UPDATE: Becca Lee’s Vacated Senate Post to be Filled by… Becca Lee


You’ve no doubt been consumed by speculation over who will fill the empty 2012 Senate seat since last Sunday’s announcement of “erroneous results” in the fall election. Well, one week later, we finally have our answer: after interviews and deliberations, Connor Diemand-Yauman (whose name I can now spell from memory! The trick is to remember that “Diemand” is demand with an “i”) and 2012 President Lindy Li have decided that the seat previously occupied by Becca Lee will be filled by (drum roll please!) Becca Lee!

Um, I guess this makes sense – she did get the third most votes, after USG IT Chair Mike “Yaro” Yaroshefsky (another name we can now spell without looking!) and current 2012 Senator Julie Chang, and since Yaro turned down the spot Lee was the logical choice.

Question: “How many USG officers does it take to change a light bulb?”

Answer: 2, but only if you substitute “a light bulb” with “nothing”.

Sotomayor ’76 Tapped as Next Supreme Court Justice

9500_1While you were off relaxing during your Memorial Day weekend, President Obama and his crack team of legal experts were busy choosing their Supreme Court nominee. The New York Times reported Tuesday morning that Princeton grad and University Trustee Sonia Sotomayor ’76 will indeed be Obama’s pick (called it!).

Sotomayor would be the first Hispanic justice, and the second Princeton grad on the current Justice roster, along with Samuel Alito ’72. Obama will make the official announcement in about an hour. We’ll keep you posted as the process develops, including the confirmation battles and any dirt uncovered on the current Federal Judge.

Why We’re Paying $15,000 Dollars to Have Our Vote Count; also, Why We Hate the USG and Love Yaro


YAROSHEFSKY!: Arguably harder to say than "Diemand-Yauman"; definitely more fun to say

We’re done with USG elections.

You’d have thought that a year of gross incompetence (with a near-revote of the fall VP election that landed us on IvyGate), a false start to the spring voting, and complete misreporting of the approval polls would have conditioned us to be cautious. You’d think we open all CDY emails with a certain down-trodden stoicism and indifference to the latest form of USG election failure. And we really thought we didn’t care anymore until we got the most recent email, detailing one of the worst voting errors in USG history and a complete breakdown of the electronic system we’ve been relying on for the past seven years. Oh, and the USG is now estimating this will cost about $15,000 to fix.

After the jump, the story of the vote that finally broke our spirit, and the victim whose calm demeanor, technical prowess, great name, and unflinching assessment of the Undergraduate Student Government may offer us all hope of eventual redemption: YARO.

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Nothing ever happens at Princeton (Part 5673)


What could it be? A murder? A drug bust?

While on a stroll down Nassau Street yesterday afternoon, near the intersection of University Place, we noticed something that could only mean a cataclysmic event had occurred: a large crowd, two Borough Police cars with flashing lights, and three officers pacing around. We struggled through the halted pedestrian traffic outside Chase Bank, our minds racing with images of murder scenes and bank robberies.

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Kirn ’83: We are stoopid

kirn1Author Walter Kirn ’83 appeared on The Colbert Report Tuesday night to promote his latest book, Lost in the Meritocracy: The Undereducation of an Overachiever. While we certainly don’t shy away from poking fun at this goddamn hell hole (sorry, it’s exam week…err, month), Kirn’s criticisms of Princeton at times bordered on delusional and “WTF?”

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Princeton Kids are Smoking What?

We here at The Ink normally try to stay away from sensational stories about Ivy League kids doing crazy drugs. But stand back. We’re about to break our own rule.



OPIUM? What the hell?

I mean, I guess the drug has a cool retro appeal. While the kids going out to “80s Night” blow lines of coke in their best Tony Montana impersonation (a good proportion of the male population in attendance will name Scarface as their favorite movie of all time), it’s not totally out of the question for indie hipsters to have a “China in the 1700s” party. But apparently, opium just hit campus a couple of days ago and swept through the tight-jeaned population like a new Arcade Fire album.

But what’s the appeal?

Says one anonymous junior riding this drug-crazed wave: “It’s like a cross between weed and pain killers.”

Ah ha! Just in case you can’t find your Vicodin and/or joint!

More questions after the jump!

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21 Questions with… Brandon McGinley ’10



Name: Brandon McGinley
Age: 20
Major: Politics
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Eating club/residential college/affiliation: Princeton Charter Club
Activities on campus: President, Anscombe Society; Editor-in-Chief, Princeton Tory; Opinion Columnist, Daily Princetonian

Who’s your favorite Princetonian, living or dead, real or fictional?
Jimmy Stewart

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Princeton?
My first time at Lahiere’s: crab cakes, duck with hoisin sauce, creme brulee. Thank goodness I wasn’t paying…

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day?
I don’t know.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?
My completely normal and healthy obsession with Jim and Pam on The Office. I guess that’s more embarrassing. As for guilty… ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate, cheesecake, brownies, cheesecake…

What’s the last student performance you saw?
Princeton Orchestra last fall.

Do you know all the words to Old Nassau?
I knew them freshman year during the football championship run.

What do you hate most about Princeton?
Too much work and stress…not enough time to pursue all of my passions.

What’s your drink?
Call me on June 25 : )

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Former USG Prez Runs for Office

picture-11No, not Eliot Spitzer ’81. He’s forever disgraced, remember? Spending $80,000 over 10 years on “high-end” prostitutes?

Spitzer’s legacy, however, hasn’t stopped former USG President PJ Kim ’01 from pursuing public office in New York. Kim is running for New York City Council, trying to unseat incumbent councilman Alan Gerson in District 1.

Kim is by far the youngest candidate in the five-person race, and he has raised an impressive $70,000 in the first two weeks of his campaign.

The Korean-American, who graduated from Princeton before the Age of Shirley, has a résumé that would give any Woody Woo concentrator an instant hard-on: Woody Woo major, USG President, Young Alumni Trustee, stint at McKinsey, joint MBA/MPA from Harvard.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t have an Ashley Dupré.

(image source: pjkim.com)

You see what we have become?!

(image source: dailyprincetonian.com)

(image source: dailyprincetonian.com)

An alumnus from the Class of 1945 recently wrote a letter to the Princeton Alumni Weekly bemoaning the feminization of Princeton since the introduction of coeducation in 1969.

My fear is that the Princeton Univer-sity I knew has been taken over by a female majority (for better or worse). I am surprised that other male graduates are not upset by these developments.

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IN PRINT: Students protest against National Organization for Marriage


Waving umbrellas and posters, around 30 Princeton students danced and cheered in front of the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Nassau Street offices Wednesday to voice disapproval of the group’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

NOM, which was founded in 2007 by Princeton politics professor Robert George and Maggie Gallagher of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, is a nonprofit organization that serves as a resource for organized opposition to same-sex marriage around the country, according to its Web site. The group is based in Princeton, across the street from the university.

See the rest of the story at Centraljersey.com.