Dreams do come true: Bent Spoon is hiring!

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How many times have you gazed into the eyes of a Bent Spoon employee as he hands you a sample of coconut sorbet and thought to yourself, man, this guy has the best job in the world?

How many years have you spent wishing you were at Bent Spoon rather than in your room/your carrel/the dining hall/the Firestone B-floor?

How many banana whips does it take before you know that you just really need to be around that juicer all day? (2)

The Press Club does many things, but one of our favorites is making your dreams come true. So I’m here to say that…Bent Spoon is hiring!

According to their website, that delicious shop of delicious delicious goodies wants to hire “future super-special full & part-time spoonies that will be able to commit through the end of May/into the summer starting the end of March, 2011.”

Are you that person? Download an application here.

“This tastes like stealing my neighbor’s pears in September.”

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If you haven’t had Bent Spoon ice cream, you probably don’t go to Princeton. So for our readers (Spencer, don’t be modest!) outside the Orange Bubble, who have never experienced Bent Spoon’s organic/slow/local food snob-approved ice cream, buttercream-frosted cupcakes and hot chocolate–well, I’m sorry.

But this is for you. Serious Eats published a review on the campus hotspot this week, with enough descriptive language to make you beg your Princetonian friends to mail you some pear prosecco sorbet on dry ice.

This is what you’re missing out on:

These are the kinds of flavors so powerful that they go beyond mere taste—conjuring up memories, rather than just sensation. “This tastes like Peanut Butter Ripple at this one, tiny ice cream place on the Jersey shore,” mused my dining companion, as we worked our way through the flavors. “This tastes like stealing my neighbor’s pears in September.” “This tastes like Thanksgiving.” And with the lingering warmth of all those pumpkin pie spices, with the bite of cranberry and sweetness of apple, it truly did.