Welcome to Princeton, Baby Tigers

The results are in. The Princeton admission office made 697 students (plus their parents) very happy today. Of the 3,810 students who applied to Princeton for the single-choice early action (SCEA) deadline, 18.3% were accepted–slightly more selective than last year’s 21.1%. You can read more statistics on the Princeton website, but The Ink is here to give you a more personal introduction to who will–and won’t–be making up the Great Class of 2017 (woah, you kids are young!).

We take you now on a tour of some of the highlights of applicants’ reactions, as posted in the College Confidential “Official Princeton University 2017 SCEA Results” forum. Yes, that’s a real page.

Why was this kid rejected? Because, in his words,

I’m surprised this one didn’t get in. Maybe in regular decision: 

This kid applied SEAC, got in, and is still hoping for an HYP three-peat. Doesn’t SCEA mean you really want to go to the place?

Pretty sure these guys have more impressive resumes than I do. (Seriously. Independent work? Getting a head start on your thesis?) Example #1:

Example #2:

Classic I’m So Awesome They Couldn’t Not Take Me post. (They took him. He’s from Alaska. Also, he has no weaknesses.):

And finally, in true orange-and-black style, some alcohol-induced happiness:

Princeton’s Creative Writing Really Enjoys Making Students Stand in Line

Recently, you may have seen this video of Princeton students waiting in a long line at New South to sign up for Creative Writing sections:

According to the official Princeton Facebook PR, this is just another awesome example of how amazingly popular these classes/professors are, and how enthusiastic students at Princeton are!

"Popular" in the way breadlines during the Great Depression were popular.

Am I the only one who finds this a little…



Luckily, this video was shot during a signup session where students were allowed inside the building. In the past, they’ve kept us queued outside in the freezing NJ cold for several hours. I once arrived at 6:30am…and I wasn’t even the first in line. (Note: many of these students aren’t waiting in line to get into a course– they’ve already gotten in.)

While I understand Creative Writing’s desire to honor a first-come-first-serve system for signing up for the in-demand professor you want, there is something else–something better– we could do. I’m told it’s called “the Internet.” 

[caption id="attachment_13613" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Button-mashing may be arbitrary, but it beats breadlines.[/caption]

But it seems, in true writerly form, Princeton’s CWR department is determined to do it the old-fashioned way.

Circa 1930s, to be exact.