One Last Look at Old Frick

20 Washington Road

It’s been two years since it was closed, but 20 Washington Road is still littered with remnants of what made it the former Frick Laboratory.

When the Department of Chemistry moved from 20 Washington to the new Frick Lab, the old building was closed. According to the Campus Plan, the University plans to renovate the building to host the Department of Economics and various international offices, but the proposed renovations haven’t been approved by the zoning board yet. At best, 20 Washington Road could reopen in the fall of 2016.

Incomplete chemical equations are still scrawled on chalkboards.Names remain mounted on office doors. An improvised paper sign reads “There is NO COMPUTER CLUSTER HERE,” directing students to the then-new Lewis Library.

In the middle of a changing campus, 20 Washington Road stands still. It’s a huge, historic building, but entire classes of students will never set foot in it. Take a look inside this building in stasis:

For more pictures of ‘Old Frick,’ check out this slideshow of the building during its last days.