The Broadcast Center Wants You to Watch Live TV. Work Later.

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Somewhere in this building is the Broadcast Center

Not one to be bullied into actually attending Princeton events? Totally bummed that you can’t watch your fave TV shows live?

The Princeton University Broadcast Center has got your back. Tucked away somewhere in Lewis Library is a “high-definition audio and video recording studio” that gives you access to all the major television networks AND two “Princeton University Channels” that stream  those public lectures that you never made it out to McCosh for.  The channels stream live anywhere–all you gotta do is click here.

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These PLUS nine language channels!

For some reason, Eddie Glaude, professor of religion & African American Studies totally <3s the Broadcast Center. Check out this intense/sort of scary video in which Glaude explains that the Broadcast Center lets us “do our work as public intellectuals” like never before.

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