Quiz Time!

In the wake of the procrastination extravaganza that was the Dean’s Date Liveblog, we here at The Ink feel a little guilty about our unintentional, but, we fear, effective, complicity in achieving the grade deflation quotas.

[caption id="attachment_10752" align="alignright" width="154" caption="There's a reason the logo is orange."]There's a reason the logo is orange.[/caption]

Sadly, we can’t do much to help you out with that orgo final. But we can help you bone up on your Princeton knowledge, and maybe rekindle the trivia love that got us on Sporcle’s top 25 colleges last semester.

Quiz time!

1) How many pizzas were consumed at the dodgeball tournament? How many free t-shirts?

2) What’s the farthest spot from campus Princeton’s flag flies?

3) The first Ivy Leaguers to make the cover of Sports Illustrated were from Princeton. Which team took the honor, and in what year?

4) Which Princeton building lent its name to a chemical reaction?

5) What hidden message is embedded in the bricks of the computer science building?

[caption id="attachment_10751" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Or maybe the bricks are just slowly falling out?"]Or maybe the bricks are just slowly falling out?[/caption]

6) The statues outside Nassau Hall weren’t always tigers. Who brought them to campus, and what did they replace?

7) When was the last Cannon Green bonfire? When will it happen again?

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