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“Malcolm in the Middle”

Lawnparties headliners tend to come in two flavors.  First, you’ve got your Popular Mid-Level Acts: your Lupes, your Roots, your pre-Umbrella Rihannas. And then you’ve got your Random Throwbacks, the Pat Benatars and the Everclears of the music world. (For while Everclear the alcohol is notoriously flavorless, Everclear the band tastes strongly and somewhat unpleasantly of 1997).

This year’s performer falls firmly into the former group, and has to be considered something of a coup for the USG.  Just two days ago B.o.B was performing at the MTV VMAs in front of some 11.4 million viewers. Next Sunday, he’ll be rockin’ the main stage at the Quadrangle Club. Although for B.o.B himself, I suppose, such a progression would seem less “coup” than “comedown”:

But those thirsty for a strong swig of nostalgia shouldn’t fret.  It’s no Everclear, but I guarantee this news will make you nice and woozy nonetheless: just one day before Lawnparties, Campus Club will play host to a very special throwback guest who is every bit as random as B.o.B is (Mid-Level) popular — Former Child Actor Frankie Muniz, star of beloved early Aughts sitcom Malcolm in the Middle! He played Malcolm!

“Huuuuh?” you say? I reply: “Read on after the jump!”

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