Requisite Photo of Reunions Excess

Last year, we tried to capture the aftermath of the P-rade in all its trashy resplendence, the empty husks of 30-racks, the crushed cans of Bud Light shining like so many diamonds. This year’s photographic evidence of Reunions excess comes from Whitman Library. We’ve already introduced you to the squalor of the thesis hermit, but this is, uh, something else. A Sunday morning tiptoe through Whitman Library revealed the following:


It’s a bad and blurry picture because I struggled to find an angle that could capture it all: more than 50 boxes of Old World Pizza, washed down by several dozen cups of beer in varying states of depletion.

pizza beer

Lamp-assisted gluttony

pizza stack

Jealous of Firestone's stacks, Whitman Library decided to introduce their own. Something was lost in translation

No idea who the diners were, but tent proximity would suggest 25th Reunioners. They were thorough too — nothing but crust.

So, I guess it’s time to do the thing where I say the topic of the post and then put a colon and then say something that sums up the general purpose of the post, which is in this case is just my general bafflement by the spectacle of the past weekend…

Princeton¬†Reunions: where this university’s most distinguished alumni get to pig out in the library and drunkenly pee in shower stalls, once a year.¬†Would’ve taken pictures of the latter, but we don’t (yet) do blackmail here at The Ink.