Weekend Arts Roundup: Electric Guitars, Quippy Improv, Smooth Jazz and More

172812_1252298911090_1338030009_31011204_7157827_oMidterms are upon us! Heaven forbid! If you can bear to drag yourself out of your studying coma (or you can’t even bear to start work), these events are the perfect shortcut to study-free bliss, if only for a couple of hours:
  • Terrace has some great shows in store this weekend: from French hip hop to “chillwave’s new Top Gun” Com Truise (a Princeton-based group), it’s looking to be a great weekend for live music.  Sets usually start at around midnight.
  • If you’re looking for some relaxing down time before you hit the Street (or, alas, the books), check out the University Modal Ensemble at Café Viv tonight.  They’ll be playing from 11:30pm-1am, and it’s a fairly casual affair–the perfect study break if you’re chained to a desk in McGraw.
  • The Princeton University Orchestra has an innovative concert in the works this weekend, including the world premiere of an electric guitar concerto (yes, you heard that right) from graduate student Mark Dancigers.  It also features concertos from violinist Yoon Won Song and flutist Jessica Anastasio, who was recently accepted into Rice University’s prestigious Shepherd School of Music for graduate study.  Concerts Friday and Saturday, 8pm in Richardson Auditorium at Alexander Hall. Tickets $8, student events eligible.  To read more about Anastasio, Dancigers, and Song, click here (Warning: feelings of supreme inadequacy might ensue. These three are pretty darn spectacular).181983_10150098492538661_653008660_6340632_4922082_n
  • Quipfire’s March shows at Theatre Intime are sure to sell out quickly–nothing cleanses the soul and eases the mind like laughing your brains out, and this weekend is one of the group’s most popular events of the year.  10:30pm at Intime, tickets $5 at the door–but buying tickets ahead at Frist is highly recommended.
  • Theater options abound this weekend: if you’re looking for something short and sweet (it clocks in at just over an hour, perfect for our pre-midterms attention spans), definitely check out the Student Playwrights Festival at Theatre Intime.  The festival features three new pieces that were written and directed by underclassmen, and it’s only up this one weekend, so don’t miss out!  Thursday-Saturday at 8pm in Theatre Intime.  It’s also not too late to catch Carousel at the Frist Film and Performance Theatre or Much Ado About Nothing in Whitman; both have been getting great word of mouth, and their casts are incredible.  Both run Thursday-Saturday at 8pm with 2pm matinees on March 5–Carousel’s matinee will feature a post-show talkback with theater professors Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf that’s sure to be a fascinating watch.  Tickets for all three shows are $8; student events eligible.
  • There’s nothing like Harry, Hermione and the rest of the gang to help alleviate midterms stress (even if watching them makes you want to transfer to Oxford): Frist’s showing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at midnight on Saturday in the Film and Performance Theatre, no tickets required.

21 Questions With … Alex Rosen ’11

(source: princeton.edu)

(source: princeton.edu)


(We interviewed Rosen’s co-winner, Religion major Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux ’11, back in 2009 with a slightly different set of questions; to read her answers, click here).

Name: Alex Rosen ’11
Age: 22 
Major: Economics, with certificate in Global Health and Health Policy
Hometown: Allentown, PA
Eating club/residential college/affiliation: Tower and Whitman

What was your initial reaction when you found out you won the Pyne Prize?
My first reaction after hearing the news was total shock, and then once I got over that I couldn’t wait to share the news with my family.

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional?
I would be ungrateful if I didn’t say Moses Taylor Pyne at this point.

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton?
Bar pies at Tower lunch.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day?
I read emails and send emails … all day.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?
Wa meatball subs.

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Weekend Arts Roundup: Intime, Improv, Music and More

184937_10150091845959007_566649006_6197873_3063970_nIt’s a huge week for arts events: with three plays, big choral concerts, great bands at Terrace, and more, there’s something for everyone.  Celebrate the countdown to spring break (only two weeks to go! we’re in the home stretch!) with one of these gems:
  • It’s a banner weekend for student-run theater on campus, with two shows opening tonight: Amy Gobel’s Much Ado About Nothing with the Princeton Shakespeare Company and Francesca Furchgott’s Carousel with the Princeton University Players.  Both play this Thursday-Saturday at 8pm (with a 2pm matinee on Saturday for Much Ado), and both will continue performances next weekend; tickets are $8, student events eligible. Much Ado is in the Whitman Theatre, while Carousel is in Frist (the theater’s up on the third floor). Also up this weekend: Sarah Hedgecock’s Recent Tragic Events has its final four performances in Theatre Intime, tickets $8.
  • Terrace has a really great lineup this weekend, with performances by Shigeto and Junk Culture on Thursday and Javelin, a Pitchfork favorite, on Saturday.  Get in early to snag a good spot! Performances usually start at about midnight.
  • For an awesome, and unusual, vocal event, check out Chapel Choir’s performance with jazz quartet and strings of Ike Sturm’s Jazz Mass this Friday at 8pm in the Chapel. Admission is free.
  • Fuzzy Dice’s annual improv show is an ideal way to blow off steam this Friday after a long week: 11pm in Theatre Intime, tickets at the door.
  • It’s senior recital season over in the Music department, and if you missed Meghan Todt’s excellent violin recital last Saturday of if you just can’t get enough of solo violin pieces), check out Megan McPhee at 8pm in Taplin Auditorium this Saturday. She’ll be performing pieces by Beethoven, Brahms and Sarasate. Free.
  • There’s choral music galore this weekend: if you can’t hit up Chapel Choir on Friday night, definitely try the Glee Club concert at 2pm on Sunday in Richardson Auditorium. They have a really innovative lineup of pieces, all written by Estonian composers (there’s something you don’t see every day, event on Princeton’s campus!).  Student tickets $5.

[Ed. note: An earlier version of this post stated Terrace shows begin around 10PM; since that pretty much almost never happens, it’s been corrected to midnight.]

Weekend Arts Roundup: from Shere Khan to Skriker

180641_1579508178112_1547880166_31418746_5493292_nHalfway through…well, technically only through the first half of the semester, but who’s counting, right?  With only three weeks left til spring break, these events will help you enjoy the unseasonably warm weekend to its fullest:

  • Molly Silberberg’s senior thesis production of Caryl Churchill’s The Skriker, starring Bethy Atkins ’11 and Nushelle De Silva ’11, has gotten great buzz in Town Topics and The Prince this week–try to catch it this weekend before it closes on Saturday night! If you need any more encouragement, its version of the underworld includes Nushelle in a red clown wig that’s actually this big. How are you not out the door already? Thursday-Saturday at 8pm in the Matthews Acting Studio at 185 Nassau Street; students tickets $10, events eligible.
  • Need to get your Anglophilic faux-Brit on?  The Tigerlilies are throwing a free concert with All the King’s Men, an all-male a cappella group from King’s College London, tonight at 9pm in Rocky Common Room. Sexy British guys singing love songs…irresistible, no? Free.

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Weekend Arts Roundup: Dance, Drama, Music, and More!

Check out Starchild and Swift Technique at Terrace tonight! (source: terracefclub.com)

Check out Starchild and Swift Technique at Terrace tonight! (source: terracefclub.com)

Campus is just bursting with arts events this weekend–especially those aimed at the cheapskates among us! Splurge on a box of chocolates and take your Valentine to one of these gems:

  • As we mentioned in last week’s post, Terrace has released its spring 2011 band lineup, which starts tonight with performances from Swift Technique and Mark Nagy 11’s Starchild. Free with PUID.
  • If free (!) theater’s more your scene, start off your evening with an open dress rehearsal of Caryl Churchill’s The Skriker, directed by Molly Silberberg ’11 and featuring NuShelle de Silva ’11 and Bethy Atkins ’11.  The show officially opens on Friday night, but come tonight for a sneak peak! Free Thursday production at 8pm in Matthews Acting Studio at 185 Nassau St; regular performances are Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Student tickets $10, student events eligible.  The show will also run next weekend.
  • Naacho's "Talaash" is an unmissable event this weekend.

    Naacho's "Talaash" is an unmissable event this weekend.

    Looking to drown your romantic sorrows in some killer fondue? Hit up MLIFailedLove at the University Art Museum tonight, from 7-9pm.  It’s a free evening of performances, poetry, and art-browsing with like-minded souls…with cheesecake, tarts, and other goodies to seal the deal (plus it’s just a stone’s throw away from free cookies at Murray Dodge–because who says the Thursday before Valentine’s can’t be an epic dessert crawl?)

  • In between the fondue and Murray Dodge, your best bet is to see Naacho’s winter show Talaash: A Search for Lost Love across the street at Theatre Intime. Be warned, Naacho tickets sell out fast!  Definitely one of the weekend’s most exciting events. Thursday and Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 6pm and 10pm. Student tickets $8; student events eligible.

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Weekend Arts Roundup: Jazz, One-Acts, and Feeling the Love

[caption id="attachment_9017" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Check out the Love Show at Small World this Friday night. (source: smallworld.com)"]Check out the Love Show at Small World this Friday night. (source: smallworld.com)[/caption]

Howdy, folks! With all the requisite insanity of our first week back, it’s easy to overlook the arts — but if you’re looking for a way to kill time before hearing bicker results, an excuse to duck out early from discussions, a means to nurse that killer sign-in pickups hangover, or just a break from all the campus nuttiness, these events are just what the doctor ordered:

  • Theatre Intime’s 11th Annual Freshman One-Act Festival starts tonight, with 4 short plays that were directed, stage-managed, designed, and acted in solely by 2014ers. One weekend only, it’s a great way to scout out who’ll be gracing the Princeton stages for the next 3 years! Thursday-Saturday, 8pm in Intime. Tickets $8, student events eligible.
  • If you’re looking for an excuse to duck out of discussions (or simply some late-night fun on a night when many clubs on the Street will be closed), check out the Jazz Vocal Collective’s final concert in Café Viv at 11pm tonight.  The Collective’s a new group this semester — music major Andrea Grody calls it a “dream come true” — and their performances are sure to be an exciting and mellow way to destress after a long week.  Thursday at 11pm: free in Frist’s Café Viv.
  • This weekend’s free movies at the Garden Theatre range from the mindless (Due Date) to Anglophilic Oscar bait (The King’s Speech), but both are great ways to step off campus for a little bit. Midnight, doors open at 11:45; free popcorn and soft drinks.
  • Looking for another great off-campus expedition? Small World Coffee is hosting its second-annual “Love Show” on Friday night at its Witherspoon location–lots of great music from local artists, great coffee, free desserts, and special poetry readings from the likes of Paul Muldoon. Suggested donation of $20 (all money goes to D&R Greenaway Land Trust), but any donations are welcome…plus you can buy a super-snazzy Love Show t-shirt to out-indie all your friends. Friday, 8-11pm at 14 Witherspoon Street.  From someone who went to last year’s Love Show, it’s a truly awesome opportunity to mingle with Princeton’s artsiest townies.

From Princeton to Paste Magazine: Anthony D’Amato ’10

[caption id="attachment_8886" align="alignright" width="250" caption="D'Amato wrote his latest album, "Down Wires," as a senior in his Princeton dorm room. (image source: myspace.com/anthonydamatomusic)"]anthonydamato1_300x200[/caption]

As finals weekend rears its ugly head, and we all devolve into a steady eat-study-crash schedule with a shower (rarely) thrown in for good measure, it’s hard to imagine doing anything remotely non-academic around here apart from the occasional party.  Like, I dunno, recording a surprise-hit indie album in your dorm room. Just to give a random example.

22-year-old Jersey-native Anthony D’Amato ’10, who wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced ‘Down Wires’ in his dorm room here last winter (in addition to singing lead vocals and playing guitar, bass, keyboards, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and pedal steel) has been getting a some great press attention lately, including a “Writer of the Week” feature with American Songwriter back in November.   The English major was just featured this week in Paste Magazine’s “Getting To Know” column,which highlights “the best of what’s next” from up-and-coming indie artists.  Paste is also offering free downloads of his two-song single, “Songbirds.” Here’s hoping he does another concert over at Terrace before he gets too cool for us!

To read our 21 Qs with D’Amato from 2009, click here.

Weekend Arts Roundup: A Pre-Dean’s Date Deluge of Dance, Music, and Theatre

3000Happy 2011, everyone!  Even though you all probably equate the weekend before the dreaded Day of the Dean with holing up in a library and crying your eyes out in sorrow, there are a slew of interesting arts events to tempt you this weekend. Crawl out of your paper-induced misery and give these a shot!

  • BodyHype’s 20th-Anniversary show is opening tonight at Theatre Intime–they’re pulling out all the stops for this concert, it’s not one to miss.  Thursday-Saturday at Theatre Intime: Thursday at 8pm, Friday at 10pm, Saturday at 7pm & 10pm.  Students $6, student events eligible.
  • The Lewis Center’s Atelier class, taught by a different visiting professor each semester, is presenting a final showcase of their music compositions from the term.  They call it “an evening of hilarious (and hair-raising) new songs and music theater scenes”–and the music I’ve overheard from their rehearsals in 185 has been beautiful.  Thursday and Friday at 7:30pm, Matthews Acting Studio at 185 Nassau Street. Free.

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The Holly At the Ivy: Princeton at Its Most Festive

[caption id="attachment_8385" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Princeton at its most picturesque"]Princeton at its most picturesque[/caption]

Looking for some holiday cheer to wash the bitter taste of end-of-semester craziness out of your mouth?  Without the weight of classes, tests, and papers, the town of Princeton’s a veritable cornucopia of festive cuteness. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  1. Bent Spoon’s Flavors of the Week include Peppermint Stick and Cinnamon Caramel. Need we say more? Nothing says “goodbye, semester!” better than celebratory ice cream.  (Peppermint paired with the dark chocolate gelato is a particularly fantastic combo).
  2. If you’re going for pure gluttony, look no further than the hot chocolate from the Lindt Chocolate Store in Palmer Square.  They melt a Lindt truffle in every cup. Don’t question it, just go. Now.
  3. Check out the insanely adorable Boy Scouts’ Christmas Tree sale over in Palmer Square (their lot is right across from the Hulfish Parking Complex).  Way to look like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, boys. Very impressive.
  4. If you’re still scrambling for gift ideas, pick up some cheap used-book gems for everyone on your list at Glen Echo Books on Nassau, which we featured during last year’s holiday season.  Or check out the table of (relatively) cheap stocking stuffers at Paper Source–because let’s face it, who doesn’t need a set of self-adhesive mustaches or a talking Sarah Palin keychain?
  5. Take a moment (or ten, or twenty) to walk around Palmer Square in the evening before you grab your Dinky out of town. The storefronts are twinkling, the 30-foot tree looks like it’s wearing a giant light-covered tea cozy, there are wreaths on every door and displays in every window…and Princeton just might win the cutest town ever award.  Enjoy your breaks, everybody!

Weekend Arts Roundup: Dance, Drama, and More

photo-1Oh the weather outside is frightful (how much we wish we were joking), but despite the end-of-term push and the craziness of Formals weekend, there’s still a strong lineup of arts events in store for you over the next three nights. Here’s a taste:
  • DiSiac’s fall dance show, Flux, is this weekend’s must-see event–their fall performances almost always sell out, and it’s one weekend only, so get your tickets early at Frist or at McCarter. Thursday and Friday at 7pm and 10pm, the Berlind Theatre at McCarter Theatre Centre.  To watch their trailer, click here.
  • The Princeton University Orchestra’s all-Shostakovich winter concert is featuring piano legend Ignat Solzhenitsyn, who will perform Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 1 with the orchstra and will also conduct Shosty’s 8th Symphony.  If you’re a fan of classical music, all things Russian, or jsut nerdily famous people in general, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.  Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall. Tickets $8, student events eligible.

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21 Questions with…Veronica Shi ’11

Veronica Shi (photo: princeton.edu)

Veronica Shi (photo: princeton.edu)


Name: Veronica Shi (friends call me “Ronnie”)

Age: 20

Major: Classics

Hometown: West Covina, CA

Eating Club/Residential College/Affiliation: Mathey College (but was a proud Butlerite for three years)

What was your initial reaction when you found out about the scholarship? Total astonishment. Three members of the Sachs committee met me in Frist on a Sunday morning – they were late too – and the first thing they said upon running in was, “We’re usually not late to interviews.” So I had every reason to expect a follow-up interview, and they did carry on for a bit like it was one, but eventually they dropped the pretense and told me I’d won it. I was stupefied. I still am a little.

Quick: favorite Greek or Roman myth! Romulus and Remus. Read Ovid’s Fasti and you’ll discover Romulus won the kingship of Rome because he spotted twelve birds flying in formation overhead to Remus’ six. The Romans were impossibly weird.

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Weekend Arts Roundup: Drama, Dance, Music and More

Check out Floyd Collins at 185 Nassau this weekend and next.

Check out Floyd Collins at 185 Nassau this weekend and next.

With two weeks to go, we’re nearing the home stretch, folks! If you’re looking for a way to decompress from JPs or theses, or just want to procrastinate your way through this pre-winter formals weekend, look no further than this week’s killer events:

  • If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the seventh Harry Potter yet (or Part 1, anyway), they’re offering it for free at the Garden Theatre this weekend at 11:30pm this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Yes, for free. Do it, and do it early: the last time they had a free movie (The Social Network) it sold out a good hour before the show started.  You can also pick up free tickets at the Garden beforehand.
  • The creepy true story of a Kentucky miner stuck in a cave back in 1925 meets haunting, modern music in Landau and Guettel’s Floyd Collins, directed by Andy Linz ’11 and featuring Hannah Wilson ’11. Both students are using the play as their senior theses for the Department of Theatre; with its killer set, costumes and cast, it’s not to be missed. Matthews Acting Studio at 185 Nassau: Friday and Saturday at 8pm, with additional shows next weekend. Tickets $10, student events eligible.
  • Up for some good ole-fashioned southern melodrama? Look no further than Tennessee Williams’s Garden District, a set of one-act plays directed by Dan Rattner ’13 and produced by Theatre Intime.  Thursday-Saturday, this weekend and next, at 8pm in Theatre Intime: tickets $8, student events eligible.

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