Desperate Times

It pains me to say this, but the Wa has just closed.

And so, it’s come down to this:

Yes, that is the Forbes Private Dining Room, and yes, we will probably be eating a diet of instant noodles for the next 48 hours… or at least until we can get a Wa Hoagie tomorrow.


Let us know your Sandy survival tips in the comments or this writer really will be a starving journalist.

Still waiting on Sandy…

For those of you who missed the email, and the text, and the automated phone message, and every weather report for the last week (basically, anyone who has been under a rock for the past week): yes, Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to hit Princeton pretty soon (updates on the Princeton homepage).

Pretty good timing, Princeton.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll run into if you try to do some hurricane stock-up at the U-Store. The bread is out, the peanut butter supply is low, and some kid walked out with cases and cases of bottled water. At 3:30, there were 25+ people in line. Among the things people were buying: cereal, water, pasta, water, salad, water, plastic utensils, water, sandwiches, water, applesauce, water, chips, water, crackers. Don’t worry, Princeton has generators. And a call to Public Safety clarified that the dining hall (Rocky-Mathey) is considered “critical and essential staff,” and will be opened.

[caption id="attachment_13499" align="aligncenter" width="515"] Rolling 25 deep[/caption]

But as of this posting, not a drop of rain had fallen. Come on, Sandy, we’re ready for you!


Heyy Princeton!  As we all descend into midterm mania, here are a few more snippets and sightings to remind you that you’re not alone.

2nd Floor Frist:

Wow, getting sassy.  We don’t blame you, whoever used the kleenex sticker to tape this up.  Being sick and slammed with work is a rough combination.  To those of you still looking for study rooms, good luck.  Even the East Asian Library was full this evening, but there’s probably room for you in a hallway or stairwell!


Downstairs, a quick conversation with the late night Frist employees showed that they were coming to their own conclusions about our mental state…

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IN PRINT: Reactions to Tilghman’s Retirement from Inside the Orange Bubble

[caption id="attachment_13466" align="alignleft" width="250"] Tilghman bestows the Golden Broomstick to current seniors in days of yore. Ah, to be a freshman again! (Photo credit: Taylor Mallory, 2009).[/caption]

Minutes after receiving President Tilghman’s email announcing her plans to retire as president, students took to Facebook and Twitter: “Say it ain’t so, Shirls!” wrote one. “But Shirley … NO!” And a contrary view: “This will be known in our history as the end of the Dark Ages, the conclusion of the War on Fun, and the beginning of the Frataissance.”

With her administration’s hard line on grade deflation, the freshman ban on rushing Greek organizations, and policies affecting the eating clubs, Tilghman made her share of controversial decisions. Through it all, her dedication to students, along with a college-friendly sense of humor — will anyone forget how she one-upped Steve Carell during Class Day in June with a “that’s what she said” joke? — have made her an indelible part of the Princeton experience.

Click here to read the full Press Club article about student responses to President Tilghman’s retirement in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.


To relieve you from (remind you of?) the misery/frenzied panic/chill times (you know who you are…) that is midterms week, we at the UPC have decided to do a daily round-up of midterms-themed sightings around campus. Consider this a friendly warning: don’t sleep in public places for the next few days.

On PrincetonFML:

Come on, mods…

On #whatshouldwecallprinceton

When I Thought I Studied Enough For My Midterm

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21 Questions with…Dimitris Papaconstantinou ’13

Over the next few weeks, and in no particular order, The Ink will be taking you on a journey down Prospect Ave., colloquially known as The Street . Check back for 21Qs with all eleven eating club presidents.


Name: Dimitris Papaconstantinou
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Major: Philosophy
Club and Residential College Affiliation:  Terrace F. Club; Rockefeller

What did you do this past summer? Worked at a law-firm in Singapore, visited Greece and helped renovate TFC.

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional? At tie between Jeff Nunokawa and Kwame Appiah (and Stanley Jordan).

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton? Every meal at Terrace is like a blissful melody to my stomach. (Thanks Olin. Thanks Ben. Thanks 4th Course)

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day? Everything every other college student does, always grateful for the amazing people I get to interact with, sharing in Food and Love and appreciation for our shared mother.

Favorite spot in Terrace. The newly remade pool-room (also known as the Willard Room).

What club did you think you’d be in as a freshman and why? Terrace, because it was the only place on campus that felt like home.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure? P. Adams Sitney.

If you could change one thing about Princeton, what would it be? More people with green, pink, blue and orange hair. (Yes, I just read Joshua Katz’s article and I love it).

What’s hanging above your desk and/or bed? Curtains.

What is your biggest fear? Any and all fundamentalists.

Favorite class you’ve taken? I’d have to say my junior seminar on Freedom and Responsibility.

What’s your drink? Masticha. Good Greek drink.

What’s your personal anthem? Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi. Quality stuff right there.

Who is your mortal enemy? Showers.

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Princeton’s huge win over Harvard ignites hopes for a bonfire

For anyone who has somehow managed to avoid the news, Princeton football scored 28 points in the fourth quarter to come from behind and beat Harvard yesterday at a final score of 39-34, leaving open the chance for a bonfire at Canon Green (pending a victory over Yale). Better yet, they did it in front of the masses of alumni who had come down for Homecoming.

At halftime, the Tigers trailed by 20 and were yet to score; at it’s highest, the team faced a 24-point deficit, making their win all the more dramatic.

Following the victory—which was sealed with a late 39-yard touchdown pass—Princetonians of all ages stormed the field, celebrating the Tigers’ undefeated record in the Ivy League.

The Tigers are scheduled to face Yale on November 10. A Princeton victory would complete the sweep necessary for our first bonfire (in honor of the two victories) since 2006!

Princeton University: Where Every Building Has The Same Name

Some sadistic bastard, that’s who.

Princeton’s known for being a bit confusing for a freshman or any first-time visitor. When you’re at orientation, no one bothers to tell you “Richardson Auditorium” is labeled on a map as “Alexander Hall.”* Can you blame me for also mixing up “Pyne” and “East Pyne”? And who decided it was a good idea to put “1967 Hall” right next to “1976 Hall”?!

But now with the advent of two separate gargantuan donations, Princeton’s going to be christening some new buildings– a dance studio and theatre named after the Wallace brothers‘ $15 million donation, and the new psychology building designated for Peretsman and Scully‘s $20 million contribution.

Which means folks, Princeton is now going to have TWO WALLACES and TWO SCULLYS.

So to help the future freshman and any lost visitor at Princeton cope with the fact that our entire university is funded by like, ten dudes, here is a little cheat sheet.


One is:
The Health Center near Frist
The other is: The halls where the English, American studies department can be found
Hint: If it’s being used as a verb (aka “McCosh’d”) it’s the health center. If it’s a giant lecture hall, it’s McCosh 50. If it’s a giant lecture hall with comfy seats, it’s McCosh 10.

One is: A hall in Whitman College
The other is: Behind Woody Woo, Home of the Econ Department

One is: A yellow house
The other is: A junior slum hall
Hint: if John McPhee is there, it’s not the junior slums.

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IN PRINT: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Discusses Cleopatra

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stacy Schiff spoke about her most recent book, Cleopatra: A Life, last Wednesday. The biography was a New York Times Book Review’s “Top 10 Books of the Year,” one of Time Magazine’s “Top Nonfiction Books” and one of The New Yorker’s “2010 Favorites.”

“As subjects go, they really don’t get much bigger than Cleopatra. She’s part of that exclusive club of historical figures whose names we all recognize but about whom we know virtually nothing,” Schiff explained. “What we do know about her is twisted beyond all recognition.”

Read more at The Princeton Packet.

LIVEBLOG: American Presidential Debate

“Presidential Bicker” 2012

Hey politicos, excited for tonight’s presidential debate? Concerned about the future of America? Aware of the huge debate viewing party taking place in Richardson Auditorium with commentary from Anne-Marie Slaughter?

Too swamped with problem sets and midterms to attend?

We at UPC have got your back – tonight we’ve embedded ourselves on both red and blue sides of Richardson Auditorium, and we’ll be liveblogging not just the presidential debate, but Princeton’s live reactions too. We’re on standby for campus verbatim too, so if you’ve got any witty jokes, fact-checking action, overheard commentary or Big Bird jokes, send them our way! Email, tweet @UnivPressClub, or post ’em in the comments. Show us what you’ve got, Princeton.

8:29 PM

Zach Beecher ’13 introduces campus fave Anne-Marie Slaughter. She’s sitting on the Democrats’ side of the auditorium, but chose to dress in classy neutral (black) instead of red or blue tonight. Cheers for her from both sides.


8:33 PM

AMS says we’re likely to hear questions pointed at specific foreign policy issues tonight – when are we getting out of Afghanistan? How much support will we show for Israel? What about Iran? Romney and Obama actually don’t disagree dramatically on these questions, Slaughter says. “On the specifics, you’re not likely to hear a big difference.”

8:39 PM

AMS gives bipartisan credit for effective anti-terrorism policy. “I think we can ask Americans on this, ‘How do you feel? Do you feel safer 4 years ago than 10 years ago? I think the answer’s going to be yes.”

8:41 PM 

AMS on Clinton’s apology: “She was right to say that and frankly that’s the woman I work for. She had to step up and own it…but president can’t hide behind secretary of state. It would surprise me and be a bad political move to say, ‘Oh yeah, that was Hillary’s fault.'”

– LZ

8:42 PM

Second speaker! AMS wraps up with a shout-out to Hillary Clinton (“She’ll step up and own it”) and final point that there won’t be a huge axis of difference between Obama and Romney, but that Barack will offer a solid debate. Now we’ve got politics and international affairs professor John Londregan on stage. He wasn’t too fond of Romney’s 47% comments or of the left’s depiction of Republicans as “clinging to their guns,” he says. What solution does he offer for those who aren’t huge fans of either candidate this year?

“I am hopeful that in 2024 or 30, in some years, two of you will be competing candidates!” High hopes…


8:56 pm

Oh, some commentary on the actual scene here: full house! American flags hanging from the balcony, red and blue balloon arches at the from doors of Richardson, CARDBOARD CUTOUTS of Michelle and Barack for photo ops (was there a Romney one on the other side? I didn’t see) and free foam fingers! There’s a pretty visible chunk of kids wearing red or blue in the front rows, but everyone else behind looks more neutral. In terms of dress, at least. We’ll see how the audience vibe goes when the actual debate starts.


8:58 pm

The second speaker is talking for a long time. People are getting antsy… overheard from the Democrat side:
“They should have food for us.”

Also, from the blue crowd as he leaves the stage: “Time to watch Obama whup some ass.”

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Jam Session in Woody Woo Fountain

Apparently, today was a good day for Princeton’s football team. The team, which shut out Brown 19-0 today, “Remains Perfect in Ivies.”

Despite the rivalry between the teams, however, our bands are pretty good friends. It’s become tradition that following the Princeton-Brown game each year, the two bands join together for a jam session in the Woody Woo Fountain, Speedos and tubas and all. In case you missed it (and in case you missed either of the bands parading through campus at ungodly hours this morning) here’s a clip:

Princeton Engineering Ranks Second

Hey Princeton engineers! This one’s for you (for real)! The Times Higher Education has just released its list of the top 50 engineering schools, and guess what? Princeton ranked second – that is, second in the world – after the California Institute of Technology and ahead of MIT. #EQuadftw.

The rankings were based on “teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.” So I guess having a dining hall on the premises wasn’t a prerequisite. #Princetonengineeringstudentsproblems.