LIVEBLOG: Dean’s Date, Fall 2011 PART 2

9:18 AM – The Aftermath

Like you, we were so caught up in the post-Dean’s Date rush we forgot to actually finish the blog. We sincerely hope you had better things to do last night than ponder our disappearance.

At this point, there’s not much left to say except congrats: you’ve conquered the monster once again. In celebration, a look back, courtesy of some Dean’s Date all-stars last spring.

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 9.18.32


4:00PM- Heading over the McCosh courtyard

Free giveaways (yeah right, I’ve never gotten one). Food. Fun. Jeff Nunokawa. Be there. Ciao.


3:20 – Classroom in Lewis (yup, snagged it)

In the spirit of the two most motivational things on the planet (cute animals and the promise of sleep, obviously), I bring you a message from Shironeko, the world’s most relaxed cat:


YOU CAN DO IT! And in less than two hours, you too can pass out amongst more alert friends.


2:41 PM- The Wa

We Princetonians often have terrible eating habits—no real surprise there. I just chatted with Lominy who worked at The Wa from 1-9:30 p.m. yesterday. Check out what he had to say:

Did you notice Princeton students buying a lot of food last night?

They buy a lot of stuff. They eat a lot, too. With the sandwiches, they put a lot of ingredients on…. They ask for like all kinds of peppers or all kinds of condiments. It makes our job harder because everything just falls apart.

Did you get grossed out?

Yes, yes.

Was this just last night?

No, almost every day.


You are what you eat?


2:37PM-My room

My roommate’s stack of books, piled precariously high on top of our mini-fridge for the past week, has still not fallen.


Titles of note: “Hamas and Suicide Terrorism”

“The New Oxford Annotated Bible”

“Inside Al-Qaida and the Taliban”

“The Historical Figure of Jesus”

“Allah, Liberty, and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom”


1:25PM – bed

Baby animals, meet Bent Objects.

Warning: more violence and innuendo than you’d expect from inanimate household products.


1:06 PM – Somewhere in the depths of Firestone

“Having caffeine in you is like being drunk but also smart. Drunk-smart. You know what I mean? It’s like being drunk off your own intelligence.”

Optimism or insanity?

Speaking of which, it is likely that somewhere in the last 24 hours your computer screens have started to look a little less like that Word doc, and a little more like this.

T minus 4 hours !!


12:52 p.m.-Forbes Library

Just woke up from a glorious 2 hour nap after sending in my paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all of you still typing away, here’s a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood blogger. DON’T DO THIS:

dean's date


12:37 pm — Chancellor Green

There’s no shame in procrastination, unless of course your Dean’s Date paper actually is going to save us all from the apocalypse or cure cancer.

But for the rest of you, if judgmental glances from the guy sitting next to you are keeping you from enjoying lemon baby, sleeping kittens & the like, try stealth procrastinating with Vanishd, which lets you browse behind a Word document, PowerPoint, or other innocent cover. Note: try not to laugh out loud at what appears to be a blank Excel spreadsheet, then we’ll just think you’re crazy.


12:04 pm — Wallace Library

The key to the last 5 hours of Dean’s Date is tricking yourself into thinking that what you’re doing actually matters. That you’re on a really important mission. A mission far more important than getting a passing grade (or, let’s be real, turning in the paper.)

So go ahead and pretend that your lab report is about the next apocalyptic strain of influenza. Have you just spent the last thirty hours coding? You’re saving the world from Skynet, even if no one knows it yet. If you don’t finish that Gender Studies paper, a sloth somewhere dies. Raise the stakes!

To that end, some epic songs to get you going.


12:00 PM- Still…floor.

I love sloths.


11:50 AM – Whitman Library

At this point, everyone on campus looks like they’re about right here (ripped from a real essay):


While I’m posting, I may as well give the U-Store some love for the delicious iced tea and high-strength cough syrup they sold me last night. A plug for the store that serves all purposes, straight from their post in the aforementioned Prince article’s comments section (i.e. the early action piece). Caption credit goes to Nick Martin: “amidst a sea of diatribes against low admissions rates and reverse racism, the u-store gets in some quality ad time.”

U-Store comment


11:34AM-My floor

Who needs caffeine when you can have an endless supply of encouraging compliments?

fav: They should name an ice cream flavor after you


10:58 AM – My bed…sort of

On the topic of babies (is it bad that lemon baby feels like it just happened?), don’t you wish you could hold up under pressure as well as this one?



Andrew Bird is the best soundtrack. He’s a sort of funky-indie instrumentalist with some vocals, a little blue-grassy, and most of all, chill
Andrew Bird channel



STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Watch this. I kid you not, it’s the best 2 minutes you’ll ever waste:

For anyone trying to read a textbook at breakfast and eat at the same time, this is ABSOLUTELY necessary, unless you need to turn more than one page. (Just get me a hamster, don’t ask questions.)


10:27 a.m. – OIT

Last night’s slushy downpour seemed a depressingly appropriate soundtrack for our collective mindset. And though the forecast today is still looking pretty bleak (literally, below, and figuratively), all our favorite caffeine refueling stations are open and there are still six and a half hours to hit those page limits. We just might pull this  off.

Unless, of course, you’re one of the three people who came into the tech clinic with computers that won’t even turn on.

See? It could be much, much worse.


10:18 a.m. – edge of delirium

Good morning!  (although I’m guessing it’s not)  Oh what a lovely day for… finishing your papers in a dark cave.


9:53 AM – still stuck between Adrienne Rich and Gayle Rubin

Like the seventh Harry Potter movie, we’ve decided this blog is so massive that it requires a second installment. AND NOW FOR THE THRILLING CONCLUSION.

Is it just me, or is every conversation I have from now until Intersession some version of this?


LIVEBLOG: Dean’s Date, Fall 2011

7:25AM – my room, in the dark

It has come to my attention that it has been 14 hours and this has not occured.

Wrongs have been rectified. Also, Owls are the new cats of the internet.


5:57 am — 2D Kitchen

First things first, Justin Bieber is now a brunette, guys.

Also, the sun is coming up at 7:19 am, which is about an hour and 20 minutes away. So those are two things you should be keeping in mind at this hour.


5:36 AM: In room… so… close… to… bed…

It’s the worst of times that brings people together. (Ignore the cheesiness of that line, it’s late… I mean, early?)

The point is, I let a girl at the Writing Center have some of the food my friend had brought down from the Whitman breakfast. In return, she spent nearly an hour reading my essay and helping me restructure it.

So thank you, Sarah Pak ’15! There aren’t enough blue-sprinkled whale cookies to express my gratitude.

Also, she reminded me that there are far more scarier things than 5 p.m… like Mitt the Ripper.


3:47AM-2D Dining Room

Oh hey. Here’s that online game you didn’t know you wanted to play.

Have fun! I’m glad you finished all your work and have time to play games, and that’s why you’re awake and reading this blog at 4 am.


3:47AM-Edwards, but of course

So the kid across from you has fallen – and not, gracefully, at that. He’s slumped forward on the wooden desk, face planted into keyboard (those facial dents…yikes) and lips squashed so un-becomingly in polar directions. You spot an ever-growing drool pool…

It’s that time now when the ranks start to thin. Weaker souls, perhaps, but you’re not an entirely unsympathetic peer – oh, no, not at all. In fact, you think to yourself that this poor soul could use a little something that would make him more comfortable or at least save a bit of dignity. “How,” you muse, “can I be of service to this young man?”

Enter: The Ostrich Pocket Nap Pillow. Designed in 2011 by the European company Kawamura Ganjavian, this pillow provides a bit of privacy and a whoooole lot of comfort. Sure, it looks silly, but at least the user can hide his face from curious onlookers.

From the website: “OSTRICH offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease. It is neither a pillow nor a cushion, nor a bed, nor a garment, but a bit of each at the same time. Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates our head and hands (mind, senses and body) for a few minutes, without needing to leave our desk.”

There’s some pretty wacky things out in the market, but this looks pretty tempting at the moment…doesn’t it?

— SG

3:09AM-My Room

Firestone, why did you close at 1:45 when we all thought we had until 2am? Not that it would have made much difference…

Newest preferred method of exercise: Racing, zig-zag style, through the stacks on the third floor of Firestone. Just make sure security doesn’t see you or they’ll stare you down.

— AK

2:39 AM – Still in Edwards basement, keeping warm by the laundry machines…

Oh HEY Triangle Drag Dean’s Date Fairies! Yeah, we saw you making rounds by Wu several hours ago…are you guys still around? Candy, back rubs, hugs, and extra thick socks would be welcome. You know where to find me.

Thanks to Morgan Young ’15 for the video!

— SG

2:30 AM – Little Hall

Dean’s Date’s as good a time as any to fall into a musical fugue state. Last year this time, it was a Clams Casino mixtape, but this time around, I’ve fixated on a single song. “I’m gon [write] homey until my heart stop.” Yes, that old gem has been on repeat for several hours. Although the boundaries of the hours are starting to dissolve — time is taking on a new form, and the more meaningful metric is now the number of iTunes plays (quickly approaching a hundred). Prufrock may have measured his life in coffee spoons; I’ll measure mine in 50 Cent verses.

Let us know about your Dean’s Date tunes. Just in case I decide to change the song.

— GN

2:05 AM – 1915 Dorm Room

If you’re cursing your parents for not teaching you Proust when they had the chance, at least they never force-fed you lemons and posted your (adorbs) squirming face on youtube.

That said, it’s lemon baby time!!!


2:05 AM – Edwards basement

Public Service Announcement, ya’ll: BACK UP YOUR WORK! Save your papers to your USBs, send your problem sets to your emails. Just do it now okay?

And as a reward, here’s a PSA, Jay-Z style, that should pump up the rest of the night (erm…morning) for you!


1:18 AM – 2D Dining Room

We were looking for Roger Wang ’11’s inspirational 2011 video of Ladytown, “the Frist classroom/discotheque that worked hard and partied harder,” but it looks like it’s been taken down by Youtube.

So instead, we present to you this somewhat less-inspiring Spongebob Squarepants rendition of Eye of the Tiger. Because it’s about that time of night, and you need to know you can go on.

Go on.


12:25 AM – Cellular device, aka primary channel of social interaction now


But really…it’s 20 minutes past…and the dread/inspiration/motivation is just. not. there. When, folks, when?


12:15 AM- Forbes library

In case anyone missed this in Yaro’s email, this kid is truly inspirational.


12:09 AM — 2D Dining Room

Overheard at 2D: “Maybe we should go work outside on the porch, so we don’t fall asleep?”


12:03 AM – Lewis Library

It has recently come to my attention that this photo was posted on Facebook with the caption, “Real thugs don’t sleep.”


This is awkward, because this is actually exactly where I am at the moment, and I have personally consumed the contents of two of the Small World coffee cups.

We have turned around and met our paparazzi. I have to say that I’m flattered. This is the first time I have ever been called a thug.


11:15PM – Patton Hall Basement

Awash in dreams of a post-Dean’s Date universe with rainbows and kittens and puppy dogs and sunshine? (And maaaaybe a little sleep, after which sentences like that would surely never occur?)

After 5pm tomorrow, I plan to be reincarnated as this British girl, who suffers from a rare, undiagnosed ailment that makes her sleep for weeks at a time.  NEW. LIFE. GOAL.

(Props to Ann-Marie Elvin for the link)


10:47PM – Firestone Lobby

If you’re holed up outside the library, you missed an excellent, 10+ minute performance by the Princeton University Band. I wish I knew their route so I could tell you where they’re headed next, but I’m sure that the blasting tubas and banging drums will alert you of their presence. In case you have you have your own music turned up so loud that you missed them—but are sad about that—I’ve got a short clip for you here:

Princeton University Band in Firestone on Dean’s Date Eve

And, of course, a picture: IMG_0200–AK

10:19 PM – Butler basement

Cramming fifty pages worth of essay into twenty-four hours may sour the Princeton experience a little bit, but let’s not forget how lucky we are to be here. On that note, it’s worth checking out the Prince’s early action article—not for the article itself, but rather for its 160+ comments. Some are thought provoking, some are comical, some are genuinely absurd, but all (okay, most) are entertaining in one way or another.

A short preview:

“I [sic] just sucks that you work so hard compared to other people who play xbox while you study calculus.” –Deferred student

“what did I do wrong? screw this racist university” –Fellow deferred student

“No[, Princeton is not racist]. I have an asian friend here with a 2000.” –Current student



9:45 PM- Patton Hall

Fact: the discovery of FREE PASTRIES AND SMALL WORLD COFFEE (and spiffy free orange and black mugs, though they’re probably out of those by now) at Wu/Wilcox made me dance like this guy. Quite a sight to be seen, let me tell you!

Wu’s open til 11p, so stop by for some quality caffeination…because Dean’s Date Eve is no excuse to stop being a coffee snob, after all!


9:38 PM-Firestone

The collected purchases from a late meal/C-store run. Fuel for the night, though I’m sure this supply will run out soon.


If you’re looking to get sushi at late meal, don’t: they were out a while ago


9:20 p.m. – U-Store

Bottoms up Princeton!


9:01- Forbes library

Text from a lonely and desperate friend in one of Forbes’ study rooms. She needs to work on her come-hither messages.

I’m so alone…..

But that’s probs a good thing

I keep smelling vinegar…..

Stress heightens your senses?


8:59 p.m.Writing Center

At 10, Forbes is going to have its Forbes Freakout. You’ve probably never heard of it. That’s because it’s more exclusive than the Whitman midnight breakfast. We’re going to burn drafts of our Dean’s Date papers on the terrace and then trash the golf course.

Hey Whitman Whales,


8:26- Wu Dining Hall

While I can’t speak for Forbesians, those at Wu tonight have the option of making smart Dean’s Date choices.

In order to optimize studying efficiency, this is what your plate should look like at dinner (according to

Study food

But I’m not going to lie, mine was something more along the lines of this:


We’ll have to see what kind of stamina this provides. Though on a night like tonight I think we all are in need of a few lucky charms…


8:08 PM – cyberspace

Facts of procrastination in flowchart form:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="574" caption="Click for larger image."][/caption]

Other Flowcharts that I find amusing (this is a sick obsession and I need to stop before I lose another hour of my life):

Can we date?

Self-referential flowcharts.

Songs like Hey Jude and Total Eclipse of the Heart in flowchart form.

But my favorite pump up Dean’s Date music rendered in flow chart has to be:

[caption id="attachment_11741" align="aligncenter" width="269" caption="why not?"]why not?[/caption]


7:49 PM – Forbes Dining Hall

I know Dean’s Date is making me lose my mind, but was it just me, or did Forbes serve purple potatoes for dinner tonight?

Purple Potatoes?


7:47 PM – Wilcox

Spotted upstairs in Wilcox. The room is, of course, occupied by a few fratters.

Wilcox sign


7:24 PM- Frist Gallery

This just might be a record. Two hours in, and PrincetonFML is down. Guess you’re all just going to have to hang out here…

Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 7.19.34–LZ

7:17 PM- Writing Center, Whitman

12 spots on the Writing Center sign up sheet which went up exactly at 7pm. The crowd waits ready to pounce like the line outside of Best Buy on Black Friday.

writingcenter2Writing Center

Thanks to KD ’12 for the pics and tip!


6:40 PM-Firestone, 3rd Floor

Mass-exodus to dinner. Computers, textbooks and notebooks stay out, laying claim to all available flat surfaces like chairs do in rare parking spots on snowy days.

Claiming sace


5:45 PM- Forbes basement

When you can’t find an empty study room, you make your own. Props to whoever took the initiative to carry the extra desk and chairs from the study room into the Forbes dance studio. Extra points for decorating their space with empty ramen cups, goods from Wawa, and a comfy recliner.



5:14 PM —  my room (intentionally lowercased like bell hooks. #GSS reference)

Nothing like a little Cyndi Lauper meets Grade Deflation to start your Dean’s Date off well.


5:00 PM — Ivy Crypt (aptly named, feeling pretty zombielike already)

Another Dean’s Date, another of year of broken promises of time management; reading period always feels so long, until it isn’t. Now there are exactly 24 hours until the hour of reckoning. As per biannual tradition, The Ink will be up all night, feeding you distracting and nourishing nuggets of reporting and commentary at irregular intervals, all the way to the finish line. Check back often. Check back whenever you feel like your sleepless brain has turned to slurry. Check back whenever your caffeine-induced clarity finally fades away. Check back whenever you feel like you can’t write anymore. Check back whenever you feel you could probably write a little more, but would rather hear about how I can’t write anymore before going back and writing a little more.

Raw and honest dispatches from a campus collectively descending into delirium. Frontline reporting at its finest — we’ve got papers and problem sets too, and we’re putting them on the line for your sake. Press Club in the [procrasti]nation’s service, and in the service of all [procrasti]nations.


— GN

Madlib to Deploy Beats at Terrace on Dean’s Date

[caption id="attachment_11697" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Coming to an eating club near you"]madlib_02[/caption]

Good news for all of you who are 1) somewhat hiphop-inclined, and 2) looking for some hope to keep you afloat in these trying pre-Dean’s Date times. Madlib, one of the finest producers alive, will be performing at Terrace on Tuesday night.  A Madlib beat is an odd specimen, radiating the hazy warmth of vinyl, constantly teetering on the verge of a groove before twitching and fracturing and meandering away to explore some other musical thought. He often eschews the typical hook-verse-hook template in favor of weirder, looser song structures, all the while sampling voraciously and multiculturally. Sometimes he raps, too. Maybe we’ll hear some of that at Terrace, but his beats alone will be more than enough to satisfy. Maddeningly prolific, he’s dropped tape after tape of instrumentals (see especially his jazz-inflected stuff), but he might be best known for his collaborations with rappers. Most recently with Freddie Gibbs, most mainstreamly with Mos Def, and probably best of all with MF Doom — their brainchild, Madvillainy, ranks among the top rap records of the last decade, and every time my stomach sinks with the dread of Tuesday 5 PM I just think about prospect of hearing some of those beats live. Hear the flute loop on this song and know that everything will be okay:

Opening acts Shigeto and Dabyre are sure to impress as well. Terrace sets are hard to predict, but I can’t imagine Madlib himself will go on anytime before 12:40 or so. Go listen.