Prince joke issue really stresses out College Confidential posters

College Confidential, virtual home to thousands of angsty 17-year-olds college-prepped to within an inch of their lives, is a pretty easy gauge for the general College Admissions Stress Level. This week’s stress-inducer: The Prince’s annual joke issue–specifically, “Princeton sees steep drop in applications for Class of 2014.” (Oh, Class of 2014…we’re a little worried for you too.)

The take-away: High school seniors don’t care about how high the acceptance rate is! They’re not going to judge you for it, Ivy League schools (and University of Chicago!). They just want to get in!

From the joke issue:

The University received an astonishingly low 10,943 applications for the Class of 2014, representing a 50 percent drop from last year, a stunned Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye said in an interview with The Daily Princetonian on Tuesday. If the University accepts roughly 2,150 people from the applicant pool this April — as it did last spring — the school’s acceptance rate would more than double, to 20.1 percent.

“I will be delighted to be able to offer admission to more students,” Rapelye said. “It’s only good for us. They are so strong and so powerful.”

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