21 Questions With … Paul Ominsky

IMG_3284_thumbThe Director of Public Safety is our second guest in a series of 21 Questions with names you’ll recognize from countless e-mails and notices but probably don’t  know so well.  Although new to campus, the Massachusetts native has already found a deep love for Twist.

Name: Paul Ominsky
Hometown: Originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts but now living in Monmouth Junction, NJ.

Last book you managed to read for pleasure? 61 Hours by Lee Child

What’s your top vacation destination? Anywhere on a cruise ship

What is your greatest guilty pleasure? Frozen Yogurt from Twist

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day? My role has two components which occupy my day in many meetings (usually about 6 hours of meetings a day) – strategically thinking about community safety and then operationally putting those ideas into place. Throughout the day I meet with many campus people – students, faculty, staff, and administrators as we discuss ways that Public Safety can be a helpful community resource. I also ride and patrol with Officers at night a few times a month.

What’s the best place to eat in town? Twist

What are your favorite ways to relax? Most nights I take a 2 mile walk

Do you know all the words to Old Nassau? Yes

What’s your drink? Diet Dr. Pepper

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional? Sam Seaborn from the TV show the West Wing

What makes you cry? Onions

When’s bedtime? Usually around 11 pm but I get calls in the middle of the night

What makes you laugh? Sometimes people do very funny things

Worst place on campus? I am still new – I haven’t found a worst place yet.

What makes someone a Princetonian? Service to the community and society in general

Favorite movie? An American President

Where do you do your best thinking? On my elliptical – I spend 1 hour on it each morning starting at 5:30 am

What did sort of job did you dream about having as a child? I thought I was going to be an eye doctor

What is your favorite place on Princeton’s campus? The library

What songs are playing on repeat this week? Daughtry – September

Last movie you saw? It’s been a while so nothing comes to mind.

In 10 years, I will be… Applying to law school or writing a fictional murder mystery loosely based on my experiences, I am still working on the lead character but I have the first line. “It started with a parking ticket – on a campus it always has something to do with parking.”