21 Questions with… USG Presidential Candidates!



Name: Jack Altman ’11 / Michael Yaroshefsky ’12 / Jack Lindeman ’11
Age: 20 / 20 / 21
Major: Economics / ORFE / English
Hometown: St. Louis / Wayne, NJ / Cape May, NJ
Eating club/residential college/affiliation: Tower & Forbes / Wilson / Cloister & Whitman

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional?
Altman: John Nash for the win.
Yaroshefsky: Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah; Batman!  Bruce Wayne, that is, because he has a bat cave, drives a cool car, and beats up baddies.
Lindeman: Aaron Burr, for the way he drops Hamiltons.

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton?
A: Forbes vegetarian night! Not.
Y: My first meal at the new WuCox this year and the realization that finally I don’t have to invade another dining hall for a good meal.  Now we have delicious pizza, pasta, and salads!
L: I have to add that the meals at Cloister are pretty much amazing, but I think my favorite there would have to be the Steak and Crab Legs we have on Member’s Nights.  The chef there is amazing.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day?
A: I wish I knew, days just always seem to end.
Y: I zip around campus on my bike between classes, send emails constantly, rush to finish a problem set at the last minute, catch up on the latest Daily Show on Hulu, read a few technology blogs, work a little more on problem sets, then give in at about 3 a.m.
L: I just have a great time.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?
A: Afrin. More like a 7 year addiction actually.
Y: I have an addiction to bottled water.  But I recycle!
L: Fallout 3 for XBox 360.  I can’t say how many hours I’ve wasted watching a character traverse the Wasteland on the projector we have in our dorm.

What’s the last student performance you saw?
A: A capella in Blair Arch a couple weeks ago.
Y: The Jazz Ensemble performing pieces by Duke Ellington in Richardson.
L: At Princeton? I saw last year’s Disiac show.  Outside of Princeton? I attended North East Philadelphia’s Cardinal O’Hara’s production of High School Musical 2 about two weeks ago.

Do you know all the words to Old Nassau?
A: Yes, the Triangle Club made me.
Y: Of course!  (You mean the first verse only, right?)
L: Yep, Thanks to Mart Crotty ’98.

What do you hate most about Princeton?
A: The stupid falling apart couch in my room.
Y: The puddles everywhere on a rainy day!
L: The horrible, horrible toilet paper.

What do you love most about Princeton?
A: The people I’ve met. I don’t know how to phrase it less cornily (word check?).
Y: The people.  Where else can you leave behind your wallet to save your seat?  Or bond over ridiculously hard math classes?
L: The softest, most comfortable leather couches in the world, located at our very own Cloister Inn.

What’s your drink?
A: Jack
Y: Orange juice!  With some pulp. Tasty and nutritious!
L: Well now that I’m 21 I guess I could say beer.

What’s hanging above your desk and/or bed?
A: A picture of my mom (above my desk, not my bed).
Y: A picture of my childhood pet, an orange tabby cat named Pumpkin.  We grew up together, and he used to sit on my desk all the time while I did homework.  I miss the little guy!
L: A copy of the Prince from Lawn Parties where I am pictured front and center without a shirt on.

Where do you do your best thinking?
A: The shower, which is why I never think well.
Y: I do my best thinking while riding my bike at full speed along the D&R canal toe path and listening to Coldplay.
L: My Bed. I tend to do all my work there.

When’s bedtime?
A: When’s what?
Y: Whenever I finally give in.  I love sleep, but I hate going to sleep.  Typically 3 a.m.
L: Usually around Midnight.

What do you think of Connor Diemand-Yauman ’10?
A: Like him, love him, gotta have him. He comes in all sorts of flavors and he’s always churned fresh to order.
Y: I think I could beat him in an arm wrestle.  Yes, that’s a challenge, CDY!
L: I’ve never met him.  He seems alright, he does send out a lot of emails though.

What do you think of Dean Malkiel?
A: Depends, what does she think of me?
Y: I really don’t know; I haven’t met her personally.  But I have seen her walking around campus with her little dog that wears a sweater!
L: I’ve never met her, but I’m sure we would get along swimmingly.  If she ever wanted to invite me to dinner at Prospect House I doubt I would decline…

Where is the best place on campus?
A: Chancellor Green.
Y: I really like the University Chapel, especially singing in it.  Sitting up in the chancel on Sunday mornings and gazing up at the sunlight pouring through the stained glass windows is my favorite way to end one week and start the next.
L: I really like East Pyne. I think it’s  definitely my favorite building.

Where is the worst place on campus?
A: The underground stacks in Firestone.
Y: Anywhere 30 seconds before an exam is distributed.  Eek!
L: Does Forbes count as being on campus?  If it does I’m going to say 4th floor of the addition.

Who is your mortal enemy?
A: Whoever invented Afrin.
Y: Err… Nobody? Actually, maybe Spongebob Squarepants.  His silliness frustrates me!
L: Alex Cantwell, my roommate.  He is the worst type of person.

When’s the last time you used cash?
A: I tipped the Papa John’s guy today.
Y: A donation in Frist yesterday.
L: I bought a ticket to see George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic in Trenton last week.

In 25 years, I will be…
A: 45.
Y: Doing whatever it is that makes me happy.
L: 46.  And, hopefully, alive.

Where do you go to study alone?
A: The trap door in the ceiling of the Forbes Freezer.
Y: There’s no place like my dorm, and especially my bed, to study quietly.  I love surrounding myself with pillows and textbooks and notebooks — literally diving into my work.
L: My bed.  I’ve got a king sized top bunk, it’s like my own personal room up there.  I do all my best work in bed.

What makes someone a Princetonian?
A: Being able to order a Wa sandwich with your eyes closed at 3am.
Y: Being completely engaged in something you care about.
L: I’m not sure what exactly makes a Princetonian, but I do know that you are a Princetonian when someone asks you where you go to school and your answer comes out as a question.  Oh, and when you no longer cringe at the thought of a black and orange striped jacket.

(image source: usg.princeton.edu; 21 Questions inspired by NYMag’s Daily Intel)