Loudon Wainwright Sings the Woody Woo Blues…

[caption id="attachment_5213" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Loudon busking away in praise of Old Nassau (source: www.lw3.com)"]Loudon busking away in praise of Old Nassau (source: www.lw3.com)[/caption]

It’s been a big month for Princeton economists: between everyone asking Alan Blinder and Uwe Reinhardt for their take on the economy/health care and an in-depth profile of Paul Krugman in a March issue of the New Yorker, it seems like everyone’s got saltwater economics on the brain.

Including, apparently, rock-and-folk music legend Loudon Wainwright, father to Rufus and Martha and guitarist extraordinaire.  His latest album, “10 Songs for the New Depression,” features “The Krugman Blues,” a tribute song to Krugman’s left-leaning take on the Recession. Loudon croons:

I read the New York Times, that’s where I get the news.

Paul Krugman’s on the Op Ed page, that’s where I get the blues.

He also takes a potshot at Old Nassau along the way:

Sometimes when he’s on the TV in the background you can spot his school logo.

Paul teaches at Princeton U, so Krugman ought to know.

To watch the full performance, click here.

Weekend Arts Roundup: Shakespearean Swashbuckling, Smooching, and Other Butlerian Shenanigans


Shakespearean Shenanigans at T&C's Opening Night in Butler Ampitheatre

April upon us, Tigers! And despite what T.S. Eliot (and those high school seniors glued to College Confidential) might tell you, the month is bringing us some of the year’s most sumptuous weather.  No, that’s not a sleep-deprivation-induced mirage: it really is supposed to be in the 70s for the next ten days! Weather gods be praised.

And what better way to welcome spring than to relax at a Shakespeare performance in Butler’s new Amphitheatre?  This weekend is the opening of PSC’s production of Troilus and Cressida, which is being staged outside of New Butler.  The play’s cast has already garnered a less-than-welcome status amongst Butlerites: as one Princeton FML-er wrote, “To the weirdos who have nightly sword-fighting sessions in the New Butler Courtyard: I was fine listening to the sound of the blades, but do you really have to yell and scream at each other?”

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Health Care Examined, Woody Woo-Style


Ah, the good 'ole days of SHR: "I'm just a bill..." (source: pastemagazine.com)

One week after the health care jump, and the Tea Partiers are all busy rallying their troops (to the extent that Obama publicly acknowledged the movement in an interview on the Today Show this morning).  As the rumors fly and rallying cries are shouted, it’s a relief to find a writer who outlines what the new health care actually does in a clear way.

Enter Uwe Reinhardt, Woodrow Wilson’s James Madison Professor of Political Economy. Reinhardt’s specialty is Health Care policy, and as such, he’s been everywhere this past week.  His most recent post on the NYTimes’s Economix blog (a site which is meant to “explain the science of everyday life”) helps demystify the process a great deal: read it here.

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Ivy League NCAA Sports Redux

[caption id="attachment_5044" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="the boys in blue (source: yalebulldogs.com)"]the boys in blue (source: yalebulldogs.com)[/caption]

Cornell may have ended its historic March Madness run last night (read the NYTimes’s take on it here), but the Ivy League still lives strong in the NCAA. Next up: Yale’s hockey team is going up against North Dakota tomorrow afternoon in the Northeast regional semifinals. Yale was ranked No. 9 in the nation after an impressive season (20-9-3), and the game will be aired live on ESPN360.com and Fox Sports Net North at 5pm ET on Saturday. So shelve that Tiger pride, take a much-needed study break, and cheer on your fellow Ivy! Enjoy the weekend, everybody.

“Self Control” (What a Silly Concept)

[caption id="attachment_4914" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="If you want to get on Facebook, Tigers, you're gonna have to get through this guy first. (source: wikipedia.org)"]If you want to get on Facebook, Tigers, you're gonna have to get through this guy first. (source: wikipedia.org)[/caption]

It’s common knowledge that midterm week is conspiring to kill our souls (while maiming cute puppies and taunting us with beautiful weather, of course).  But lo and behold, the internet can save us, Tigers!  Steve Lambert (picture at left) has created a program called “Self Control” that will block you from Facebook, Twitter, your email, or any other sites that provide procrastinating pleasure. It works for up to twelve hours, and here’s the catch: once you’ve pressed “Start,” there’s no way to stop the clock. You can quit out of the application, restart your computer, scream profanities at it at the top of your lungs… nothing doing. It’s iron-clad. And, as the week’s slogged on, I have become an increasingly devoted fan, despite the sadness of seeing this screen every five minutes:

Picture 1

So go ahead and try it. If you dare…

21 Questions With…Molly Brean ’13


Name: Molly Brean
Age: 18
Major: Undeclared, but probably Slavic Languages and Literatures
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Eating club/residential college/affiliation: Rockefeller
Name: Molly Brean
Age: 18
Major: Undeclared, but probably Slavic Languages and Literatures
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Eating club/residential college/affiliation: Rockefeller

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Paint [the Oscars] Black…and Orange…

(source: oscars.org)

(source: oscars.org)

The Oscars are upon us, Tigers! I know you all would like nothing better than to waste all your waking hours on the NYTimes Carpetbagger blog (for the uninitiated, it’s the Times’s Awards-Season blog, and is frankly the best thing since sliced bread. Despite the fact that sliced bread has never seemed particularly awesome, but there you go.). However, midterms are once again upon us…which is decidedly not conducive to wasting time. Obviously. Why on earth would we waste time when we have tremendous pressure to get approximately ten zillion things done before spring break hits? Silly question.

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Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger…


Party hard, Ivy Leaguers! (source: http://www.ivyplussociety.org/recent.html)

While we joke that this blessed Orange Bubble of ours is pretty darn all-consuming, especially with the vaguely incestuous dating pool that is our campus, it’s undeniable that Princeton alums are a bit…shall we say…into the whole alumni thing.  They chant, they booze it up at Reunions every year (“Yeah guys, third reunion! CHUG!”), they wear ridiculously ugly orange-and-black sport coats like they’re going out of style (oh wait: they never were in style)…

…they join Ivy League networking communities and  Ivies-Only dating clubs?

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IN PRINT: Academic Neighborhoods and Budget Qualms

[caption id="attachment_4434" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo source: The Princeton Packet, www.centraljersey.com"]Photo source: The Princeton Packet, www.centraljersey.com[/caption]

Despite this year’s tighter budget and a slightly worse-for-wear endowment, President Tilghman is still thinking ahead towards breaking ground on new Neuroscience and Psychology buildings as part of an innovative Natural Sciences neighborhood (as The Ink reported earlier this week).  While the natural sciences project is has been deemed “shovel-ready” by the powers-that-be, plans for a series of new academic neighborhoods, including ones in arts and transit and the social sciences, have still had their share of difficulties in light of the recession:

“Many plans in our capital plan have been delayed, and the major factor is how we can pay for them,” said University Representative Cass Cliatt. “The plans for these buildings are ready as soon as we have the backing to pay for them.”

Read more in the Princeton Packet here.

Spotted: Olympic Pride, Princeton-Style

[caption id="attachment_4337" align="alignleft" width="330" caption="Princetonians pile up in Frist for the Big Game"]Princetonians pile up in Frist for the Big Game[/caption]

As we start up another grueling week here in the Orange Bubble (halfway to spring break, guys!), it’s nice to drain our brains every now and then by obsessing over the Winter Games.  However, given NBC’s total stinginess about putting Olympic events online this time around, it’s often tough to tune in if you don’t have a TV with you on campus–especially if you don’t want to deal with annoying tape delays.

The solution? We’re getting creative. Case in point: the total mob at Frist this evening, where a bunch of students created an impromptu viewing party for a much-hyped Canada vs. United States Hockey game.  When I passed through, over seventy-five kids were watching, clad in hockey jerseys, wrapped in flags from both countries, and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Pass the guacamole, Tigers!

EGR 495: China, Entrepreneurship, and Inventive Quests for the Perfect Push-Up Bra


Princeton" Coming to a Home-Shopping Channel Near You! (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Anyone who argues that us Ivy Leaguers don’t think outside the box clearly hasn’t heard about EGR 495.  In the course, Special Topics in Entrepreneurship, students designed products and created ad campaigns to sell them, infomercial style (as The Princeton Packet described last month).  The designs were then presented to a panel of judges compiled by Infomercial legend A.J. Khubani, Princeton professor and seller of the Ab Roller and the Swivel Sweeper. Now who doesn’t want some good cheery tiger-manufactured infomercials? No one, that’s who.

What seals this deal?  The fact that the best project design won its creators a sweet free trip to China probably had something to do with the class’s crowd-pleasing abilities.  Students from the winning group got to try their hands at manufacturing their product for sale in the US, and, as Princetonians are wont to mooch from as many free international trips as they can during their four years here, class members thought up some pretty epically awesome inventions.

Descriptions of the best designs after the jump…

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Cyclops Snowmen, Tray Sledding, and Stubborn Professors: Sounds Like a Princeton Snow Day to me!

Okay, not to keep beating the increasingly dead horse that was the Great Snow Day of 2010, but hey–it’s our first impromptu day off in years. I think we’re entitled to some serious waxing poetic.

So, without further ado, my top five most bizarre, endearing, disturbing, or otherwise patently Princeton parts of yesterday’s snow day:

1. How one of my professors (He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, for the Press Club’s own protection) decided to hold his lecture AND precept yesterday despite the snow…but was forced to relent when a grand total of four people showed up at our 11:00 lecture. That’s what we call karma, Prof.

2. The battle of brains (and very much not brawn) that ensued at the Democrats vs. Republicans snowball game last night on Dod Field.  My favorite political epithets that were shouted: “Global Warming THIS shit, baby!” “We’ve found those weapons of mass destruction! This guy’s ARM is our weapon of mass destruction!”

3. The fact that, when I went to steal a tray from the Whitman dining hall for sledding, there were already at least ten trays sitting abandoned on Whitman hill. Way to rebel against the man, guys. I’m impressed.

4. The completely blocked archway up by Campbell yesterday. A group of kids built a fort that made the entire arch impassible–until PSafe cruelly spoiled the party and built a bridge through the snow.

5. My favorite part of the snow day? The nerdy snowmen that people managed to think up…with the overall best going to a group from the freshman HUM sequence:

[caption id="attachment_3996" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Gotta love the HUM nerdiness: that's a cyclops in the back, with Odysseus center front flanked by two sheep."]IMG_0018[/caption]

Yep, that’s a scene from the Odyssey right there, complete with cyclops, Odysseus, and two sheep.  According to Lily Alberts, one of the masterminds behind the idea, the group flirted with depicting the  rings of Hell from Dante’s Inferno by building an assortment of snowmen with their heads on backwards, but they thought that might be just a tad obscure (and hey, if it’s Dante you want, we’ve got a brand-new video game for that. I so, so wish I were kidding).  Gotta love Classics humor.

Enjoy the snow today, Inkblots–and try to avoid the wrath of Professors who don’t know how to deal with the concept of a day off. Don’t worry, They’ll learn. Eventually…