Goodbye Prefrosh, Hello Reunions

The University hardly waited for the prefrosh to leave before they began setting up for Reunions, plural, with a capital R. Expect to start seeing full fences go up soon, making it impossible to take shortcuts (unless you’re particularly good at hopping the ten-foot-tall wooden blockades meant to keep strangers out and beer-wielding alum in).

[caption id="attachment_12676" align="aligncenter" width="515" caption="Taking down the Prefrosh Tent even as the electricity posts for Reunions fences go up"]Taking down the Prefrosh Tent even the electricity posts for Reunions fences go up[/caption]

IN PRINT: ‘Student Colony’ a Classroom Experiment in Living

10821832-standardThe orange and blue tent itself is not that unusual. Made of all-weather canvas and measuring 20 feet in diameter, its geodesic design makes it one of the strongest tents on the market. Scattered around the door flap are sandals and sneakers, assorted metal cooking utensils, tree branches and flannel shirts.

The setup wouldn’t be out of place at a campground or an outdoor music festival. But on the Princeton University campus?

Take a closer look.

Nine undergraduate students, led by guest artist Fritz Haeg and Princeton professor Dan Wood, have temporarily colonized and domesticated a part of the New South Lawn on campus. Calling themselves the “Student Colony,” the group is conducting an outdoor class that is equal parts art, architecture and ecological studies.

Read more at The Trenton Times.

Preview Weekend Round 2

Preview weekend round 2 has now come and gone. Already forgotten how awesome it was? Here’s a video of the prefrosh exiting Richardson Auditorium at Alexander Beach (lesson number one, prefrosh: Alexander Beach is not an actual beach) Thursday afternoon. If you watch long enough, you can hear them blasting “Call Me Maybe” on the loudspeakers—nothing like a little Carly Rae Jepsen to welcome you to Princeton.

Princeton Student is Israel’s Sassy Gay Friend

In light of the recent tensions between Israel and Iran, some Princeton students have decided that the best thing for Israel isn’t another negotiation or summit, but a sassy gay best friend (girl, please).

Whatever your politics may be on the Israel-Palestine / Middle East conflict, you can at least appreciate the exuberant incorporation of hummus and Brandon Davis ’13 ‘s delightful neck scarf. (Perhaps the best line in this entire hilarious script: “Yeah, and I’m 6’4 on my Grindr account.”)

Interestingly enough, in the process of searching for Sassy Gay Friend derivatives, I found an old Body Hype video of Sassy Gay Friend: Titanic version that has gotten a considerable view count. Princeton kids. What. what. what are you doing.

Prefrosh Get A True Taste of Life at Princeton: Firestone

Wait, are prefrosh starting to realize that every weekend at Princeton isn’t like Preview? That probably explains why a bunch of them streamed into Firestone Library this afternoon, hoping to get a taste of real Princeton life–living in the library.

Haven't seen Firestone this festive since Dean's Date

But apparently, the librarians at Firestone were way ahead of them. They decorated the library with balloons and gave away free candy, doughnuts, and tours. (No advice on how to avoid asbestos or outlines of escape routes from the C-floor were offered, however.)

One prefrosh was overheard saying, “I have a thing for libraries.” Let’s just hope he’s got a thing for carrels too.

Leopard Print Curlers: for the Love of the Show

Seen this girl walking around campus today and wondered what bet she lost?

[caption id="attachment_12578" align="aligncenter" width="515" caption="If you missed it, don't worry. Her hair will be like this tomorrow and Saturday, and then again next week on show days!"]If you missed it, don't worry. Her hair will be like this tomorrow and Saturday, and then again next week on show days![/caption]

The answer to your query is “none”. Maeve Brady ’15 is doing the only thing she knows how to “make my hair stay curly for more than 45 minutes”. And why does she need curly hair? She’s in the Princeton Shakespeare Company‘s production of Titus Andronicus,which opens at 7 tomorrow at the Class of 1970 Theater at Whitman College.

Out and About: the Prefrosh Activities Fair

Hey Princeton! The prefrosh activities fair was hoppin’ on Friday afternoon. It was a sea of orange lanyards, Princeton drawstring backpacks (why didn’t we get those last year??), and, of course, the overwhelmed prefrosh. Oh, and a bunch of crazy people yelling at the prefrosh to join their club/activity/sports team/[insert group here].

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts, for both prefrosh from this past Preview weekend and those coming next weekend:

DO: Sign up for a lot of clubs you’re interested in.

DON’T: Sign up for every single club because you’ll regret the 5,000 emails later on (although you can always unsubscribe).

DO: Ask club members questions to find out more information about the club.

DON’T: Be overwhelmed when all the older students attack you so that you join their club. It’s Tiger love.

Activities Fair

DO: Keep an open mind. Always wanted to learn about hypnosis? Sign up for the Princeton Hypnosis Club (yes, this club really does exist).

DON’T: Belittle your abilities. If you like to sing but only your shower head recognizes your talent, please don’t be afraid to try out for an a cappella groups anyways.

DO: Stay on a club’s email listserv for a bit, even if you decide not to join that club. It’s always interesting to know what other clubs are up to, and you may change your mind about not joining.

DON’T: Be that kid who hits “Reply-All” saying, “Please remove me from the list.” Don’t do it.

DO: Sign up for the University Press Club.

DON’T: Not sign up for the University Press Club.

FuLu Your Frenemies!

Add to the list of Princeton undergraduate start-ups:, an anonymous email server launched this year by sophomores Ash Egan and Jason Adleberg and junior Bobby Grogan.

After a brief hiatus during which the site was closed for reconstruction, FuLumail is once again up and running, allowing users to continue their slew of anonymous communication in the form of brief textual messages, now with the feature of adding photos and videos.

“What we envision … is a sort of news feed/message board where people can post whatever they’d like about whom or whatever they’d like, with a ratings system and a flagging system in place to moderate content,” said FuLu creator Ash Egan.

These young entrepreneurs have harnessed the whirlwind of emotions that thrives on a college campus and created a catalyst through which we can finally confess our most secret sentiments without fear of revelation.


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HEY PRINCETON! Prefrosh Edition

Prefrosh are almost as cute as baby giraffes

Prefrosh are almost as cute as baby giraffes

Oh, Prefrosh.  We watch them stumble around campus clad in orange lanyards and various articles of freshly bought Princeton gear, earnestly proclaiming that they “love Princeton already” and that “the architecture is to my liking.”  But, what’s really going on behind those confused faces, those adorable mouths filled with braces?  The UPC roved around last night to talk to some members of the Class of 2016–let’s see what they have to say.


So, I’m writing a blog post about prefrosh. Any idea where the prefrosh nucleus is located tonight?

Right here! We can pretend to be prefrosh

Okay! So, pretend prefrosh, what’s going on?

Everything is fine. I can just see myself happy here for the next four years. You know when your high school guidance counselor tells you “when you know, you’ll know”? I know!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on campus today?

I saw some other prefrosh all prepped out with croquets mallets and douche sunglasses–they’re ready for Lawnparties, but I’m kind of questioning their clothing choices for today. Croquet mallets are really impractical.



Which schools are you deciding between?

Here and Stanford. It depends on how I feel in the different environments. I have to feel comfortable and I have to see myself there. I’m pretty comfortable here.

You’ll soon learn that it’s super awkward to tell people that you go to Princeton. The guy at the grocery store will say: Hey, lemons are half off today. Where do you go to school? And you’ll say: Princeton! And he’ll respond: Oh, that school isn’t as good as Harvard, right? [true story]. So, let’s practice. I’ll be the grocery store guy. Nice lemons. Where do you go to school?

Uhh, wait. Do I say I go to Princeton?


Oh. I go to Princeton.

Whoops. Guess that really wasn’t awkward.


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