National Record Store Day hits Princeton

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Looking for a way to flee those darn prefrosh who don’t seem to understand that Princeton Preview weekend is over by now?  Look no further than Princeton Record Exchange, Princeton’s vinyl institution, located off Nassau on South Tulane Street.  The store, which was named the #1 College Record Store in the Country by USA Today earlier this week, is kicking off its 30-year anniversary celebrations today in conjunction with the 3rd annual National Record Store Day. Live performances, cheap used CDs and vinyl, and knowledgeable music nerds abound: do you really need any more encouragement?

The store’s open till 9pm tonight, though you should head over there ASAP if you want to score any of the limited-releases that the Prex has for Record Store Day. “There was a line halfway down the block at 8:30 this morning,” said Prex employee Jim Edenbaum. “Our special albums–a bunch of 10-inch Springsteen, 12-inch REM, limited-edition Lennon records–sold out almost immediately.”