From K-Pop & J-Pop to Princeton

Spinnin dat ill KP

Spinnin' dat ill K-pop

Generally, academia downplays its commentary on popular culture and music. Among advertised lectures and academic events at Princeton, those relating to [bio]ethics, politics and African-American studies certainly reign supreme (though recently one might make a case for Irish Studies). However, this weekend, discourse on contemporary music literally gets in the mix.

Enter K-Pop.

On March 25th and 26th Princeton hosts its own Asian Popular Music Conference, In The Mix: Asian Pop Music. This is like the March Madness of the East Asian Studies Department, the Lawnparties of ethnomusicology. The conference will feature panel discussions, research presentations, live performances and film screenings. Content will span genres ranging from indie rock and industrial noise music to hiphop, K-pop, J-pop, and the like.

Seriously though, professors and musicians are coming in from all around the world for this — some from the Orient itself, others from institutions like the London School of Economics and the Berklee School of Music.

We’ve begun digging through the jam-packed schedule and have picked some highlights in anticipation.

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