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For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the many advantages of following your Princeton professors on Twitter (a practice that has previously gained national attention), we at the Ink have decided to round up some gems from a few of the most prolific tweeters on campus, including the University itself.

Like that one time Princeton and Harvard exchanged some official Twitter #nerd shade:

(Context: Princeton was sharing Professor Kintali’s new site True Shelf.)

Harvard’s cheeky response:

Princeton’s #shady retort:

We’re not sure who runs the Official Princeton Twitter (not enough #hashtags to be ODUS) so we’ll just assume it’s Martin Mbugua.

Or that one time prolific writer Joyce Carol Oates (also a Breaking Bad fan) and philosophy prof Gilbert Harman debated whether Neitzsche was in hell.

Or when Jay-Co retweeted Mike Tyson:

While neuroscience professor Sam Wang throws out some innuendo-laden food links on occasion:

The answer is gross.

Week in Review: Bad A$$ Edition (July 9 – 15)

[caption id="attachment_13139" align="alignright" width="250" caption="The reason we are using this potentially controversial meme is to pique your interest in an upcoming post by VC '14, re: yellow fever, Asians, etc. Yeah, STAY TUNED! Also, browsing the Princeton memes site actually makes us really homesick for campus. Aww. Also this comment is fiendishly long. I apologize."]The reason we are using this potentially controversial meme is to pique your interest in an upcoming post by VC '14, re: yellow fever, Asians, etc. Yeah, STAY TUNED! Also, browsing the Princeton memes site makes me homesick for campus. Also this comment is fiendishly long. I apologize.[/caption]

First up, shout out to our incoming freshmen! Princeton 2016 is getting all worked up this week – with good reason, since they’ve received both their res college assignments and chance to flip through the fall frosh seminars catalogue.  It includes the classic free trip (!) seminars with promises of fall breaks in Costa Rica or Cyprus – but also a range of gems like “Bad A$$ Asians” (the namesake of this Ink post), a Joyce Carol Oates fanfest, and the chance to literally spend $50,000, as long as it’s philanthropic and approved by Stan Katz. Protip: pay attention to the prof teaching your seminar, not just to the topic. Like, Nancy Malkiel’s “Coeducation” course sounds great, but incoming GPA-sensitive, grade-deflation-fearing premeds might want to do a little background check first…

In any case, we remember those overexcited, over-sharing-on-Facebook days. (Upperclassmen, bored at your internships? Go back and look at the posts your friends made in your class FB groups when you were prefrosh. GUARANTEED LAUGHS.) We think it’s cute! And we welcome you in all your enthusiastic, over-enrolled glory! Case in point, see The Princeton Tiger’s thoughtful suggestions for where to put all the extra frosh:

10. Re-purpose unused Firestone carrels
9. Quad
8. Build a Forbes Annex Annex
7. During Frosh Week, erect large fences around Cloister’s backyard
6. Charter boat, discover new continent
5. All CA groups now focused on building housing for themselves
4. Make OA year-round, Princeton-based
3. Lift the ban on the steam tunnels
2. Rutgers
1. University of Princeton® online

No really though, UPC loves frosh and wants you all to apply for journalistic futures with us. Check out our res college reviews, written last year but very much valid for your incoming lives. Of course you may be placed into what we used to know as Wilcox’s yoga studio and art room, or a Whitman study room, but whatever. Princeton is Princeton and you’ll love it.

[caption id="attachment_13138" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Teaser! Click through for the full comic."]Teaser! Click through for the full comic.[/caption]

Jumping straight from pre- to post-Princeton, our endowment also made headlines this week with the announcement that Aspire, STilghz’ 5-year fundraising campaign, exceeded its $1.75 billion goal by raising $1.88 billion, the highest in Princeton history. Meanwhile, our 2011-12 Annual Giving campaign also broke Ol’ Nassau records by raising $57.2 million. Bad A$$ (more like, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$) indeed.

We leave you with two pieces of Princeton Internet Gold. From a still-undergraduate perspective, we love and identify with this comic from Willa Chen ’13. It was crafted in response to this much-forwarded article on elite education by William Deresiewicz. Agree? Disagree? Comment! Go!

And last, it’s good to see that our former USG president CDY and his Nassoon/Amazing Race BFF Jonathan Schwartz, both favorites of UPC coverage, are still alive and well and contributing great things to society:

Bad A$$. We rest our case.

British Gambling Website Gives Joyce Carol Oates 18-1 Odds to Win Nobel Prize in Literature

Exposed beams? Check. Bucket hat? Double check. Nobel prize? TBD.

Exposed beams? Check. Bucket hat? Double check. Nobel prize? TBD.

Princeton creative writing professor (and literary superstar) Joyce Carol Oates has an 18-1 chance to win this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature, according to British gambling website Ladbrokes.com.

The site gives only 11 people better odds to win than Oates, including heavy favorite Cormac McCarthy at 5-2 odds. Haruki Murakami, who also taught at Princeton, was given 10-1 odds.

Toni Morrison, who won the Nobel in 1993, is the only Princeton faculty member ever to win in literature (Princeton alum Eugene O’Neill ’10 picked one up in 1936).

Oates turned 72 in June, which falls comfortably within the bandwidth of age acceptability. Last year’s winner, Herta Muller, was 57 , and Doris Lessing won the Nobel in 2007 at the ripe old age of 90 (full list with ages here).

All available bets on the award (including long shot Bob Dylan (?!) at 100-1) after the jump! (If gambling were legal, that is. The Ink does not condone gambling on major literary awards.)

Continue reading…

JCO On Writing Well

1518129740_54e6495fd1_bWere you hosed from Joyce Carol Oates’s Creative Writing class? Yeah, me too (signed in to an art history course second round…)

I guess I’ll apply again next year. In the meantime, we can all check out the CliffsNotes version of JCO’s seminar — her seven rules for writing fiction, as published in Saturday’s Guardian.

Here’re rules 6 and 7:

– Keep in mind Oscar Wilde: “A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”

– Keep a light, hopeful heart. But expect the worst.

Write away!