Week In Review: GRΣΣK Σdition (July 23 – July 29)

Sorry ’16ers, as much as we tried (and boy did we try: liveblog transcript of evidence here), none of you will be able to join a sorority or fraternity this year. As I have no doubt the administration has already alerted you, a full-fledged freshman Greek ban was instated this spring, prohibiting the rush of, and enrollment in Greek organizations during a student’s first year on campus.

But considering this year’s 66.7% overall yield, and 89-student increase over the University’s enrollment target (don’t worry; we are “confident that we will be able to accommodate the incoming class comfortably”), this development doesn’t seem to faze you.

Rather, this post is concerned with a considerably more ancient Greek tradition: the quadrennial summer Olympic Games, in which the representation of this notable collegiate institution has not let you down.


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Week in Review: Ai Weiwei makes his mark (July 16 – 22)

"草泥马挡中央": Ai Weiwei's self-portrait holding the stuffed animal to cover his crotch is one in a series of photographs that has brought allegations of "distributing pornography" on to the artist by the Chinese government.

"草泥马挡中央": Ai Weiwei's self-portrait holding the stuffed animal to cover his crotch is one in a series of photographs that has brought allegations of "distributing pornography" on to the artist by the Chinese government.

It seems that they Woody Woo building itself won’t be the only marvel in the area this fall, as the university has announced that Scudder Plaza (just in-front of Woody Woo—had anyone heard this name before?) will play host to an installation from the acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads” consists of 12 “monumental sculptures” (approx. 10 feet high) which have toured the world; now, they’ll remain by Woody Woo for a calendar year (beginning August 1, 2012). The location is fitting: Weiwei is well known for his role as a social activist and his commitment to free speech.

Switching gears to athletics: our Princetonian-Olympian superhumans keep popping up in these WiRs, and rightfully so. To give you a quick update on Donn Cabral ’12, the London-bound steeplechase star has been setting personal bests heading into his stay at the USA training camp, shaving over 5 seconds off his 3k and over 3 seconds off his 1.5k. Make sure you stay updated through his fan page!

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Week in Review: Bad A$$ Edition (July 9 – 15)

[caption id="attachment_13139" align="alignright" width="250" caption="The reason we are using this potentially controversial meme is to pique your interest in an upcoming post by VC '14, re: yellow fever, Asians, etc. Yeah, STAY TUNED! Also, browsing the Princeton memes site actually makes us really homesick for campus. Aww. Also this comment is fiendishly long. I apologize."]The reason we are using this potentially controversial meme is to pique your interest in an upcoming post by VC '14, re: yellow fever, Asians, etc. Yeah, STAY TUNED! Also, browsing the Princeton memes site makes me homesick for campus. Also this comment is fiendishly long. I apologize.[/caption]

First up, shout out to our incoming freshmen! Princeton 2016 is getting all worked up this week – with good reason, since they’ve received both their res college assignments and chance to flip through the fall frosh seminars catalogue.  It includes the classic free trip (!) seminars with promises of fall breaks in Costa Rica or Cyprus – but also a range of gems like “Bad A$$ Asians” (the namesake of this Ink post), a Joyce Carol Oates fanfest, and the chance to literally spend $50,000, as long as it’s philanthropic and approved by Stan Katz. Protip: pay attention to the prof teaching your seminar, not just to the topic. Like, Nancy Malkiel’s “Coeducation” course sounds great, but incoming GPA-sensitive, grade-deflation-fearing premeds might want to do a little background check first…

In any case, we remember those overexcited, over-sharing-on-Facebook days. (Upperclassmen, bored at your internships? Go back and look at the posts your friends made in your class FB groups when you were prefrosh. GUARANTEED LAUGHS.) We think it’s cute! And we welcome you in all your enthusiastic, over-enrolled glory! Case in point, see The Princeton Tiger’s thoughtful suggestions for where to put all the extra frosh:

10. Re-purpose unused Firestone carrels
9. Quad
8. Build a Forbes Annex Annex
7. During Frosh Week, erect large fences around Cloister’s backyard
6. Charter boat, discover new continent
5. All CA groups now focused on building housing for themselves
4. Make OA year-round, Princeton-based
3. Lift the ban on the steam tunnels
2. Rutgers
1. University of Princeton® online

No really though, UPC loves frosh and wants you all to apply for journalistic futures with us. Check out our res college reviews, written last year but very much valid for your incoming lives. Of course you may be placed into what we used to know as Wilcox’s yoga studio and art room, or a Whitman study room, but whatever. Princeton is Princeton and you’ll love it.

[caption id="attachment_13138" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Teaser! Click through for the full comic."]Teaser! Click through for the full comic.[/caption]

Jumping straight from pre- to post-Princeton, our endowment also made headlines this week with the announcement that Aspire, STilghz’ 5-year fundraising campaign, exceeded its $1.75 billion goal by raising $1.88 billion, the highest in Princeton history. Meanwhile, our 2011-12 Annual Giving campaign also broke Ol’ Nassau records by raising $57.2 million. Bad A$$ (more like, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$) indeed.

We leave you with two pieces of Princeton Internet Gold. From a still-undergraduate perspective, we love and identify with this comic from Willa Chen ’13. It was crafted in response to this much-forwarded article on elite education by William Deresiewicz. Agree? Disagree? Comment! Go!

And last, it’s good to see that our former USG president CDY and his Nassoon/Amazing Race BFF Jonathan Schwartz, both favorites of UPC coverage, are still alive and well and contributing great things to society:

Bad A$$. We rest our case.

Week in Review: Rockets’ Red Glare Edition (July 2- 8)

This week: the birth of our nation and the validation of our physics. And a couple things of lesser gravity, too, like this picture of John Nash and Tina Fey chatting on Cannon Green.

Still unclear as to why Nash is on the set -- could be a cool cameo, maybe.

Still unclear as to why our favorite game theorist is on the set -- could be a nice cameo, though. (image courtesy of the University's Facebook account)

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Week in Review: Onto the Olympics! (June 24- July 2)

On Sunday, Spain made soccer history by winning the Euro Cup and its third straight international title. But since no Princetonian (with the exception of Fernando Torres fan-boy Jeff Nunokawa and this lone Press Clubber) gives a damn about soccer, let’s talk Olympics.

Donn Cabral ’12 earned a spot at the Olympics when he took second at the men’s steeplechase finals in Oregon on Thursday. 2016 Olympics hopefuls take note: the key to training is to squeeze a high-altitude tent into your dorm so you can deprive yourself of oxygen. (Apparently, Fire Safety thinks posters on your door are more hazardous than tents.)

Check out this video of Cabral training at Princeton (filmed by James Cole ’12):

Back at Princeton, five alumni rowers—including Caroline Lind ’06, Gevvie Stone ’07, Sara Hendershot ’10, Robin Prendes ’11, and Glenn Ochal ’08—are currently training for the Olympics. Though they’ve graduated, their finances don’t seem that different from that of Princetonians doing summer research or internships. According to USRowing CEO Glen Merry, the athletes earn a stipend of only $800-$1000 a month. Fortunately, due to intense fundraising last week, the team raised more than $7,500.

But it’s not only recent graduates or alumni who possess athletic prowess. Incoming freshman Ashleigh Johnson turned down an almost guaranteed spot on the 2016 Olympic water polo team to pursue her studies. Being an Olympic-bound athlete and a pre-med will be by no means an easy feat, but all the power to her. Plus, she’ll have an epic response to that pretentious kid who casually mentions that he turned down Harvard for Princeton.

Did we miss any Olympic highlights? Tell us in the comments below.