Press Club members reported from around the country (and the world) this summer.


School might have been out over the summer, but we Press Clubbers didn’t stop writing and reporting.

Our members interned at The Washington PostWLRN-Miami HeraldQuartz, and the Kyiv Post in Ukraine.

Check out some of their work below.

Kyiv Post
As more Ukrainians choose Kyiv Patriarchate, push intensifies for unified national Orthodox church [June 23, 2016]

For pro-democracy Russians, EmigRussia offers a solution: emigration [June 6, 2016]

Gender-segregated social life is hurting today’s college students [September 8, 2016]

Meet the Saudi Arabian women fighting sexism through secret running clubs  [August 15, 2016]

The Washington Post
At WWII Memorial, a complicated question: To wade or not to wade?  [July 2, 2016]

Meet the two-wheeled ambassadors who patrol D.C.’s bike trails  [July 5, 2016]

WLRN-Miami Herald
Rubio’s Miami Beginnings Foreshadowed Ambitious Political Career  [July 25, 2016]

Tracing Marco Rubio’s Miami Roots  [July 25, 2016]