Spotted: Olympic Pride, Princeton-Style

Princetonians pile up in Frist for the Big Game

Princetonians pile up in Frist for the Big Game

As we start up another grueling week here in the Orange Bubble (halfway to spring break, guys!), it’s nice to drain our brains every now and then by obsessing over the Winter Games.  However, given NBC’s total stinginess about putting Olympic events online this time around, it’s often tough to tune in if you don’t have a TV with you on campus–especially if you don’t want to deal with annoying tape delays.

The solution? We’re getting creative. Case in point: the total mob at Frist this evening, where a bunch of students created an impromptu viewing party for a much-hyped Canada vs. United States Hockey game.  When I passed through, over seventy-five kids were watching, clad in hockey jerseys, wrapped in flags from both countries, and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Pass the guacamole, Tigers!

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