IN PRINT: Arab Conference Seeks to Reevaluate Peace Process

arab-conference-pictureLast year, on a Princeton-sponsored trip to Jordan, Zvi Smith ’09 initially felt the need to conceal his Jewish identity from other participants. “We think of peace as avoiding conflict, and I didn’t want to bring up tension or make them distrust me,” said Smith, the only Jewish student in the group. But after he revealed that he was Jewish and had lived in Israel, he felt closer to the other students and began to think about conflict resolution — a technique in which discussions focus on differences, rather than avoid them.That experience led Smith to develop a four-day conference in April that brought to campus 15 students from Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, and Lebanon to join 16 Princeton students for discussions about issues including gender, the media, and political conflict. “The premise of the conference was that we wanted to talk to each other,” Smith said.

For more about the results of the conference and the perspectives of the visiting Arab students, check out the article in the June issue of PAW.

An unconvincing theory explaining Stephen Colbert’s love for Princeton

Because who wouldnt be appreciative of their Understandable Vanity Award?

Who wouldn't appreciate their "Understandable Vanity Award"?

Stephen Colbert loves Princeton. Let us explain.

This past week, the Colbert Report host had two Princetonian guests back-to-back on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

First up was Joshua Micah Marshall ’91, founder and editor of the political blog Talking Points Memo, discussing the mechanics of his “hybrid” news site.

Poetry professor (and all-around academic rockstar) Paul Muldoon considered the relevance of poetry in our modern life. He even read his poem “Tea” with Colbert, which, we must say, was pretty cute.

Taken with Colbert’s speech at Class Day 2008, can we conclude Stephen has a soft spot for all things orange and black? We’d like to think so. Either that or his producers are alumni.

Actually, current Colbert Report writer Jay Katsir ’04 was hired after his student address at 2004’s Class Day, a Colbert fansite says. And when the host came to speak at 2008’s Class Day,

Colbert was accompanied to campus by Jay Katsir, a member of the class of 2004 and a writer for “The Colbert Report.” When Katsir spoke at the Class Day ceremony four years ago, one of those in the audience was Colbert’s agent, who later suggested that Katsir be hired as a writer for Colbert’s show.

So Colbert’s agent knows someone at Princeton, apparently, and was at Princeton’s 2004 Class Day when Katsir, a graduating Princetonian, spoke to his class, which later helped land him a job on Colbert’s show, which (now here’s a long shot) might explain Colbert’s affinity for us. Or at least seeming affinity.

Oh, the tangled web we weave.

Last week’s interviews (with the adorable Colbert/Muldoon poetry reading!) after the jump.

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’13 invades Facebook

If you recently heard a faint ripping sound, that was the Class of 2013 voraciously tearing into their matriculation packets. Which means that they got their netIDs. Which also means they’re now on Facebook’s Princeton network.

We’re not insinuating people will start doing anything but… Here’s a hint: It rhymes with “Spacebook flocking.”

The “Princeton Class of 2013” Facebook group offers some conversational gems, like discussions on application essays and the fact that Forbes is far from everything.

Oh ’13, we’ll grow to love you, I’m sure.

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Chose Dartmouth Over Princeton

From Stephen Rodrick’s profile on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) in this week’s New York Magazine:

Gillibrand debated between Princeton and Dartmouth for college. “I went to visit Princeton, and all the girls wore a ton of makeup and high heels and had fancy pocketbooks,” she says. “And then I visited Dartmouth, and everyone was in sweats with no makeup, doing outdoor things. That was more my speed.”

We are offended! Let’s just hope Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), whose daughter attends Princeton, defeats Gillibrand and restores Princeton’s honor!

Update: Hale Selected 87th in MLB Draft

We’re going pro! Princeton pitcher David Hale was taken by the Atlanta Braves in the third round of the MLB amateur draft. As noted by an Ivy League Sports article, the pick is an especially exciting homecoming of sorts for Georgia native Hale. Of course, he’ll have to make it to the majors, and not get traded, but the prospect of pitching for the team you grew up loving has to be exhilarating. We’ll have updates on Hale’s career as it unfolds.

The Strange Connection Between ORFE and 95 MPH Fastballs

[caption id="attachment_1469" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Russ Ohlendorf"]Russ Ohlendorf[/caption]

Princeton grad Ross Ohlendorf makes us feel bad about ourselves. A recent ESPN profile by Tim Kurkjian described Ohlendorf’s superhuman ability to combine a 95 mile per hour sinking fastball with an Operations Research and Financial Engineering degree that produced, in Kurkjian’s words, “a 126-page thesis […] brilliantly written and so complex, only a mathematician would be able to completely comprehend its meaning.” Kurkjian then went on to call Ohlendorf “the smartest player in baseball.”

But Ohlendorf is just a fluke, right? Another ORFE major could never throw 95! That’s what we thought, too, until we saw this article in Bloomberg about Princeton pitcher David Hale, who, depending on who you believe, throws between 94 (’s Keith Law) and 98 (Nassau Weekly’s Raymond Zhong.) And… he’s also an ORFE major, although he’s expected to leave school this summer to join the ranks of professional baseball, meaning there would only be one Princeton ORFE graduate in the MLB.

Consolation 1: Kurkjian reveals in his article that Ohlendorf got a B+ in Writing Seminar!

Consolation 2: Arguably the most successful Princeton pitcher to turn pro, Chris Young, was in the much more human Politics department.

Also, the MLB draft is from today until June 11th – if (or more likely when) Hale gets picked we’ll have to full story.

Public Safety alert: “Gunman on campus”


The front page of the CBS News website reads, “Toy Gun Sparks Lockdown at Princeton.”



Press Clubber reported 20 minutes ago that there were at least three helicopters flying overhead and at least one camera crew on the ground. Princeton has also made the front page of

Earlier posts of the liveblog after the jump.

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What happens in the 50th tent stays in the 50th tent

Ahem, wed rather not thinkg about it

Ahem, we'd rather not think about it

As some of you step back onto Princeton’s campus and the sweet, sweet smell of post-reunions fills the air, we’d like share a little bit of information with those of you who might be moving into dorms for the summer:

Old drunk people pillaged Princeton this past weekend.

Right, that’s understood, you say. But consider old drunk people… hooking up. In your dorm next semester.

We went ahead and filed this one story after the jump one under “things we’d rather not know.”

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