Princeton Back at #1 in US News Rankings

number-one-fan_thumb[Updated: 6 PM EST. See below.]

So we still have seven hours until US News & World Report releases its 2010 college rankings, a.k.a. the most important publication in the history of mankind. If you’re a total square (don’t worry, Huey Lewis says it’s hip), you can go to the website and stare at its gigantic countdown clock until midnight, when the American higher education system will shudder and have a collective orgasm.

Or, you can just find out the rankings here.

The internet is a gossipy place, children, and it looks like the list has been leaked! Princeton has returned to the number one spot, after an entire year as number two behind Harvard. If the leaked list is accurate, Princeton has been ranked number one for nine of the past 10 years.

See the full list after the jump!

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Week In Review: August 10-16

butlerMuch like its students–many of whom are finished with their totally awesome life-changing (important), lucrative (really important), resume-enhancing (most important) internships at McBainMorganWater & Sachs of America Madoff, Inc.–Old Nassau, it seems, is sort of vegging out the rest of August. You see, nothing crazy or absurd occurred this past week.

But still, there were some gems, including a Princeton alumnus who funneled beers with Stephen Colbert on Monday’s Colbert Report! Ch-ch-check it out!:

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Week in Review: August 3 – August 9

Apparently hats are not required for the number one school in the country

Apparently hats are not required for the number one school in the country

August is upon us! Ah, the Sunday of the summer months, freedom mixed with the creeping inevitability of the school year. Personally, we’re with Dave Plotz and his zany plan to rid the world of this month once and for all! But August or not, we’re still here at The Ink summer news desk, wading through the Sea of Media to bring you the finest Princeton news. In this week’s edition: Princeton locks down another 1/9th of the Supreme Court, West Point beats us in college rankings, Robbie George still doesn’t like gay marriage, Harvard tries to recoup some of its endowment via haberdashery, and WE GET MONEY FOR FUSION!!!

  • One more time, for the people way up in the nosebleed seats: SONIA SOTOMAYOR CONFIRMED! That’s right, Princeton’s getting another Supreme Court justice. We’re tired of this story, and you probably are, too. But just in case, wise Latina t-shirts.
  • It’s not all sunshine and rainbows on Nassau Street – Forbes bumped us down to number two on its “America’s Best Colleges” list. The usurper? West Point! Seriously? Seriously. Putting us number two seems to be something of a fad for major publications, with the Forbes bump following last year’s dethroning at the hands of US News and World Report. But we were kind of hoping Steve-O (commonly known as Malcolm “Steve” Forbes ’70) would keep the homerism going longer than just the one year, but as they say up in Montreal, c’est la vie!

George, Harvard, and Fusion post-jump!

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Sotomayor ’76 Becomes First Hispanic, 11th Princetonian Justice on Supreme Court

sotomayorThe United States Senate, by a vote of 68 to 31, confirmed Sonia Sotomayor ’76 as the nation’s first Hispanic Supreme Court justice this afternoon. She joins fellow Princetonian Justice Samuel Alito ’72 on the high court, who was confirmed in 2006 by a vote of 58 to 42.

The confirmation vote was largely along party lines. Senator Kit Bond ’60, the lone Princetonian undergrad in the Senate, was one of just nine Republicans to vote for Sotomayor. Bond announced yesterday that he would support President Obama’s nominee in a speech on the Senate floor. Some excerpts from Bond’s speech:

“If some are saying that a Democratic president should not have a liberal justice, does that mean a Republican president shouldn’t have a conservative justice? I’ve supported justices with whom I disagreed.”

“The Senate has reviewed her nomination and has asked her its questions. There’s been no significant finding against her. There’s been no public uprising against her. I do not believe that the Constitution tells me that I should refuse to support her merely because I disagree with her on some cases. I will support her; I’ll be proud for her, the community she represents, and the American Dream she shows is possible. I will cast my vote in favor of the nomination of Judge Sotomayor, and I urge my colleagues to do the same.”

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Week in Review: July 27 – August 2 (Law and Order Edition)

During summer, when there are no parties to break, or drunk students to catch urinating, what exactly does PSafe do? Catch criminals, that’s what. In this week’s edition: Water guns? Public lewdness? Princeton quickly becomes the next possible locale of a CSI spin-off. Meanwhile, The New Yorker is all like, “You guys were so right about the Kindle thing,” and coincidentally “the Kindle ate my homework” becomes a viable excuse. Also, oh my God!, the Princeton Review made lists of colleges and people  freak out about them.

Public enemies.

Public enemies.

  • Remember that call you got Monday morning from the automated robot woman who cried wolf? About a possible gunman on campus and staying indoors and all that? That was because Public Safety heard from an employee that spotted a young man with what looked like a gun (prompting the flurry of emails and calls to students and faculty). Well, couple minutes later, turns out the guy was a camp counselor carrying around a water gun. Again, those sick sons of bitches at Nerf spark a Princeton lockdown . While we certainly appreciate the attention to campus safety (really! we do!), we’re sure that everyone would prefer a little more discretion at PSafe Headquarters before pressing the big red panic button.
  • Moving on down the police blotter… Guess who decided to make an appearance on campus this weekend? Yes, that’s right, our very own Professor of Public Lewdness, the Princeton Masturbator. Not to be outdone by watergun-toting teenagers, the wanker struck again, this time between Clio and West College. Sporting a hip but conservative white button-down and jeans, the young man asked a visiting lady for some directions Saturday night, while, you know, exposing his genitals. But folks!, this might be the end of an era. Shortly after receiving the call about the man, PSafe sprang into action and actually caught the perp, took him into custody, and charged him. Could this have been the wanker’s last strike? Is there more than one of them? Just why does he always hang around Clio Hall and East Pyne? Why does he always ask for directions? Is he lost and looking for a way home? So many unanswered questions – we’ll keep you updated with any answers.

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