@Princeton Tweets

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the many advantages of following your Princeton professors on Twitter (a practice that has previously gained national attention), we at the Ink have decided to round up some gems from a few of the most prolific tweeters on campus, including the University itself.

Like that one time Princeton and Harvard exchanged some official Twitter #nerd shade:

(Context: Princeton was sharing Professor Kintali’s new site True Shelf.)

Harvard’s cheeky response:

Princeton’s #shady retort:

We’re not sure who runs the Official Princeton Twitter (not enough #hashtags to be ODUS) so we’ll just assume it’s Martin Mbugua.

Or that one time prolific writer Joyce Carol Oates (also a Breaking Bad fan) and philosophy prof Gilbert Harman debated whether Neitzsche was in hell.

Or when Jay-Co retweeted Mike Tyson:

While neuroscience professor Sam Wang throws out some innuendo-laden food links on occasion:

The answer is gross.

Q&A with The Princeton Horse

Princeton Horse and President Tilghman at Graduation 2013


Disclaimer: this interview was translated from what would sound like incoherent neighing to an untrained ear. Any mistakes are the sole responsibility of the translator.

Age: 21 (horse years)
Hometown: Princeton
Major: English

What are the origins of Princeton Horse? 
With one parent from the steppes of east asia and one parent from the local fields, the Princeton horse actually grew up and studied in Princeton township right up until he was accepted to Phillips Exeter Academy and eventually the university. His great uncle was actually one of the first horses to attend not only Princeton, but also college anywhere in the US, and was one of the first presidents of Terrace (his pictures are featured prominently in the study upstairs). The horse actually had been attending classes as a normal student for years before he started a twitter account last year and is actually rather confused by the sudden spike attention every time he goes out.

With all the shout outs from Shirley and the diploma, it looked like Princeton Horse graduated last year. Is he back for graduate school? Remedial classes?
The horse and everyone else thought that he had graduated last year, obtaining a degree in English despite his continuing poor control of the language. Only when classes started up again this year was it found that the horse had actually failed his freshman writing seminar, mainly because all his papers were neighing without any meaningful analysis. He has to return to at least make up that credit. Our theory is that President Eisgruber realized that Princeton needed the horse and this whole grade thing is just a cover to make sure the horsing continues under the new administration.

Who is your mortal enemy? 
The Mathey Moose. Just look at the smug expression on that antlered freak.

Are the photos posted on Twitter candid shots or do you do photo shoots? Ever considered professional modeling?
Some of them are candid although the horse and his caretaker are hoping that our friend and follower Jane Randall ’13 who was on America’s next top model can get us the hookup with Tyra. The Princeton horse knows how to be fierce.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?
Every full moon, the horse strips naked and neighs in the pale moonlight as he prances about Poe field. Just a horse thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Where is the best grass on campus?
The best grass on campus is definitely at Terrace… um the horse means outside on the back lawn, that grass is premium.

Will you ever reveal your true identity? 
neigh-ver. Like Batman or Spiderman, the horse must keep his real identity unknown to protect those he serves

Do you know all the words to Old Nassau?
neigh neigh, ne neigh nei neigh neigh neigh,
neigh nei, neigh neigh ne neigh…
pretty much the words to every song right?

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned at Princeton?
Sometimes you have to leave the herd and make your own path. Even if your parents are pressuring you to be a top race horseand your friends are all going out to stud, you have to buck the trend make your own choices. Don’t be afraid to make an ass of yourself, and never put the cart before the horse. Remember not to always rein it in by focusing on work; horsing around can be important too.

Are you a horse down there?
No comment. You’ll have to ask the Princeton Unicorn.

That’s some hot frickin’ pizza some people are excited about

Dining Twitter

We don’t know what exactly it is about Twitter that is so mystifying and bemusing and sometimes just downright funny. But here’s evidence that it is.

The Princeton Dining office has an account, as we’ve showed you before, which posts mainly about… Well, one thing: The fact that hot pizza has just arrived at Studio 34, with varying numbers of exclamation points to show how excited they are about their current batch.

Which is funny, kind of, because a quick biased survey of a few upperclassmen friends shows that no one knows where Studio 34 is. Which begs the question: Where’s all that pizza going?

But because we feel kind of bad about the whole thing, Princeton Dining, if we should ever find Studio 34, we’ll gladly invite you to a slice. That’s a standing invitation.

And while we’re on the subject, follow us at @UnivPressClub. Because, come on, we’ve only got 27 followers. Throw us a bone, man.

(And Princeton Dining too, just in case you’re ever wondering about the pizza.)

Your dining hall is Twittering!

Picture 3

Princeton Dining has its own Twitter account this year–and is hilariously adorable about it, too.

I always appreciate the cute gestures the dining halls make, from hand-written signs to the random bread-y treats the pizza section of Rocky/Mathey makes (Pesto and focaccia? Yes). And also, that one time last November, when the staff dressed up as Obama and McCain and danced down the aisles? I appreciated that, too.

But now they have a Twitter. I’m not a big fan of Twitter, but I enjoy this one. Princeton Dining’s Twitter, which was launched over the summer, doesn’t just tell you when the CJL is closed or when there’s hot pizza at Studio ’34-it’s also really cute. It’s so earnest! It gets excited! It occasionally makes spelling errors and uses a lot of exclamation points!

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Deep thoughts from Melissa Harris-Lacewell

Politico’s Arena, charting daily debates among policy-makers and scholars about recent moves in Washington, today tracks reactions to Obama’s shift in Cuba policy.

While contributors like John Kerry and Princeton professor Julian Zelizer add some fresh perspective to the discussion, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, professor of politics and African-American studies at Princeton (and prominent Twitter-er), weighs in on the debate with some, uh, “insight“:

I just returned from a week traveling and working in South Africa. After 7 days of Russian vodka and Cuban cigars it is clear to me that ideological battles should not restrict the free consumption of the best our cold war opponents export. Open Cuba!

Profound, embarrassing, it’s all the same thing.

(image source: pbs.org)

The New Frontier of Narcissism

The Prince reported this week that “tweeting” has increased in popularity recently, and has attracted the attention of a few big names on Princeton’s campus, namely Melissa Harris-Lacewell and Cornel West. Not mentioned was Peter Singer, who also updates his Twitter quite frequently.

It’s to be expected that these update-streams from noted scholars at a prestigious institution should be self-referential, yes, and perhaps even a bit introverted. But these three take it to a new level.

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