Lupe Fiasco Hits Princeton, Waxes Philosophical, Doesn’t Rap

Dr. Cornel West, in typical baller fashion, invited rapper Lupe Fiasco to his AAS 201 lecture today. According to Naomi Wood ’13, Lupe “discusssed why he uses the n-word; social consciousness; parallels in his lyrics and Afro-American texts; censorship; and the relationship between his [Muslim] faith and his life as an artist.” Students remarked how articulate he was — also, at one point apparently Dr. West tried to lead him off the stage, but there was no staircase so Lupe had to jump off the stage, and it was awesome and crowd-pleasing, so everybody was like ohhhhhhhhhhh. No rapping though.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="424" caption="I wonder if he called him "Brother Fiasco.""]Brother West and Brother Fiasco[/caption]

For real though Lupe, please stop doing cool academic-type talks and release your new album already.

(photo courtesy of Allison Vise ’13)