Princeton Student is Israel’s Sassy Gay Friend

In light of the recent tensions between Israel and Iran, some Princeton students have decided that the best thing for Israel isn’t another negotiation or summit, but a sassy gay best friend (girl, please).

Whatever your politics may be on the Israel-Palestine / Middle East conflict, you can at least appreciate the exuberant incorporation of hummus and Brandon Davis ’13 ‘s delightful neck scarf. (Perhaps the best line in this entire hilarious script: “Yeah, and I’m 6’4 on my Grindr account.”)

Interestingly enough, in the process of searching for Sassy Gay Friend derivatives, I found an old Body Hype video of Sassy Gay Friend: Titanic version that has gotten a considerable view count. Princeton kids. What. what. what are you doing.

So you thought the hummus debate was over?

Picture 2

Well, think again.

The referendum failed in a vote of 1014 to 699, as we reported yesterday. However, Dining Services is still considering offering an alternative to Sabra hummus.

“We will continue the conversation with the students and hope to include faculty and staff opinions as well,” Stu Orefice, director of Dining Services, told the Prince yesterday.

By creating buzz about Sabra both on campus and in the national media, PCP may have succeeded in its goal, despite the results of the election. After all the national media attention, the University may ultimately decide that it does not want to appear anti-Palestinian.

Or the University may simply value offering options to students, irrespective of the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Or it may do nothing.

But whatever the eventual result, PCP, headed by Yoel Bitran ’11, plans to continue the debate in the hope that they will convince the University to offer an alternative hummus brand. Bitran tells us,

We will take the 699 votes in favor of the referendum to Dining Services. Hopefully, we will be able to convince them that this is enough of a demand for an alternative Hummus to merit providing one at least in some retail locations. We will continue to raise awareness and ask students to personally boycott Sabra and other products linked to Israel’s human rights abuses.

We’ll let you know what happens as this story continues to develop.

President of Israeli Supreme Court Speaks at Woody Woo

US-ISRAEL-ANNIVERSARY-BEINISCHDorit Beinisch, the equivalent of the Chief Justice on the Israeli Supreme Court, talked about balancing security and human rights in the age of terror.

And while the topic was no doubt fascinating, we found ourselves more distracted by some of the differences between the American Supreme Court and the Israeli model. For example:

  • The US court hears 60-80 cases in a given year. The Israeli Supreme Court hears 5000 (!)
  • US justices serve for life, while Israel has a max age (we kind of like this idea, having spent time with people in the 70 and over demographic. Good for half-moon cookies, bad for precedent augmenting legal decisions)

Full article here