic Advisors; Fmr. Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve
Alison Cowan ‘82Fmr. Editor, The New York Times
Marc Fisher ‘80Senior Editor, The Washington Post
Adam Frankel ’03Chief Marketing Officer, Andela
Dan Grech ‘99Fmr. Latin America Correspondent, NPR’s Marketplace and The Miami Herald
Crystal Nix Hines ’85US Permanent Representative, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Winnie Hu ‘90Reporter, The New York Times
Wendy Kopp ’89CEO, Co-Founder, Teach for All; Board Chair, Founder, Teach for America
David Lawrence ’10Founder, US News and World Report
Debra Livingston ‘80Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Michael McCurry ‘76Former Press Secretary, Clinton White House
Todd Purdum ’82National Editor, Political Correspondent, Vanity Fair
David Remnick ‘81Editor-in-Chief, The New Yorker
Andrew Romano ’04West Coast Correspondent, Yahoo! News
Louis Rukeyser ’54Host, PBS’s Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser & CNBC’s Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street
William Rukeyser ‘61Fmr. Managing Editor, Fortune; Founding Managing Editor, Money
Alexander Wolff ’79Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated
Hank Hersch ’80Assistant Managing Editor, Sports Illustrated
P.G. Sittenfeld ’07Candidate, US Senate (Ohio); City Councilman, Cincinnatti
Woody Hines ’12Co-Founder and COO, Hillflint

Alumni Advisory Board

Alison Cowan ’82
Amy Sennett ’06
Bianca Bosker ’08
Brett T. Goodman ’90
Dan Grech ’99Board Chair
Hank Hersch ’80
Jeffrey B. Chu ’99
Kate Farrell Stanford ’98
Laura Vanderkam ’01
Marc Fisher ’80
P.G. Sittenfeld ’07
Peter Kovac ’95
Richard Brand ’02
William S. Rukeyser ’61Founding Vice Chair


Alumni Advisory Board (Emeritus)

Alex Wolff ’79
Carol Phethean ’81
Craig Forman ’82
Jim Barron ’77
Jordan Amadio ’05
Mike McCurry ’76Founding Chair
Mike Pritula ’78
Todd Purdum ’82


Recent Alumni

Louise Connelly ’15Former President
Charlie Marsh ’15
Jasper Ryckman ’15
Andrew Sondern ’15
Bina Peltz ’15
Ellis (Yahui) Liang ’15
Dana Bernstein ’15
Nathan Serota ’14Former President
Lauren Wyman ’14
Nellie Peyton ’14
Vivienne Chen ’14
Abby Klionsky ’14
Abby Greene ’13
Julia Bumke ’13
Giri Nathan ’13
Alice Su ’13
Ellen Shakespear ’13
Lauren Zumbach ’13
Shirley Gao ’13
Spencer Gaffney ’12Former Co-President
Angela Wu ’12Former Co-President
Miriam Geronimus ’12
Woody Hines ’12
David Walter ’11Former President
Samantha Pergadia ’11Former Vice-President
Will Saborio ’11
Sarah Vitali ’11
Brian No ’10Former President
Claire Abramowitz ’10Former Co-President
Ted Meyer ’10
Eric Dodds ’10
Peter Walkingshaw ’10