IN PRINT: Eisgruber looks to the future


[caption id="attachment_14838" align="aligncenter" width="515"] President Eisgruber in his book-lined Nassau Hall office.[/caption]

As Christopher Eisgruber finishes up his first academic semester as Princeton’s president, he is still looking to students and alumni to help shape his presidency’s goals. In an hour-long interview with the Press Club, Eisgruber spoke broadly about himself, the university, and the next few years ahead. Some highlights:

  • He wants to hear from you! Eisgruber has proclaimed his first year the year of the “listening tour” as he formulates new goals for the university. He is traveling around campus (and the world) to get advice from alumni, students, and faculty and doesn’t want to commit to any specific goals just yet.
  • Continue experimenting in online education and MOOCs. He believes that there are both advantages and disadvantages to online education and Princeton must be involved in the new technology to make sure it is used properly.
  • Defending the importance of liberal arts education. He believes Princeton must be at the forefront of explaining to the world the importance of a Princeton-like well-rounded education.
  • He’s willing to change his mind. He believes that new information and data is a good reason to re-examine a policy (case in point: grade deflation).
  • Maybe 2,000 students in the Class of 2038? Just kidding. Although he did say that he expects Princeton’s student body to grow at some point in the future.

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