Hear the Back Story

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So there’s this thing called the Prox Hop.

Maybe you’ve seen it. Sometimes the prox is in the front pocket, and sometimes it’s in the back pocket. But it inevitably requires an awkwardly lifted leg, some bump and grind against the wall, or in my case, a running start.

And now, lucky Inkblots, you can hear me do the prox hop!

Last semester, my friend Aku Ammah-Tagoe ’11 interviewed me for a radio piece she was putting together for her audio journalism class with Dan Grech ’99, a Press Club alum and a former reporter for Public Radio’s Marketplace. Specifically, she recorded my running start, jump and the successful beep of an unlocked door. The show the class produced, called Back Story, will be airing on WPRB on Feb. 7 and 14 at noon.

From the PAW:

“Princeton students have plenty of inner conflict — there’s no shortage of drama here,” Ammah-Tagoe said. “But also there are great stories [about] people who are doing things that are unexpected, interesting, surprising, and really cool.”

Individual stories will also be posted on the Princeton Alumni Weekly’s blog here. What you can expect besides my prox hop adventures: a dramatic tale of SAE hazing, sprint football’s losing streak and Smashcraft Heroes.

My favorite quote, from the SAE story: “So the stripper takes the belt, and she just, you know, beats me.”