LIVEBLOG: Dean’s Date, Spring 2013

5:12 PM – PDDL (Post-Dean’s Date Life)

Click here for the timelapse video of the Dean’s Date festivities!

In the meantime, congratulations all for another Dean’s Date survived. While I didn’t manage to get any work done for finals these past 24 hours, I salute those who did.

Oh, and STEM folks/test-takers who have been watching the HUM/paper-writers struggle to meet their deadline? It’s now your turn.


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Spotted: M. Night Shyamalan

Director M. Night Shyamalan of The Sixth Sense fame and The Last Airbender infamy, was on campus today to tour the University with his wife and high-school-aged daughter, who was carrying a packet of applicant information.

Members of Umqombothi, the African a cappella group, invited the family to their upcoming show when they stopped by the group’s booth in Frist. Shyamalan declined, but he chatted with the group for a bit. When Umqombothi members asked him if he directed films, he simply put a finger to his lips and walked away.

Here are some very shady pictures of the director and his family:

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