Valentine Gift-Giving Inspiration from Yesteryear

This coming Monday is Valentine’s Day, complete with all its chocolate boxes, PDAs, and table-for-twos. Over here at the Ink, we’re a little worried that some of you are still approaching the big V-Day with no idea what to give that special someone. And we can totally sympathize — some people are just impossible to shop for. To take some of the stress out of the situation, check out our shopping guide from bygone February Fourteenths at Princeton for some inspiration.



We’ve compiled these old advertisements from campus publications from the 1940s straight through the 80s (when giving Valentine’s to preceptors looks to be quite popular).  Hopefully the Princeton sweethearts of yesteryear can offer you some inspiration for a gift you’d love to give—or just buy for yourself.

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Things that were different in 1955: Princeton football

The good ol’ days! Couple things of note:

1. Our beating Yale used to be newsreel-worthy; the game was called “the Ivy League climax.” Hard to get on Sportscenter nowadays. (0:06)

2. Tailgates used to be less brews, tees, and jeans, and more tweed and awkward separation of the sexes. (0:07)

3. Is that… Quad? I can’t get a good look, too many people. (0:20)

4. People went to football games: 46,000 of them, enough to actually fill the stadium, which… is not the case today. (0:25)

5. Blimp. (0:29)

6. Famous people came to our games. Let’s get Gov. Chris Christie to come on down! Oh, no? Okay. (0:40)

7. Kids knew how to dress. Haircuts were another story (yeah, flattop, sorry man). (1:17)

8. Just how long has the band worn those awful jackets? (3:14)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Frankie Muniz…

Lawnparties headliners tend to come in two flavors.  First, you’ve got your Popular Mid-Level Acts: your Lupes, your Roots, your pre-Umbrella Rihannas. And then you’ve got your Random Throwbacks, the Pat Benatars and the Everclears of the music world. (For while Everclear the alcohol is notoriously flavorless, Everclear the band tastes strongly and somewhat unpleasantly of 1997).

This year’s performer falls firmly into the former group, and has to be considered something of a coup for the USG.  Just two days ago B.o.B was performing at the MTV VMAs in front of some 11.4 million viewers. Next Sunday, he’ll be rockin’ the main stage at the Quadrangle Club. Although for B.o.B himself, I suppose, such a progression would seem less “coup” than “comedown”:

But those thirsty for a strong swig of nostalgia shouldn’t fret.  It’s no Everclear, but I guarantee this news will make you nice and woozy nonetheless: just one day before Lawnparties, Campus Club will play host to a very special throwback guest who is every bit as random as B.o.B is (Mid-Level) popular — Former Child Actor Frankie Muniz, star of beloved early Aughts sitcom Malcolm in the Middle! He played Malcolm!

“Huuuuh?” you say? I reply: “Read on after the jump!”

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How Facebook Can Save the Dinky

Since learning in March that the Dinky may be replaced by a bus, University students and Borough residents have expressed both support and opposition. The latest from the nay-sayers is a “Save the Princeton Dinky” Facebook page. In only 9 days, 825 people have already joined, including students, community members, and even pre-frosh (“Class of 2014 for the Dinky!!!”).

So what are the protesters complaining about?

For some, it’s practical. They say that switching from rail to bus would be expensive or inefficient and that a bus would get stuck in traffic. They worry that a bus would be too small to accommodate rush hour hoards or to fit students with suitcases during breaks. They point out that trains are more environmentally friendly and that wooded areas would need to be cut down to make room for two buses to pass each other on the Dinky route.

But for others, it’s about nostalgia and the mystique of Princeton:

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