TigerFinder gets revamped, certain parties get excited

TigerFinderRemember TigerFinder? If you don’t, get familiar: Last year some COS majors whipped up this thing that you download onto your computer that then sends out a signal to TigerFinder to let people you add as “Friends” on the thing know exactly where you are on a map of campus. And so we were all like, whoa, creepy!

Well guess what? Version 2.0 just came out, and it’s taking over Princeton. (Okay, not really, but a lot of people seem to be using it.)

USG Prez Yaroshefsky sent out an email earlier with a link to this USG blog post about the recent usage of the app, which shows some interesting graphs, like this one:

But, what exactly does this mean? Client usage? We just want to know: just who on campus is using TigerFinder, this creepiest of creepy Internet devices?

Using some intensely rigorous statistical analysis and IP tracing (read: Paint), we decided to break down just who’s adopted the thing, and when:

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When Princetonians stop being polite and start getting real

Alright, guys, I have something to confess. There’s no sense beating around the bush, so I’ll just be straight-up about it: I read the Prince sometimes.

Wait, okay, hold on, don’t look at me that way. Come on, it’s really not a bad publication. It’s actually quite informative and presents some interesting points of view.

User complacent biz alum takes time out of his day to comment

User 'complacent biz alum' takes time out of his day to comment

…Maybe I should qualify that. I usually read the Prince online, and typically only the comments. Because, Jesus, have you seen those things? They’re kind of like what I imagine would happen if you shoved 20 of those “that guy from precept” into a room and asked them to argue about abortion. And you gave them lots of Adderall beforehand. And they all had funny names like “mr hat” or “t-bone” or pretended to be “Shirley Tilghman.”

I mean, don’t you guys remember this comment thread after the Prince reported Princeton had admitted 9.79% of applicants last year? Classic. Just absolutely brilliant reading, I’m serious. Leave it to Princeton students to be absolutely enraged over – what else – exclusivity.

But hey, don’t believe me? Gonna keep on glossing over the comments? Fine, let’s look at a few cases.

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Internet Down for An Entire Hour!

Damn you puwireless!

Damn you puwireless!

Tonight’s top story: the Princeton network was down for a few hours late Sunday night!

The headline reads like a bad Onion article, but this actually seems to have generated some buzz.

We walk-talked (the phenomenon of having a mini-conversation with someone while walking without actually slowing down or stopping to talk) to a girl storming down University Place who was genuinely angry about the outage, lamenting all the work she could have been doing.

She had a point. Sunday nights are a valuable work night, getting ahead for the week or (in all documented cases to date) catching up.

But there isn’t much you can’t do when the internet goes down. For whatever reason Blackboard is accessible even when the network is down.

Why that matters after the jump!

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