Introducing Old Nassau: Bicker Edition

Throwback time! The Ink proudly presents Old Nassau, our weekly walk down the orange-and-black tiled memory lane. We get it already. Princeton’s old. We love to flaunt our legends, lore, and ridiculous traditions like cane spree, our school song, and the more-than-slightly uncomfortable hand motions that accompany it. But who doesn’t love looking at baby pictures?

Each week, we’ll be showcasing some of Princeton’s baby photos with the help of the photo archive at Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, so you can laugh at how different (or eerily similar) Princeton was back in the day.


bicker (v): To prostrate oneself before the members of one of Princeton’s selective Eating Clubs, for the purpose of gaining admission.  To do so, the goal of moving up the social hierarchy must be held as a higher priority than dignity. 

1954, unidentified club: Bickerin’ in style.  Trenchcoats (note the popped collar) are a bicker must.

Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archive

1888, Cannon Club: Nice hats, guys!

Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archive


Date unknown, Colonial: Unclear what is going on here.

Photo Courtesy of Princeton University Archives


1995, Terrace: Yes, this seems right.

Photo Courtesy of Princeton University Archives


1897, unidentified club: 116 years later, some things never change.

Courtesy of Princeton University Archive

Citation: Bicker; undated; Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series, Box SP13, Box MP151; Princeton University Archives, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.