3 Holiday Drinks to Get You Through The Final 3 Weeks

It seems that the whipping wind has whisked away all memories of Thanksgiving chumminess, and judging by the storm hanging over Princeton today, the collective psyche of students all over campus has infected this place with a general mid-week gloom.

Keeping things together at Princeton during these cold, rainy months can be hard, especially with the distraction of the holidays right around the corner. But we really care about you guys. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the three best holiday  drinks — for the final three weeks before break.


Twist’s Hot Frozen Yogurt: Bored with cups of the same old cold froyo on cold days, Twist is getting innovative. “We basically just melt whichever yogurt flavor you’d like,” said one Twister. But it is so much more than that. Think thick, frothy, whipped goodness. I recommend the Ghirardelli chocolate. $3.16

If you’re curious to see what flavors are on tap, you can follow “Mrs. Twist” here.


Bent Spoon’s Classic Hot Chocolate: The classic. A steep price for a tiny cup, but worth making the sacrifice at least once this season.

Plus you can top it off with their homemade marshmallows! Unfortunately, they were all sold out today, but you can follow their marshmallow production on their (very active/hysterical) Twitter, here. $3.75


Small World’s Caramel Apple Cider: If you’re like us, you might still be a little groggy from all that Thanksgiving stuffing and pecan pie and more chocolate might just be too much. This caramel-infused cider might sit a little better. Cinnamon stick included! $3.45

Oh, and they have  a Twitter, too.