“This tastes like stealing my neighbor’s pears in September.”

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If you haven’t had Bent Spoon ice cream, you probably don’t go to Princeton. So for our readers (Spencer, don’t be modest!) outside the Orange Bubble, who have never experienced Bent Spoon’s organic/slow/local food snob-approved ice cream, buttercream-frosted cupcakes and hot chocolate–well, I’m sorry.

But this is for you. Serious Eats published a review on the campus hotspot this week, with enough descriptive language to make you beg your Princetonian friends to mail you some pear prosecco sorbet on dry ice.

This is what you’re missing out on:

These are the kinds of flavors so powerful that they go beyond mere taste—conjuring up memories, rather than just sensation. “This tastes like Peanut Butter Ripple at this one, tiny ice cream place on the Jersey shore,” mused my dining companion, as we worked our way through the flavors. “This tastes like stealing my neighbor’s pears in September.” “This tastes like Thanksgiving.” And with the lingering warmth of all those pumpkin pie spices, with the bite of cranberry and sweetness of apple, it truly did.

Freshman sues University for extra time during exams

Diane Metcalf-Leggette ’13, a learning-disabled student from Virginia, is suing Princeton for refusing her extra time to take her midterm exams, The New Jersey Law Journal reported today.

After failing to reach an accommodation with University officials over a series of meetings, Metcalf-Leggette sued the school on Monday.

But Metcalf-Leggette faced a hiccup in her suit when U.S. District Judge Anne Thompson in Trenton refused her a temporary restraining order just before midterms this week.

Metcalf-Leggette may have more success now in suing under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and could pursue a preliminary injunction before finals in January.

Her brother, David Metcalf ’08, also had learning disabilities and was granted 100 percent extended time during his exams at Princeton.

During a meeting with university attorney Hannah Ross on September 19, the student’s court filings say, Ross told Metcalf-Leggette that granting extra exam time would undermine the deadline-oriented aspect, and indeed the “essence,” of a Princeton education.

Metcalf-Leggete, who is on the women’s soccer team, claims in the suit to have: Mixed-reception-expressive language disorder, disorder of written expression, developmental coordination disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

As a result, Princeton granted Metcalf-Leggette the right to a 10-minute break every hour during her exams, and a one-exam-per-day limit.

University attorneys are citing two other Princeton-related legal decisions to support their case. Connell v. Princeton (2001) upheld the University’s decision to refuse readmission to a student who alleged discrimination based on disability after he was dismissed for academic reasons. In Zakharia v. Princeton (1999), the court denied a student a temporary injunction after the University handed down a suspension.

Princeton says they don’t comment on ongoing legislation.

Police: Westergaard Target Of Terror Plot

Though cartoonist – and Daily Prince Op-Ed writer – Kurt Westergaard’s September visit to Princeton ultimately went off without a hitch, all the extra security we gave him wasn’t just for show:  authorities just announced the arrest of two Chicago men plotting to murder Westergaard, 74, in his native Denmark.

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IN PRINT: Princeton Students Join Worldwide Green Effort

[caption id="attachment_2423" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Making a difference, one felt-tipped pen stroke at a time"]Making a difference, one felt-tipped pen stroke at a time[/caption]

Princeton students are “not usually known for their activism,” said the press release for this past weekend’s 350.org climate change event at Campus Club (usually, we’re too busy studying or drinking to do other stuff).

But defying all odds and our own press release, some people actually showed up!

Even the organizers, like Greening Princeton co-president Miyuki Miyagi ’12, seemed shocked by how many people were actually there.

“I’m very pleasantly surprised with the turnout,” said Miyagi.

Highlights included desserts named “An Inconvenient Truffle” and “Not-So-Clean-Coal Brownies,” and Energy Corps’ light-switch costume that members took turns wearing around the event (bonus points for the provocatively phallic switch).

Read the full story at nj.com.

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Safety Watch: Ficus Edition

So you know Princeton’s a ghetto. We’ve already mapped out the Bloods/Crips/Latin Kings turf for you (watch out Forbes!). What’s the deal now? Who do you call for help?

There’s only one name in town. Y’know.

Time and again, we’ve written about Public Safety’s obsessive pursuit of justice. Cracking down on water guns, relentlessly pursuing obscene nudists. But, they don’t pursue justice all day, every day, do they?

But of course they do! If you don’t believe me, check out the P. Safe blotter here. There are some serious gems every now and then, and we’ve rounded up some of the best in the last week for you.

Here’s what’s gone down in the past few days.

Just one more thing. Wait. Hold on - its actually on the tip of my tongue...

Just one more thing. Wait. Hold on - its actually on the tip of my tongue...

The Case of the Tainted Whiteboard

Where?: Witherspoon

When?: Saturday

What?: “Criminal mischief.”


I don’t want to go all Columbo on this, but, I bet anyone could guess what happened. Some guys came back drunk from the Street, saw a fresh, unsullied whiteboard, and proceeded to draw male genitalia/write sexually charged messages on it. Real mature, guys.

Hopefully there isn’t going to be any of that continuing investigation on this ol’ humdinger.

Case?: SOLVED.

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Abandon Shame All Ye Who Enter Here

800px-HollywoodSignAll right, Princetonians.  You’ve committed to a career in Reality TV.   And you’ve figured out your Ivy League stereotype. You’re so close now – so very close to pseudosuperstardom.

Take a deep breath, swallow your pride, and get ready for…

Part 3: Choose A Show

There are two types of Reality shows: those that celebrate and reward genuine talent (Project Runway, Top Chef, American Idol) and those that don’t (everything else).  Now, if you’re gifted enough to land yourself a spot on one of the “talent-rewarding” shows, you’re probably also gifted enough to land yourself a real job.  And if that’s the case, you’re probably not reading this blog post.

Sorry, darling Inkblots. [As in, readers of The Ink —  Is that cute?  Does it work?]  But the truth is that your best shot lies in auditioning for the second group of shows – those that take supposedly “ordinary” Americans (plus some Ivy Leaguers!) and places them in highly contrived, “extraordinary” situations.

So which program will it be?  There are so many options!

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The Great Pop-Tarts Mystery

Now with magic calorie-reducing frosting!

It had been a long and arduous Sunday night meeting for the members of the University Press Club. Midterms loomed, work piled up, and the passive voice was used. And above all, we were hungry.

Yup. U-Store time.

Veep David Walter ’11 led the charge (“the egg rolls are only $2!“) Having already eaten our way through all of Roommate Steve‘s blueberry Pop-Tarts in a regrettable yet delicious late night binge, we headed over to the toaster pastry section to see about some replacement snacks.

(Steve, if you’re reading this, I haven’t actually bought you more Pop-Tarts yet. Sorry about that. I feel bad.)

Coolly navigating our way through the myriad Pop-Tart options, we found ourselves contemplating strawberry, both in its frosted and unfrosted varieties. Naturally, we wanted to see how much worse the frosting was for us.

And that’s when things got weird. Because the Strawberry Frosted Pop-Tarts were a full 10 calories less per serving than their unfrosted cousins.

More confusion after the jump?

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Campus Crime from 9/17 to 10/23

In light of the repeat instances of lewdness and the increasing crime on campus as reported in the Annual Security and Fire Report, we thought it would be useful to see exactly where these crimes happen, and what kind of misdeeds are committed.

We’ve plugged in every single crime report–based on Public Safety’s Daily Crime Log–on a handy-dandy Google Map. The map shows the reported campus crimes between September 17th (when classes began) and October 23rd and where they took place. Most of the reports, as you can see by clicking on each icon, are quite minor.

One recommendation, however: avoid Forbes College like the plague. So much crime there!

View Campus Crime! in a larger map

Teenyboppers Strike Back

this used to be the poster in my bedroom

this used to be the poster in my bedroom

Among the things that Princetonians will get their panties in a bunch about are gender-neutral housing, misprints of our selectivity rate, and firearms for public safety. It seems that the comments section of the Daily Princetonian, however, is no longer a space set aside for Princeton students to espouse these residual precept thoughts. The comments section is being infiltrated by the most dangerous species of our population: the boy-band-loving teenybopper.

Kiran Gollakota’s scathing review of the Backstreet Boys’ new album has created quite an uproar — it’s one of the most highly-commented stories of the week. With over 83 posts to date, the comments section is riddled with rebuttals such as this:

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IN PRINT: Peace in Afghanistan Urged at Local Church

[caption id="attachment_2324" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="This is where it all happened!"]This is where it all happened![/caption]

The U.S. should withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and should begin to negotiate with the Taliban, the executive secretary for Human Rights and Justice with United Methodist Church Board of Global Ministries said in a speech Wednesday night at Princeton United Methodist Church.

How cool is it that his last name is actually “Wildman” ?! And he’s been to Afghanistan four times since 2004.

He had some controversial things to say about the Taliban and women’s rights. Read the full story here.