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60216_1431503994764_1447800398_31167856_1755039_nYou thought that Frist was just for Late Meal? Think again! Two of this weekend’s most exciting arts events are taking place there, starting with Elizabeth Swanson’s production of “Henry IV, Part I” with the Princeton Shakespeare Company this Thursday through Saturday.  Swanson, a junior, decided to bring Shakespeare’s classic story into a modern setting: while her production uses Shakespeare’s original language, its look and feel are distinctly 21st-century.  She describes the show as “part comedy and part tragedy, from drunken revelry to the bloody battlefield,” and feels its themes are especially timely in today’s political context.  Costumers Maya Gainer ’13 and Alison Gocke ’13 have had their hands full transitioning the show into modern dress: “Think Democrats vs. Republicans, Right v. Left, Obama v. Sarah Palin–basically the modern War of the Roses,” said Gocke. “Oh, and throw in Josh Zeitlin in a fat suit, just for good measure.”   Frist Film and Performance Theatre (on the third floor): October 7-9, 8pm, with a 2pm Saturday matinee.  Tickets $8 at the Frist Box Office, Student Events Eligible.

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