Princeton Admits 21.1% of Early Action Applicants

[caption id="attachment_11678" align="aligncenter" width="464" caption="A great 60s-tastic shot of Nassau Hall. (photo from"]A great 60s-tastic shot of Nassau Hall. (photo from[/caption]

As of this afternoon, Princeton has offered 726 students spots in the Class of 2016 from a 3,443-person applicant pool, the University announced at 3pm today.  It’s the first time Princeton has offered students the option of applying Early Action–meaning that admitted students are not contractually obligated to attend, and may apply to other schools for Regular Decision if they so choose–since 2006, when Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Virginia all simultaneously eliminated their Early Decision programs.  Harvard took 772 students for the Class of 2016 out of 4,245 applicants, with an acceptance rate of 18.2%, while Yale had an 18% dip in Early Action applications this year, due in part to Princeton and Harvard’s reinstated programs.

Jury’s still out on how many admitted students will matriculate, though Dean Janet Rapeleye has said that the accepted Early Action students should represent about a third of the year’s total admits.

To read more about Princeton’s Early Action pool for 2016, including a demographic breakdown for admitted students, click here.

COMBO III: Princeton Will Drive You Crazy. Literally.

If you noticed more focus on mental health initiatives in the run-up to this year’s USG elections, there’s a good reason, according to results from the third USG Committee on Background and Opportunity (COMBO).

35.3% of students surveyed report having mental health challenges that they did not experience before coming to Princeton, and certain groups are more at risk than others. Women were significantly more likely to feel depressed, overwhelmed, out of place, or experience new mental health challenges, as were LGBT students, who are also more likely to take a year off from school than the average student. Black students were only 70% as likely as white students to rate their emotional health as “higher than average.”

Life does seem to be better if you’re an athlete. They’re less likely to report stress due to difficulties with friends or relationships and report feeling social anxiety much less frequently, and they rate their emotional health, social self-confidence, and leadership ability above the average Princeton student more often than non-athletes.

Athletes and Mental Health


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21 Questions With…the Marshall Scholars




Name: Christina Chang/Alice Easton/Kyle Edwards/Sam Dorison/Emily Rutherford

Age: 21/24/21/23/21

Major: Chemistry/EEB/Woodrow Wilson/Woodrow Wilson/History

Hometown: Austin, TX/Chicago, IL/Pasadena, CA/Longmeadow, MA/San Diego, CA

Upperclass Eating Club/Res College/Affiliation: Butler/Independent/Terrace/Tower/2D-Coop and Rocky RCA

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional?

SD: Sam Seaborn.

KE: Tough call between Bruce Wayne and Chad Edwards ’79.

ER: My mom, primarily because she is awesome, but secondarily because together she and I manage to defy every ‘legacy’ stereotype.

What’s the best meal you’ve had at Princeton?

CC: Penne integrale at Teresa Caffe followed by mascarpone-flavored ice cream at Bent Spoon.

AE: I often had cravings for Frist sushi when I was in Delhi. Sushi in a box is such a good idea.

KE: Post-finals chicken souvlaki at Hoagie Haven, which is awkwardly about a fifth the size of anything else they serve.

In one sentence, what is it you actually do all day?

SD: Eat breakfast, go to work, eat second breakfast, do some work, eat lunch, work, eat second lunch, work, go to the gym, eat dinner, watch TV with my roommate, eat second dinner, all while being addicted to gmail. It’s amazing how much you can fit in one sentence when it’s a run-on.

AE: Listen to a book on tape on the Green Line, help healthcare companies think about how to improve their performance, eat dinner with my parents and Skype people in other cities.

KE: I’m either a) in class, b) studying, c) procrastinating on a and b at Terrace meals, or d) singing with the Tigressions.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?

CC: I’m addicted to eating muffins. If I ever see a muffin type I’ve not yet tasted, it’s my rule that I have to try it.

SD: Obscure competitive TV shows (Top Shot on the History Channel)

ER: Buying samosas from the U-Store at midnight.

What kind of research are you pursuing with the Marshall?

SD: The intersection of international security and human rights: How can countries work together to uphold human rights while protecting their citizens in the 21s century?

AE: The optimal design of intestinal worm treatment and control programs in India.

ER: I’m doing an MPhil in Modern British and European History at Oxford. I’ll be extending my current research on the intellectual history of male homosexual identity in late 19th and early 20th century Britain and America.

What is your biggest fear?

CC: Falling out love when it really matters.

SD: Being boring.

ER: Not finishing my thesis.

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Occupy Princeton Mic Checks JP Morgan/Chase and Goldman Sachs

Update Dec 14, 2011: I apologize for not disclosing my involvement with Occupy Princeton in this post. In the interest of full disclosure, I have been attending the General Assemblies and support the movement but was not a part of these mic checks. As a blog, not a newspaper, there is room for some opinion on the Ink and for writers to report on issues they are connected to. However I absolutely should have disclosed my affiliation and I apologize.

We know, we know. Princeton is apathetic. Politically, we are unengaged. Well, Occupy Princeton doesn’t seem to have received the message. Having held General Assemblies on Frist North Lawn since November 17, they occupied JP Morgan/Chase and Goldman Sachs info sessions Wednesday and Thursday nights. Their message? That sending roughly 10% of our graduates into finance goes against our motto “in the nation’s service and service of all nations.”

Dressing in business attire, about 20 students infiltrated the two info sessions, looking like they were interested students. At the end of Wednesday’s session, senior Derek Gideon yelled “Mic check!” and followed with Occupy Princeton’s speech call-and-response style. Senior Sandra Mukasa led Thursday’s mic check.

In an email sent to Occupy Princeton after the Wednesday info session, Derek told the occupiers who had been unable to attend:

The mic check at the end was awesome- the look of shock on their faces was priceless, especially as we all walked out and they realized more than half of us were protestors- and then I heard the woman leading the session declare, “Well, it’s getting close to 7…”

Though they realize they are unlikely to change the minds of anyone at the info sessions, Occupy Princeton hopes to start a discussion on campus by disrupting and bringing publicity to the info sessions. Occupiers told the Prince:

“Our goal is to open up a discussion at the University level,” said Luciana Chamorro ’12 …. “The idea is that it will spread.”

“My personal goal is to raise awareness,” occupier Robert Joyce ’13 said. “We’re young. These are some formative years. We’re around very smart people and this is our chance to challenge our views.”

The question is, on a campus known for its political apathy, will they get a positive response? Though, with about 50 people in the group, I guess they’ve proved that we’re not all Whitney Blodgetts.

The next General Assembly is Tuesday. Find the words from the mic checks after the jump.

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21 Questions with … Henry Rome ’13



Name: Henry Rome
Age: 20
Major: Politics (Near Eastern Studies certificate)
Hometown: Strafford, PA
Eating Club/Residential College: Charter/Forbes College (both are worth the walk)

What was your initial reaction when you found out about the position?
Very excited and deeply honored. We have a great publication, and I look forward to leading our team forward over the next year.

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional?
Sam Seaborn from West Wing.

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton?
Forbes always pulled off impressive holiday-themed dinners, and Charter pub nights. Grad College has pumpkin pie to die for.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day?
Lots and lots of email, reading a lot of newspapers (yes, in print!), following the latest trends in terrorism/insurgency and domestic Iranian politics and watching crime shows (NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI, Homeland). Also going to class and hanging with friends.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?
Listening to my police scanner at odd hours of the night.

What are your plans for the Prince?
Many of my plans are behind-the-scenes changes to streamline paper operations and leverage the resources of our extremely-talented sections to put out the best paper and website possible. More broadly, I believe we have tremendous potential to fulfill our role on campus as a leader. To do that, we must focus on covering — and uncovering — the most current, compelling and controversial stories in the Princeton community and presenting those stories in new and creative ways, including special print and online packages, videos and graphics.

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Fashion hack takes Facebook’s top prize

Still working on the perfect look for formals? Computer science students Daniel Chyan ’14, Angela Dai ’13, Tiantian Zha ’13 and Amy Zhou ’13 might be able to offer some advice.

They took first place at the Facebook Camp Hackathon last weekend, beating teams that qualified at earlier competitions throughout the country. Their creation? Color Me Bold, a program that analyzes a photo and offers jewelry and accessory suggestions. Whether you want to give your outfit an extra splash of color or just want to see what it takes to win a hackathon, you can test it here.

Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 4.41.00

Some tips from Zha:

  • After uploading a photo from Facebook, click and drag your mouse over areas of the photo where the outfit you want to match is. If coloring inside the lines isn’t your strong suit, you can right click to erase.
  • Next choose whether you want jewelry or accessory recommendations – jewelry works best at the moment.
  • Princeton’s network isn’t the speediest, so give it some time.

If you’re skeptical about taking fashion advice from a computer algorithm, well, Facebook’s seal of approval is pretty convincing. It’s even more impressive considering they had just 24 hours to put it together.

Princeton’s team was also the only one with more women than men, which might account for the fashion-forward hack. Zha said she got the idea when thinking about day-to-day problems she’d like to solve – “accessorizing can definitely take up as much time as I have available. The girls were totally onboard–and outvoted our one male team member.”

Check out an interview with the Princeton team and video from the hackathon here – considerably tamer than the Hollywood version, but the Ripsticks do look pretty cool.

21 Questions With…Bruce Easop ’13


Bruce PressClub PicName: Bruce Easop

Age: 20

Major: Politics (Political Theory)

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Eating Club/Res College/Affiliation: Colonial/Butler College

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional? Bruce Wayne—can’t go wrong with the name!

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton? Colonial Friday night dinner—great food, great people, what more could I want?

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day? Read emails, respond to emails, accidentally nap, keep up with reading for class, and tell myself I’ll go jogging more often like I did freshman year.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure? Way too much Hulu…and dancing enthusiastically

What is your weirdest story involving the USG office? It probably involves trying to hide from Frist employees at 2am when Frist closes…

What is your biggest fear? Spiders. Definitely spiders.

What’s your drink? Coffee

What makes you laugh? Any episode of Community and Modern Family (hence the guilty pleasure above…)

What makes you cry? Dobby dying in Harry Potter 7. Every. Single. Time.

When’s bedtime? At Princeton? Haha, good one!

What’s been playing on repeat recently? ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna and ‘Levels’ by Avicii

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Weekend Arts Roundup: Theater, Jazz, and Choral Music Galore

[caption id="attachment_11585" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Katherine Ortmeyer, Uchechi Kalu and Matt Spencer Seely in Craig Wright's "The Pavilion" at Theatre Intime. (Photo by Taylor Mallory)"]Katherine Ortmeyer, Uchechi Kalu and Matt Spencer Seely in Craig Wright's "The Pavilion" at Theatre Intime. (Photo by Taylor Mallory)[/caption]

We’ve got a great weekend of campus arts events–perfect procrastination techniques to employ before the end-of-semester push (and, let’s be honest, holiday shopping) takes over our brains.

  • There’s theater galore this weekend, starting tonight with Craig Wright’s The Pavilion, a high-school-reunion story unlike any you’ve seen before, directed by Emma Watt ’13 at Theatre Intime. Thurs-Saturday at 8pm, this weekend and next. Also, the show clocks in at just under 90 minutes–a perfectly-sized study break. Tickets $8 at Theatre Intime.  To see the trailer (artistic design for this show is through the roof), click here.
  • Also up tonight is Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, directed by Molly O’Neill ’14 with the Princeton Shakespeare Company in the Wilson Blackbox. Thurs-Saturday at 8pm, this weekend and next. Tickets $8 at Frist; events eligible.
  • Starting tomorrow, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a senior thesis project directed by Julia Keimach ’12 with the Program in Theater, is sure to be a terrific bet: a great cast, beautiful costumes, and a fresh new take on a classic text (not to mention that our own UPC co-prez SKG makes his Princeton theater debut as Polonius!). December 2-3 at 8:15 PM, December 4 at 2 PM, December 7 – 9 at 8 PM, and December 10 at 1 PM. Free and open to the public; Berlind Rehearsal Room at McCarter Theater Center.
  • [caption id="attachment_11586" align="alignright" width="250" caption="A light moment with the cast of "Hamlet" (those drama queens...)"]A light moment with the cast of "Hamlet" (those drama queens...)[/caption]

    No matter how stressed-out you are by classes, nothing peps you up for the holiday season quite like beautiful Christmas music: the University Glee Club and Chamber Choir’s concert of Readings and Carols this Friday is sure to hit the spot. 8pm Friday in Richardson Auditorium, $5 students, events eligible.

  • Big-band jazz reinterpretations of Radiohead, you say? Just one of the many draws at the University Concert Jazz Ensemble’s collaboration concert with the jazz programs from Columbia University this Saturday: 8pm December 3 in Richardson Auditorium, student tickets $5. Events eligible.