The Obama household loves tigers

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From the AP:

Michelle Obama told a group of curious kids visiting the White House Thursday about her daughter Malia’s most frequent question about Dad’s job: What’s he doing to help tigers?

Asked about her family’s favorite animal, the first lady said they talk about tigers at least once a week, because Malia, 11, is concerned about what President Barack Obama is doing to save the endangered animals.

“He tells her he’s working on it and there are a lot of people who are thinking about it,” she said. “But I think, the Obama household, we’re trying to save the tigers.”

OK, I’m not saying…I’m just saying. Malia. When it comes time, trust us, you’ll get in. Despite having a father who told the world you got a 73 on your science test.

(h/t Gawker, which is not the first site to tell us to how great the Obama girls are.)

Of Hurricanes and Hovercraft Parents

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As New Jersey gets attacked by the mother lode of all rain storms this week (oh hey, Tropical Depression Danielle!), the start of hurricane season prompts every good Princetonian to start his or her annual late-summer countdown till move-in.  (19 days, folks!) At this point, of course, all of our friends at normal schools have already moved in and are partying up a storm–erm, are studying hard, as usual. But hey, we’re too cool to start classes in August.  And so we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

For all you 2014ers out there, have no fear! With any luck, this interim period will be your most hellish Princeton experience by far.  In the meantime, here’s a lovely article courtesy of today’s New York Times about how schools are dealing with  over-protective parents as freshman flock to campus.

At Princeton, parents are politely encouraged to vamoose by students-only events after 5:30pm on move-in day.  Dean Dunne, our Associate Dean of Undergraduates, weighs in: “It’s easy for students to point to [the students-only events] and say, ‘Hey, Mom, I think you’re supposed to be gone now.’  It’s obviously a hard conversation for students to have with parents.”

Here’s hoping your parents know how to let go come September 4th for all you OA and CA folks!  If need be, gently remind them that Parents’ Day is a scant month away…at which point, their pocketbooks and the prospect of dinner off-campus will earn them quite the hearty welcome.

Jane Randall ’12 on America’s Next Top Model

Editor’s Note: For full Jane Randall coverage, check out our archive here.

This fall will be all about reality TV for Princeton students–before CDY and Jonathan Schwartz ’10 even make their Amazing Race appearance (Sept. 26 on CBS).

Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model begins next month (Sept. 8 on the CW) with Jane Randall ’12, who played lacrosse for the Tigers until this year. Check her out the show’s US Weekly spread (via Jezebel), and see her video on the ANTM website.

The winner of the cycle–whoever masters the art of smiling with her eyes–will be on the cover of Vogue Italia, not Seventeen, as usual. That’s thanks to judge Andre Leon Talley. From the LA Times:

“Tyra really wanted to take the series to sort of another level,” explained Dawn Ostroff, the CW’s president of entertainment, after announcing the change Thursday at the network’s upfront presentation at Madison Square Garden. “When Andre Leon Talley, who is editor at large at Vogue, came on board, she wanted to really make these models high-fashion models. And high fashion, if you are in the fashion business, is Italian Vogue. Anybody who is in Italian Vogue literally makes it in the fashion business, so this is a really big step for the show.”

We featured Jane in a Press Club Style Guide video last spring:


Here’s Jane’s video on the ANTM site (via BuddyTV):

Update II: Pictures and spoilers after the jump.

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Senate confirms Elena Kagan ’81 for U.S. Supreme Court

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The Senate just voted 63 to 37 to confirm Elena Kagan ’81 as the 67th Supreme Court Justice. The confirmation makes her the third consecutive Princetonian to be elected to the Supreme Court, along with Justices Sonia Sotomayor ’76 and Samuel Alito ’72. That also makes Princeton the most represented college on the Supreme Court.

For the full story, here’s the Times on the subject. Rigorous analysis and intrepid reportage forthcoming.

For our existing coverage on the Kagan nomination, confirmation battles, and her time at Princeton, check out our Elena Kagan tag.