In which ODUS posts a midterms hedgehog cam

Those who have “liked” the ODUS Facebook page–and who are procrastinating writing papers and studying for tests like I am–are probably already aware of this gem that the page just posted. But in case you haven’t seen it, for some reason Princeton University now has an “official hedgehog of midterms,” whatever that means. It’s awake between 12am and 6am…just like us?

If you don’t believe me, check out the hedgehog cam yourself.


[caption id="attachment_14803" align="aligncenter" width="413"] ODUS’s Facebook post announcing the hedgehog cam[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_14804" align="aligncenter" width="543"] Lo and behold, the hedgehog cam is real![/caption]

Pub Night Verbatims

Last evening, the senior class of 2014 had their first “Pub Night,” a recurring social event where the class government rents out the  local Triumph brewery so that of-age seniors can be fed with an endless amount of free beer and bar snacks (of the crostini, steak cube, chips, and mini pizza variety, which to their credit kept rolling out all evening without fail).

Here are the best overheard conversations of the night:

[At the snack/dip table] “This is how meningitis happens.”

Girl 2 [to Guy A]: Hey [A]! Are you going back?
Guy A: ??? … Who are you?
(Peanut Gallery: Missed opportunity. Should have said, “to your place?”)
G.2: We worked at [redacted Financial Institution] together this summer. Are you going back? We saw who got hired and realized we were all close friends… except for you. No one knew who you were.
G.A: That’s how I wanted it.

[On Raks Odalisque] “Belly-dancing is hard. I can sustain a good butt shimmy for like, maybe 30 seconds tops.”

“All the shit is pumpkin flavored now.”

Guy B: What I liked about Preview hosting and prefrosh friends was that it was a short-term thing that was good for what it was supposed to be, and no one expects it to be anything more than that, so it’s totally not awkward if you run into each other again during the school year.
The Author: You just described my ideal hook-up culture.


“The ultimate happiness in life? You mean boobies?”

Bro #1 to group of other bros in line: “I know, like, none of these people.”


Overheard more? Submit yours to pressclb [at] princeton [dot] edu.

Stink bugs are coming!

You may have seen these pesky critters in past years around Forbes/Whitman.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="457"] Kill it with fire![/caption]

According to Princeton Patch, the climate of New Jersey is the ripe for the invasion of the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), a species originally from Asia.  According to a recent report, NJ had “severe agricultural and nuisance problems” due to the stinkbugs.

Between this + cicadas + those weird silverfish + cockroaches in the junior slums, Princeton may just be a hotbed of vermin. (How could we forget the beloved squirrels though?)

Read more about the Great Stink Bug Risk of 2013 here.

@Princeton Tweets

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the many advantages of following your Princeton professors on Twitter (a practice that has previously gained national attention), we at the Ink have decided to round up some gems from a few of the most prolific tweeters on campus, including the University itself.

Like that one time Princeton and Harvard exchanged some official Twitter #nerd shade:

(Context: Princeton was sharing Professor Kintali’s new site True Shelf.)

Harvard’s cheeky response:

Princeton’s #shady retort:

We’re not sure who runs the Official Princeton Twitter (not enough #hashtags to be ODUS) so we’ll just assume it’s Martin Mbugua.

Or that one time prolific writer Joyce Carol Oates (also a Breaking Bad fan) and philosophy prof Gilbert Harman debated whether Neitzsche was in hell.

Or when Jay-Co retweeted Mike Tyson:

While neuroscience professor Sam Wang throws out some innuendo-laden food links on occasion:

The answer is gross.