“Summer Internship Interviews” is Code for “Go Shopping Right Now”

So I was browsing through the U-Store today, wondering why everyone was outfitted in business attire. The click of high heels clacking around the hummus (yes, still Sabra) display, range of ties displayed by various dudes standing in line, and stream of blazer-clad people gingerly picking their way through the snow outside all struck me as a little strange. And then I realized that it’s that time of year again – the Season of Internship Interviews.

Now that the bicker/sign-in craze is dying down (okay, except for Terrace. Keep an eye out for offerings all this week), we’ve moved on to worrying about our IIP/PICS/Bain/Goldman/Google/other-hopeful-options interviews. For those of you who haven’t been poring over Case in Point and preparing examples of a time you overcame an unexpected trial or had to demonstrate leadership under pressure, though, never fear: Career Services is offering a host of last-minute interview how-to sessions.

Tonight, Boston Consulting Group will be at Career Services from 6:30-8:00 p.m. to share tips for mastering the infamous case interview. On Tuesday, Career Services is holding another workshop on general interview skills and strategies. And for B.S.E kids, the “Interviewing for Engineers” session at the Friend Center next Wednesday will teach you how to sell your social and scientific skills.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="281" caption="Seriously Mom, how could I go to my interviews without a light charcoal Aubrey jacket in Italian wool? Girl, please."]Seriously Mom, how could I go to my interviews without a light charcoal Aubrey jacket in Italian wool? Girl, please.[/caption]

But perhaps most exciting of all for Princeton’s prep kingdom is this: J.CREW FASHION NIGHT. Stop by our two-story J.Crew in Palmer Square on Wednesday from 7-9 pm, and enjoy exclusive extra hours just for Princeton students! J. Crew associates will be there to outfit you in business and professional wear, plus you get a special 20% discount. Need I say more?

Even if you don’t have an interview, it might be worth going just for the sale, and to satiate the prepaholic inside you. Come on. Lawnparties is sort of close, right?

Space is limited, so sign up now.

Timelessness of Tigertown’s Prepster Chic

[caption id="attachment_6832" align="alignright" width="515" caption="Source: Teruyoshi Hayashida/PowerHouse Books, published at www.nytimes.com/style"]Source: Teruyoshi Hayashida/PowerHouse Books, published at www.nytimes.com/style[/caption]

As  we dredge hopelessly through the dog days of summer, with New York experiencing one of its hottest July weekends on record, it makes sense that we’re all getting a little back-to-school-fever.  Case in point: the front page of today’s New York Times Sunday Style section, which featured a story on the timelessness of Ivy League preppiness, complete with color picture of Princetonians in all their tiger-toned glory circa 1965.

[caption id="attachment_6833" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Nassau Steet parties like it's 1965; a spread from the newly-reissued "Take Ivy." (Photo: www.jcrew.com)"]Nassau Steet parties like it's 1965; a spread from the newly-reissued "Take Ivy." (Photo: www.jcrew.com)[/caption]

The occasion? As we announced to you back in March, Teruyoshi Hayashida’s classic book, Take Ivy, is coming to a retail store near you (as in, a short jaunt down Nassau Street) in just a few weeks.  The style classic, long worshipped by the powers-that-be at prepster labels like J.Press and Ralph Lauren, will be reissued by Powerhouse Books on August 23rd and sold by retailers like J.Crew.  What better way to spark up your post-Reunions, pre-move-in enthusiasm for Sperry Top-Siders and popped collars than to snap up a copy? Until then, you can preview the preppiness at your leisure in this NYT slide show, or read your fill about how this All-American Ivy look has taken over international men’s fashion here. Doesn’t it make you long to dash past East Pyne in a pristine letter sweater on a crisp Fall day?